Tag Tuning

John Barrymore July 18, 2024 2 minutes
The latest War Within Beta build features Mythic+ affix tuning, introducing a potential new Oblivion affix and buffing the Voidbound affix. Changes to the Fortified affix have been implemented by Blizzard, reducing bonus damage from 30% to 20%. Additionally, Xal'atath's Bargain: Voidbound now buffs nearby mobs by 10% per stack every 3 seconds, offering new strategic opportunities for players.
John Barrymore July 17, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard's latest update for The War Within Beta brings significant changes to tank abilities and class tuning. The adjustments aim to balance character Stamina, strengthen tank mitigation mechanics, and enhance self-healing abilities across various classes. Explore the details of these impactful changes in the latest War Within Beta update.
John Barrymore June 28, 2024 2 minutes
Explore the latest datamined item set tuning in the Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR build, with adjustments to the Rogue Tank set bonus and more! Discover changes to class and spell stats, including enhanced effects and boosts across various item sets. Stay informed on the latest developments to optimize your gameplay strategies.
John Barrymore June 07, 2024 2 minutes
The blog post discusses Blizzard's clarification on the functionality of new trinkets in The War Within, focusing on feedback received and addressing tuning issues with specific trinkets like Field Operative's Transmitter, Mad Queen's Mandate, and Foul Behemoth's Chelicera. Developers are working on fixing issues such as proc rates and adjusting trinket roles in future builds to improve gameplay experience for tanks and other roles.
John Barrymore May 31, 2024 2 minutes
The blog post outlines upcoming class tuning changes shared by Blizzard for the Weekly Reset, featuring buffs to the Season 4 Survival Hunter and Enhancement Shaman tier sets. The adjustments aim to improve class performance based on gameplay data and player feedback, with modifications to various abilities and talents across different classes for both PvE and PvP combat.
John Barrymore May 06, 2024 3 minutes
The blog post discusses the upcoming Dragonflight Class tuning by Blizzard, which includes a nerf to Vengeance DH's utility and a buff to Balance Druid's tier set. Check out the adjustments made to various classes such as Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, and more for improved gameplay in both group content and PvP scenarios.
John Barrymore March 27, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard provides clarification on Phase 3 of Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic, addressing concerns about Phase announcement communication, class tuning, skill conflicts with Rune abilities, PvP currencies, and class racials. Players can expect more information on these topics and updates from Blizzard in the near future.
John Barrymore March 26, 2024 8 minutes
This blog post discusses the recent tuning and updates made to the Mythic+ dungeons in Blizzard's Dragonflight Season 4 update. One of the notable changes includes the removal of timers for certain difficulties, allowing players to progress at their own pace. The post also highlights the specific changes made to each dungeon and introduces the new Hard Mode for an even greater challenge.
John Barrymore March 22, 2024 2 minutes
Blizzard has released hotfix notes for Plunderstorm, detailing several adjustments to offensive and utility abilities such as Fire Whirl, Explosive Caltrops, and Lightning Bulwark. The aim is to balance the effectiveness of these abilities and improve overall gameplay experience. More updates to Plunderstorm are expected in the future.
John Barrymore March 19, 2024 6 minutes
This blog post discusses the datamined tuning changes for Season 4 dungeons in World of Warcraft. Some of the changes include increased stun duration, altered debuff durations, reduced damage, and adjusted cast times for various abilities of different dungeon bosses and trash mobs.
John Barrymore March 19, 2024 4 minutes
The Patch Notes for Patch 10.2.6 have been released, highlighting class tuning and updates to returning Tier Sets and Trinkets. Additionally, a new limited-time pirate-themed event called Plunderstorm has been introduced, offering players the opportunity to earn various rewards while navigating the treacherous Arathi Highlands.
John Barrymore March 09, 2024 4 minutes
The upcoming PvP Class tuning by Blizzard includes nerfs to the Havoc Demon Hunter, with reductions in physical and magic damage reduction, versatility bonus, and max health bonus. Other classes like Druids, Hunters, Mages, Monks, Paladins, Priests, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks, and Warriors also see adjustments to their abilities and damage in PvP combat.
John Barrymore February 28, 2024 7 minutes
Blizzard has implemented class tuning changes in WoW Classic, including adjustments to High-Yield Radiation Bomb and boss armor in Gnomeregan. Other changes include mana cost reductions for Druid spells, improvements for Moonkin form, and adjustments to abilities for Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Rogues, Shamans, and Warriors.
John Barrymore February 23, 2024 4 minutes
Coming in the upcoming weekly maintenance, Blizzard will be implementing class tuning adjustments, including changes to Druid healing spells, Rogue's Redirect, and Shaman abilities. Additionally, Gnomeregan's increased armor values on mechanical bosses will be nerfed slightly. Stay tuned for more information on these updates.
John Barrymore February 16, 2024 3 minutes
This week's blog post roundup for World of Warcraft includes updates on hotfixes for dungeons, fixes for the Dragonflight daytime/nighttime cycle, improvements to the Season of Discovery event, class tuning changes, hotfixes for various issues, and teleport services to Shadowfang Keep in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Stay informed with the latest news and updates in the World of Warcraft community.
John Barrymore February 15, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard has announced upcoming class tuning changes for Druids, Shamans, Paladins, and Mages. These changes include improvements to abilities such as Swipe, Lacerate, Rip, Dual-Wield Specialization, Lava Lash, Maelstrom Weapon, and Conjure Water. The adjustments aim to enhance gameplay and balance in the Season of Discovery.
John Barrymore December 16, 2023 8 minutes
Blizzard has announced upcoming class tuning adjustments for the next weekly reset, with buffs for Mages and Windwalkers, nerfs for Havoc DH and Sin Rogues, and more changes across various classes. These adjustments are based on monitoring class performance data and player feedback, and will take effect with the next scheduled maintenance in each region.
John Barrymore November 29, 2023 4 minutes
Blizzard has released Patch 10.2 hotfixes for World of Warcraft, addressing various class bug fixes and Mythic+ tuning. The hotfixes include adjustments to classes like Death Knight, Druid, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and more, as well as tweaks to dungeons, raids, and PvP combat. Keep an eye out for scheduled realm restarts to implement some of these changes.
John Barrymore November 28, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard announces upcoming class tuning with buffs to Frost DK, Shadow Priest, and more after the RWF. Weekly maintenance will include adjustments to over- and under-performing classes in group content and PvP, based on player feedback and in-game data.
John Barrymore November 24, 2023 2 minutes
This blog post provides a daily recap of the Race to World First event, focusing on the tuning of the Fyrakk fight and the use of Private Auras. It also mentions the struggle of guilds, such as Echo and Liquid, and the possibility of the race going into the third reset.
John Barrymore November 21, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard has announced upcoming Mythic+ dungeon tuning, with adjustments to enemy forces, spells, and difficulty levels across various dungeons. Atal'Dazar will be made more challenging, while Murozond's Rise and Throne of the Tides will be adjusted to be less difficult. These changes aim to bring better balance to Mythic+ dungeons in Season 3.
John Barrymore November 11, 2023 4 minutes
Blizzard has announced class tuning changes that will be implemented with Season 3, including nerfs to Augmentation Evokers and adjustments to various abilities and tier set bonuses. These changes are based on testing and analysis of class performance in the Guardians of the Dream patch.
John Barrymore November 08, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard responds to player feedback on Ashes of the Embersoul trinket, acknowledging a tuning bug and promising to increase the primary stat granted in a future update. They also address unintended interactions with the trinket, specifically regarding a player's ability to immune the haste tradeoff.