Kurog Grimtotem - Vault Of Incarnates Normal / Heroic / Mythic Raid Strategy Guide

December 15, 2022 25 minutes.
This is a guide to the Kurog Grimtotem fight in Vault of the Incarnates on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty.

Kurog Grimtotem Normal Difficulty

There are four altars, and Kurog gets new moves and an outfit, depending on which one he's near. He'll summon a pair of adds at 100 energy based on which juices he's been drinking, and then once the boss has summoned all four types, he goes Big-Boy mode.

Staying near one altar will ramp raid damage. You must do more than stick with one or two altars. Thus, here are the steps of movements that we recommend:
  • You chill by an altar number one;
  • Then move the boss around 50 energy to altar number two and wait there until the adds are down;
  • Then do altar number three;
  • When the boss reaches 50 energy again, you should move it to altar number four and add another pair of adds;
  • Then the boss goes to the final phase, and you kill it.
You can do any order that feels right, but if you want a suggestion, do Storm and Earth and then Frost and Fire altars.

Kurog's tank buster is the one thing he'll do with any altar: Sundering Strike is a frontal cone with a knockback and a stacking debuff. Aim it away from people and tank swap after it goes out. Don't get in front of him if you don't belong there.

Elemental Surge does ugly raid damage if Kurog wanders too close to the middle. Keep him near the edges.

  • Phase 1 Altars and Abilities

While he's at the Storm Altar he'll mark players with Shocking Burst. Move out with that.

Thunder Strike creates a bunch of rings. Have one person soak each one. Missing any soaks does wild raid damage, so do not miss any.

While near the Earth Altar Seismic Rupture makes big swirls that spawn adds. Gather them up and then stun and cleave them down.

Erupting Bedrock is a big circle in the mele area. Get out of that.

At the Fire Altar Searing Carnage drop swirls under everyone's feet. Spread a little, move and keep moving until it's over.

Magma Burst sends out big swirls onto players that drop puddles. Scooch away from those.

At the Frost Altar Biting Chill does some raid damage to heal through, and Absolute Zero marks two people with a big group soak. Get some friends inside to help you survive that, and don't overlap them.

At 100 energy, our boy takes a break and calls up two ads based on where you had him last. All of them will do stacking raid damage the longer they're up, so pop something and get them down.

  • Phase 2 Adds and Abilities

The Storm Add teleports behind a victim and channels an 8-yard AOE: Lethal Current on the target. It would be best if you got away from the group.

The Earth Add stacks a debuff on its tank. Swap after it starts to hurt. Earth add also gives people AOE rings: Ground Shatter to move out with. And there are also big swirls to dodge.

The Fire Add drops pools of magma by Magma Flow. Stay clear of those.

The Frost Add casts Freezing Tempest. You want to get into this inner ring to help live through that.

The add casts Frost Binds, which somebody should kick. It's a two-and-a-half-second cast - you can do it.

  • Phase 3

After you've done the add phase twice, Kurog gets access to all his moves and ramps raid damage for the rest of the fight. Use something big and finish him off on normal difficulty.

Kurog Grimtotem Heroic Difficulty

On Heroic, there's a whole bunch of new stuff that happens.

Moving near an altar on heroic will trigger raid damage and make it much worse the second time if it happens again within 20 seconds. Do not switch alters until the Primal Break debuff falls off the raid.

The Storm Altar gets a Lightning Crash that marks a few players for lightning strikes, and each target needs to stand near a buddy who does not also have lightning. If two lightning players stack, they are getting fried.

The Earth Altar gets a spot healing absorb called Enveloping Earth. Just heal that off.

Molten Rupture jazzes up the Fire Altar. Those are some magma waves to dodge.

The Frost Altar will have you dodging Frigid Torrent icicles. It also becomes deadly to be in both Absolute Zero soaks. You can be in one but not both.

The last upgrade is to the Heroic add phase, where you'll get Smoldering Hellion adds spawning from the magma pools when you fight the fire add. Interrupt them and cleave them down.

Kurog Grimtotem Mythic Difficulty

Upon entering an altar, Kurog summons an add. Each add has a lethal frontal cone Smite that would likely kill non-tank players. Be sure to avoid them and have tanks take special care of positioning.

These adds also have some spells from Kurog's spellbook, as if the fight was missing abilities already.

When you are near the Fire Altar, the boss spawns several expanding pools of flame: Raging Inferno. They must be soaked to shrink them until they disappear. Pools that aren't soaked after 15 seconds spawn an add that must be interrupted.

When you are near the Frost Altar, Kurog uses Icy Tempest. If you don't have 2 or more players 10 yards away, you become frozen for 10 seconds and take massive DoT damage. Stay close to other players.

When you are near the Storm Altar, AoE blue swirls appear in the room near the add. When they explode, Orb Lightnings spawn and rush in a random direction. Players must soak these orbs. Soaking inflicts a 10-minute DoT. After 10 seconds, non-soaked orbs explode and deal lethal damage to the raid.

Final Thoughts

That's Kurog Grimtotem on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty in the Vault of the Incarnates Dragonflight raid. Thank you for reading. You can also check out a quick video guide.

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