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John Barrymore December 06, 2023 3 minutes
Discover the Abattoir of Zir, a challenging endgame experience introduced in Diablo 4's mid-season update. Learn valuable tips and tricks to conquer the dungeon, including strategies for elite packs, shrine usage, and dealing with different monster types. Share your experiences and thoughts on this exciting addition to Diablo 4's endgame content in the comments!
John Barrymore December 05, 2023 3 minutes
In this blog post, we explore the new endgame content in Diablo 4 - Abattoir of Zir and provide a guide for the Ball Lightning Sorcerer build. This build focuses on creating a constant orbit of death around your character, providing a powerful and satisfying gameplay experience. Check out the link for more information and tips on how to play the Ball Lightning Sorcerer.
John Barrymore November 27, 2023 3 minutes
Get ready for the release of Abattoir of Zir in Diablo 4 with our brand new Septadot Wolf Druid Endgame Build! This explosive build focuses on rounding up mobs, hitting them with powerful dots, and causing massive explosions. While it may be slower on single-target enemies, it's perfect for taking on big groups. Check out our comprehensive guide to learn more about the Septadot Druid and maximize your gameplay.
John Barrymore November 24, 2023 2 minutes
Discover the top-tier endgame builds for Diablo 4's Abattoir of Zir event in our comprehensive tier list guide. Whether you're aiming for maximum damage or versatility, our rankings will ensure you're well-equipped to conquer the challenges and timers of this exciting event. Stay up-to-date as we make adjustments based on new patch notes and hotfixes.
John Barrymore November 14, 2023 3 minutes
Dragonflight Season Three introduces a new currency and crafting system for endgame gear. Players will now need to obtain Nascent Crest reagents to craft Enchanted Crests, which are essential for creating high-level gear. These Nascent Crests can be purchased from enchanting vendors in Dragonflight zones, making the crafting process straightforward.
John Barrymore November 08, 2023 5 minutes
Discover the powerful new Boulder Druid Endgame Build that has taken the meta by storm in Patch 1.2.2. This versatile build excels in dealing AoE damage, tanking, and quickly staggering bosses with its knockback effect. Whether you're tackling Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, or PvP battles, the Bouldercane Druid is a force to be reckoned with.
John Barrymore November 04, 2023 4 minutes
The blog post discusses the major changes coming to the Great Vault in the WoW War Within Expansion. The PvP reward row will be replaced by a World content row, giving players more agency in their PvP gear. Additionally, World content activities like the new Delves will progress the World Content Great Vault Row.
John Barrymore October 28, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on finding Living Steel Chests in Diablo 4. It includes locations separated by zones, map aides, and information on the spawn rotation. Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, is one of the challenging bosses to farm summoning materials for, and this guide aims to make the process easier for players.
John Barrymore October 19, 2023 4 minutes
Learn how to bypass the Complete Chapter X of the Season Journey requirements in Diablo 4 Season 2 by grouping up with someone who has already completed the needed chapter. This helpful tip will save you time and allow you to progress through the seasonal questline more quickly. Check out our guide for more Season of Blood coverage.
John Barrymore October 08, 2023 2 minutes
Diablo 4 Season 2 will introduce a new Item Power cap of 925, along with various item-related changes to enhance endgame progression. Players will now have the opportunity to find more powerful items by defeating stronger enemies, addressing the lack of upgrades in later stages of character progression. Additionally, low-quality gear will be replaced with crafting materials in Season 2.
John Barrymore October 07, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post discusses the upcoming improvements and new features in Diablo 4 Season of Blood, including enhancements to endgame activities, 5 new endgame bosses, increased gold and experience rewards, and quality-of-life improvements such as fixing Whisper Caches and adding map icons for Helltide Chests. The post also mentions the introduction of a new Open World Event called Blood Harvest and a 40% increase in experience for Season 2.
John Barrymore October 05, 2023 3 minutes
The blog post introduces the new Blood Harvest event in the second season of Diablo 4. Players can participate in Blood Harvest events from the start of the game and earn currency to unlock rewards, including powerful Vampiric Powers. The post also mentions the introduction of five new Endgame Boss encounters and a content progression revamp.