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John Barrymore December 05, 2023 3 minutes
The Dragonflight Dungeon Event is back with the weekly reset! Complete four Mythic difficulty or higher Dungeons to earn a piece of Heroic Amirdrassil loot. Make sure to pick up the Emissary of War quest and avoid selecting your Great Vault loot until after finishing the weekly quest to avoid duplicates. Don't miss out on this chance for extra loot!
John Barrymore November 18, 2023 4 minutes
Patch 10.2.5 introduces a new feature called Follower Dungeons, allowing players to queue into dungeons solo and progress with a party of NPCs. This blog post provides a first look at the system, including how to start a follower dungeon, the basics of party composition, NPC behaviors, and loot distribution. The post also highlights some interesting features and quirks of the system, such as AI sophistication and NPC reactions.
John Barrymore November 17, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard's upcoming Patch 10.2.5 will introduce a new feature called Follower Dungeons, allowing players to team up with NPC companions in the normal Dragonflight dungeons. This feature will provide a more personalized and customizable experience for players as they explore and progress at their own pace.
John Barrymore November 16, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard has announced the upcoming Patch 10.2.5 for World of Warcraft, titled Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal. This update will introduce Dragonriding to all old-world continents, as well as a new Public Event, the Azerothian Archives, where players can uncover the history of the Dragon Isles. Additionally, the update will include the opportunity to reclaim Gilneas and new character customizations for Trolls and Draenei. Stay tuned to the official World of Warcraft news site for more information
John Barrymore November 15, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post discusses the current easiest and hardest Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft. It provides a tier list ranking the dungeons based on difficulty and provides detailed explanations for each dungeon's ranking, including specific mechanics to watch out for. The post highlights Atal'Dazar as the easiest dungeon and Throne of the Tides as the most challenging.
John Barrymore November 10, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post discusses the recent Season 3 Mythic+ hotfixes that have been implemented in live servers. The hotfixes include tuning various spells in dungeons and making changes to the base health and damage of several mobs. Additionally, the changes in count for certain mobs and increased damage for others are also highlighted.
John Barrymore November 04, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post highlights the upcoming updates of Cataclysm Classic and the new optional ruleset of Classic Hardcore Self Found mode. It also discusses the Season of Discovery, which introduces new experiences, discoveries, level banded content phases, and raids for players to explore. Rune Engraving, new abilities for different classes, and PvP events in Ashenvale are also mentioned.
John Barrymore November 03, 2023 4 minutes
BlizzCon 2023 highlights include the upcoming release of Cataclysm Classic, featuring goblins, worgen, transmog, and more. Additionally, a new optional ruleset called Classic Hardcore Self Found mode will be introduced in 2024, and the Season of Discovery will offer hidden quests and level banded content phases for a more balanced gameplay experience.
John Barrymore November 03, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post outlines the exciting addition of 8 new dungeons in the War Within Expansion. The dungeons are divided into Level-Up and Max-Level categories, offering players different challenges and rewards. The Level-Up dungeons include The Rookery, The Stonevault, Priory of the Sacred Flame, and City of Threads, while the Max-Level dungeons consist of Cinderbrew Meadery, Darkflame Cleft, The Dawnbreaker, and Old City.
John Barrymore October 16, 2023 2 minutes
Blizzard has announced the exciting launch of Dragonflight Season 3 on November 14th, featuring the Amirdrassil Raid with 9 challenging bosses and a new Mythic+ rotation with 8 dungeons to explore. Get ready for epic battles and thrilling adventures!
John Barrymore October 16, 2023 4 minutes
Learn how to save time and effort in obtaining the Mastery of the Turbulent Timeways achievement and its accompanying mount. By strategically managing the Mastery of Timeways buff and rolling it over to the next week, you can significantly reduce the number of dungeons you need to complete each week. Find out how to efficiently complete the achievement and unlock the coveted Sandy Shalewing Mount.
John Barrymore October 10, 2023 5 minutes
The blog post discusses the release of Phase 4 of Wrath Classic Fall of the Lich King, including the launch of Icecrown Citadel and the new dungeons, as well as updates to the game mechanics and bug fixes. It also introduces the new collections interface and adjustments to various classes.
John Barrymore October 07, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post discusses the upcoming updates and improvements to Nightmare Dungeons in Season 2. These changes include improved layouts, removed objectives in some dungeons, and placing objectives on the critical path. The post also mentions the community's feedback and whether these changes will address the issues with certain dungeons.
John Barrymore September 15, 2023 3 minutes
In this week's GG WoW video, Dratnos and Tettles dive into the Season 3 dungeon pool in World of Warcraft. They discuss their initial thoughts on each dungeon and speculate on the future of Dragonflight dungeons. From favorites to potential challenges, they share their insights and invite readers to share their own opinions in the comments.
John Barrymore September 09, 2023 5 minutes
This blog post introduces the Random Dungeon Finder tool and Defense Protocol Gamma in the Wrath Classic Patch 3.4.3 PTR. Players can now test the random dungeon finder for various dungeons, including Defense Protocol Gamma, which offers increased difficulty and unique buffs. The post also highlights known issues and incomplete functions in these features.
John Barrymore September 08, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post provides datamined dungeon timers for the Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3. It explores the differences in duration between dungeons and suggests that players may gravitate towards shorter dungeons due to the significant disparity in timers. Note that these timers are subject to change as the tuning and adjustments for Mythic+ continue.
John Barrymore December 09, 2020 30 minutes
The first boss in Theater of Pain is An Affront of Challengers. You will actually fight against three bosses: Dessia the Вecapitator, Paceran the Virulent, Sathel the Accursed and there is also another invincible boss that will take part in the encounter as well: Xira the Underhanded. We will talk about him later.