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John Barrymore November 29, 2023 4 minutes
Blizzard has released Patch 10.2 hotfixes for World of Warcraft, addressing various class bug fixes and Mythic+ tuning. The hotfixes include adjustments to classes like Death Knight, Druid, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and more, as well as tweaks to dungeons, raids, and PvP combat. Keep an eye out for scheduled realm restarts to implement some of these changes.
John Barrymore November 27, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post discusses the recent drop of the legendary axe Fyr'alath the Dreamrender from the boss Mythic Fyrakk. The post explores the unequippable nature of the axe until completing a quest and speculates on its availability and effects in lower difficulties. Additionally, it mentions the ongoing questline being streamed on Twitch and provides an update on the full stats of the weapon.
John Barrymore November 27, 2023 3 minutes
Echo emerges as the Season 3 World Champions of Dragonflight in the intense Amirdrassil Race to World First, securing their victory after a grueling battle against Mythic Fyrakk the Blazing. The race saw multiple lead changes and nail-biting moments, making it one of the closest races in recent history.
John Barrymore November 27, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post discusses the drop of the world first legendary axe Fyr'alath, the Dream Render from the boss Mythic Fyrakk. The post explores the quest requirements for equipping the axe and speculates on its availability on different difficulties and its on-use effect. It also mentions the inclusion of a mysterious class called Adventurer and provides information on where to follow the completion of the questline.
John Barrymore November 25, 2023 4 minutes
In this blog post, the author discusses the importance of using the Belt Enchant: Personal Space Amplifier in Mythic Fyrakk Phase 2. The top guilds in World of Warcraft have their raiders take up the Engineering Profession, allowing them to utilize this enchantment to knockback enemies, effectively grouping up adds and clearing the fight more efficiently. This highlights the significance of Engineering in Mythic raiding and its potential impact on progression.
John Barrymore November 24, 2023 3 minutes
The blog post explores the mechanics and strategies for Phase 3 of Mythic Fyrakk in the game. Liquid has reached 44% completion in this phase, showcasing new mechanics such as Corrupted Seeds that players must navigate and manage. Increased damage numbers and the need for precise teamwork add to the challenge of defeating Fyrakk.
John Barrymore November 21, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard has announced upcoming Mythic+ dungeon tuning, with adjustments to enemy forces, spells, and difficulty levels across various dungeons. Atal'Dazar will be made more challenging, while Murozond's Rise and Throne of the Tides will be adjusted to be less difficult. These changes aim to bring better balance to Mythic+ dungeons in Season 3.
John Barrymore November 18, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post provides daily recaps of the Amirdrassil Race to World First, highlighting the official swap to Mythic difficulty by top guilds, the use of Private Auras and WeakAuras for boss mechanics, and the speedy progress of the first six bosses. It also discusses the hopes for Blizzard to address certain mechanics and encourages readers to take a more balanced perspective on the raid progression.
John Barrymore November 15, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post discusses the current easiest and hardest Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft. It provides a tier list ranking the dungeons based on difficulty and provides detailed explanations for each dungeon's ranking, including specific mechanics to watch out for. The post highlights Atal'Dazar as the easiest dungeon and Throne of the Tides as the most challenging.
John Barrymore November 14, 2023 3 minutes
The blog post discusses the arrival of Season 3 in World of Warcraft, featuring new content such as the Amirdrassil raid, Mythic+ dungeons, and PvP rewards. It also introduces a new world boss and provides insight into the Guardian of the Dream update.
John Barrymore November 08, 2023 2 minutes
Raider.io interviewed Game Producer George Velev and Associate Game Director Morgan Day, discussing various topics including raid releases, Mythic+ dungeons, and design and development updates. Highlights include staggered raid releases being replaced with all difficulties launching simultaneously, plans to make third party add-ons less necessary for raid progression, less emphasis on affixes in Mythic+, and the potential for updates to old content in the future.
John Barrymore November 07, 2023 1 minute
This blog post explores the recent Mythic+ hotfixes on the Patch 10.2 PTR, focusing on the reduced timers in Dungeon of the Infinite (DOTI) for Season 3. It also highlights tuning changes to specific bosses, such as Tyr, the Infinite Keeper's Titanic Blow and the Tainted Sentry's Swell channel.
John Barrymore November 04, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post discusses the upcoming features in The War Within expansion for WoW, including the introduction of cross-realm guilds and the removal of restrictions on cross-realm Mythic raids. It also mentions the previous inclusion of cross-faction raiding and cross-faction guilds in earlier patches, highlighting the increased flexibility and community-building options for players. Check out the full Q&A Notes on Warcraft Wiki for more details.
John Barrymore October 31, 2023 2 minutes
Blizzard acknowledges concerns raised by the Community Council regarding leavers in Mythic+ content and indicates that they are actively discussing potential solutions internally. While there are no immediate announcements, they assure the community that they are aware of the issue and will provide updates when progress is made.
