The Underrot Mythic+ Dungeon Guide for Dragonflight Season 2

May 14, 2023 10 minutes


Welcome to the WowCarry guide for The Underrot, a Mythic+ dungeon in Season 2 of the Dragonflight expansion! In this guide, we will cover notable trash, boss mechanics, and interrupts. Let us know what you think of these dungeon guides in the comments and if you'd like to see more in the future!

Notable Trash Mobs

Trash Mob Ability Name Tips for Dealing
Fetid Maggot Rotten Bile Interrupt or sidestep the frontal cone ability.
Chosen Blood Matron Warcry, Blood Harvest, Savage Cleave Interrupt Warcry and keep enemies away from the Blood Matron to prevent Savage Cleave.
Devout Blood Priest Dark Reconstitution Interrupt the heal.
Befouled Spirit Dark Omen Move away from others when targeted.
Diseased Lasher Decaying Mind Always interrupt this ability.
Living Rot Constant AOE, Spawn Puddles Stun to keep it in check.
Feral Bloodswarmers Sonic Screech Be cautious when casting to avoid being interrupted and locked out.
Deathspeaker Wicked Frenzy Interrupt this ability to prevent mobs from gaining 100 Haste.
Skeleton Bone Shield Purge away the shield when it is applied.
Grotesque Horror Dark Echoes, Void Spit Interrupt both abilities if possible.
Bloodsworn Defiler Withering Curse, Shadow Bolt Volley Interrupt both abilities and outrange the Spirit Drain totem when it spawns.

Boss 1: Elder Leaxa

  • Blood Bolt

Always interrupt Blood Bolt as it deals significant damage. If a Warrior is in the party and targeted, they can use Spell Reflect to damage the boss instead.

  • Creeping Rot

Dodge Creeping Rot, a frontal cone ability that travels forward. Avoid it at all costs.

  • Sanguine Feast

When Elder Leaxa teleports to a player, she casts Sanguine Feast, dealing damage in a 4-yard radius around her. Avoid standing near the boss during this ability.

  • Blood Effigy

Elder Leaxa spawns a Blood Effigy, a mirror image that also casts Blood Bolt and Creeping Rot. Interrupt and deal damage to the Blood Effigy to avoid getting overwhelmed by multiple targets needing interruption.

Boss 2: Cragmaw the Infested

  • Indigestion

Infested Kragma suffers from Indigestion and will violently vomit at the tank, dealing damage in a cone and spawning Blood Tick Larva. Players need to run over and stomp on the larva, or they will grow into Blood Ticks after 8 seconds. Aim the cone towards a wall to minimize the area where larva spawns.

  • Charge

Kragma will Charge a random player, spawning larva in its path. Aim the charge towards a wall or other nearby obstacle to minimize its distance.

  • Tantrum 

At 100 energy, Kragma will throw a Tantrum, running around the room, dealing damage to everyone, and spawning larva all over the place. Players need to stomp on the larva to mitigate the damage. Tantrum plays a crucial role in this encounter, and it's essential to use your individual defensive abilities whenever it's feasible. Moreover, your goal should be to occupy a specific section of the room and squash any emerging larvae, ensuring that none of them reach maturity.

Boss 3: Sporecaller Zancha

  • Shockwave and Upheaval

When engaging Sporecaller Zancha, mushrooms will encircle the boss area. Stepping on a mushroom causes it to explode, applying a stack of Decaying Spore, a harmful debuff that deals significant damage. The goal is to clear all mushrooms before the boss reaches 100 energy and casts Festering Harvest, which applies a stack of Decaying Spore for each remaining mushroom. To clear the mushrooms, use the boss's frontal cone Shockwave and the Upheaval ability, which targets two players and destroys mushrooms in an 8-yard radius. Players can also use abilities like Paladin bubble to clear mushrooms, but be cautious and ready to take damage.

  • Festering Harvest

Players should dodge swirling Festering Harvest that create spore pods, as they apply stacks of Decaying Spore. Remember, spores are bad!

Boss 4: Unbound Abomination

  • Energy and Adds

Unbound Abomination will absorb all damage and convert it to energy. At 100 energy, the boss spawns two adds. Killing an add deals 17% of the boss's HP in damage to the boss. Continue damaging the boss to spawn more adds and defeat them.

  • Vile Expulsion

Position the boss far away from the group and have everyone stack on the tank. When the boss casts Vile Expulsion, everyone moves forward, away from the cone and the webs that spawn. Move the boss with the group and turn to aim the boss towards the webs that just spawned. Group stacks on the tank again, rinse and repeat, continuing to move the boss after each expulsion.

  • Putrid Blood and Cleansing Light

The boss will apply stacks of Putrid Blood on everyone, a magic debuff that deals significant damage. Players targeted by Cleansing Light receive a 10-yard circle around them that dispels all Putrid Blood stacks from any player hit and also removes webs from the ground. Players should always stand in the Cleansing Light and try to clear webs simultaneously.

  • Rotting Spores

Swarms of Rotting Spores continually spawn throughout the fight. Killing one spawns a web patch. They will slowly move towards players and explode, dealing fatal damage if they reach a player. Use push, knockback, grip, and other abilities to keep them at bay. They have more health now compared to previous iterations, making them more difficult to eliminate.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our guide for The Underrot in Season 2 of the Dragonflight expansion. Remember to manage trash mobs carefully, understand boss mechanics, and coordinate with your team to overcome challenges. Let us know what you think of these bite-sized dungeon guides in the comments, and if you'd like to see more dungeon guides in the future!

Video Guide

For the convenience of our readers who prefer video content, we have attached a video version of this guide below. This video will help to visually demonstrate the strategies and mechanics discussed in this blog post.

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