John Barrymore October 27, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post discusses the addition of the Howling Echoes polearm in Patch 10.2 as a Mythic+ reward for Black Rook Hold in Season 3. It highlights its previous unobtainable nature and its exclusivity to Mythic+ difficulty. It also mentions a guide on the new Mythic+ dungeon rotation and changes in Patch 10.2.
John Barrymore October 21, 2023 2 minutes
Yesterday's 10.2 PTR build brings exciting buffs to Mythic+ difficulty in Black Rook Hold. Various enemies such as Ghostly Retainers, Councilors, and Lord Etheldrin Ravencrest receive reductions in periodic damage, increased damage percentages, and amplified strike abilities.
John Barrymore October 19, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post discusses the datamined Season 3 Mythic+ dungeon tuning, highlighting nerfs to certain dungeons and buffs to others. The changes include adjustments to specific boss abilities and damage values, aiming to improve gameplay balance.
John Barrymore October 16, 2023 2 minutes
Blizzard has announced the exciting launch of Dragonflight Season 3 on November 14th, featuring the Amirdrassil Raid with 9 challenging bosses and a new Mythic+ rotation with 8 dungeons to explore. Get ready for epic battles and thrilling adventures!
John Barrymore October 11, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post discusses the recent nerfs to Morchie's Time Traps in the 10.2 PTR Mythic+ dungeon tuning. The changes reduce the upfront damage but apply the same amount of total damage over time, reducing the potential for players to be one-shotted when multiple traps are triggered simultaneously.
John Barrymore October 11, 2023 3 minutes
The latest Patch 10.2 PTR build reveals a new Druid customization option in the form of the Mythic Fyrakk mount, Anu'relos, Flames Guidance. This special unlock allows Druids to undergo a full transformation into this stunning creature, offering an exciting addition to their arsenal of abilities.
John Barrymore October 10, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the reworked Throne of the Tides Mythic+ dungeon in World of Warcraft. It highlights new abilities on trash and boss encounters, including dangerous trash packs, annoying oracles, and challenging mechanics on each boss fight. The post also includes tips for navigating the dungeon and strategies for success.
John Barrymore October 05, 2023 2 minutes
Discover the latest adjustments to the Dawn of the Infinites Speed Gauntlet in the upcoming Mythic+ difficulty on the 10.2 PTR! Datamined nerfs suggest a slower cast time and reduced projectile speed of the orbs, potentially making the gauntlet easier to conquer. Stay tuned for more updates on other possible changes as testing progresses.
John Barrymore October 02, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post discusses the gameplay and performance of the Augmentation Evoker spec in raids. It explores the challenges and frustrations that players face when playing this spec, particularly in comparison to its effectiveness in Mythic+. The post also examines the upcoming changes in Patch 10.2 that aim to improve the spec's raid performance and make it more enjoyable to play.
John Barrymore September 28, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post discusses the recent Mythic+ tuning on the Patch 10.2 PTR, focusing on the rework of the interrupt boss Archmage Sol in Everbloom. It highlights the changes made to Archmage Sol's abilities, such as the removal and addition of certain effects, as well as changes to the damage/healing done values.
John Barrymore September 14, 2023 3 minutes
The blog post discusses the recent changes made to Waycrest Manor and Atal'Dazar in Mythic+ testing on the PTR. It highlights the opening of all doors in Waycrest Manor, allowing players to choose their preferred path, and the adjustments to snapping in Atal'Dazar. Additionally, it mentions the removal of one Reanimated Honor Guard in the Vol'kaal Trash section, making it less difficult to handle.
John Barrymore September 13, 2023 3 minutes
The latest Patch 10.2 PTR build introduces new mounts, including the fiery owl Anu'relos, Flames Guidance obtained from Mythic Fyrakk. However, drop locations for the Dreamsaber, Dreamstag, and Dreamtalon mounts are currently unknown. Stay tuned for updates.
John Barrymore September 11, 2023 2 minutes
The blog post discusses the changes in the item level chart for Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3. It highlights that players now need to complete +18s to receive Myth track gear from the Great Vault, along with other adjustments to difficulty and reward tracks.
John Barrymore September 08, 2023 3 minutes
This blog post provides datamined dungeon timers for the Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3. It explores the differences in duration between dungeons and suggests that players may gravitate towards shorter dungeons due to the significant disparity in timers. Note that these timers are subject to change as the tuning and adjustments for Mythic+ continue.
John Barrymore September 06, 2023 6 minutes
Speculating on the Season 3 Mythic+ dungeon rotation, this blog post explores potential dungeon picks based on patch themes and player popularity. From Scarlet Halls in Mists of Pandaria to Atal'Dazar in Battle for Azeroth, the post dives into possible choices and their suitability for Mythic+ scaling.