Sennarth - Vault Of Incarnates Normal / Heroic / Mythic Raid Strategy Guide

December 15, 2022 7 minutes.
This is a guide to Sennarth, the Cold Breath in Vault of the Incarnates, on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty.

Sennarth Normal Difficulty

It's a giant ice spider. Phase 1 has you chasing the boss up the levels of this spire, and phase 2 begins when you reach the top.

Web Blast stacks a debuff on her tank. Swap every 8 ish stacks or when the debuff falls off.

There's one big Frostbreath Arachnid add on each level. Dodge their cone breath and kill them before their Chilling Aura stacks out of control.

That add and the boss will make ice puddles: Icy Ground. Ice only hurts a little bit but is slippery, so avoid it when you can.

Enveloping Webs marks a couple of people to drop webs under their feet for 6 seconds. Touching webs stacks up a debuff, and 10 stacks will get you into trouble. Run the webs out of the way.

Caustic Spiderlings are little bitty adds; when they die, they do a small eruption: Caustic Eruption. That will clear webs on the ground and remove web debuffs from anybody it hits. Kill them on top webs to clear up some space, and dip into the death pops if you have a lot of web on you.

You might want some of those webs, though, because Gossamer Burst will try to slide you off the edge. Run against the pull, and if you're in danger of going down, you can touch a web to pick up a stack of the slow. You might not need it, but it will give you some traction in a pinch.

Chilling Blast is just a spread mechanic. Spread out when you get the ice circles.

You should dodge swirls and follow the boss up the levels as she leaves, and when she hits the top, it's time for Phase 2.

Interrupt her Apex of Ice and don't get left behind, as the lower levels get toasted with Permafrost.

The Chilling Blast - ice circle spread continues, but this time it'll leave behind a Glacial Plume to avoid. Spread out and watch where you're going.

Webs are different now. Suffocating Webs just plain hurts a few people for six seconds and then kicks them back and gives them maximum web stacks.

The baby spiders are still spawning, so just kill those on top of webbed players to clear their debuff. If you get the webs in this phase, ensure your back is not toward the cliff.

Speaking of the cliff, Repelling Burst pushes players away from the boss. Watch where you're standing, and don't get knocked off.

And you're taking increasing frost damage for the rest of the fight, so use whatever you have left and finish her off.

On Normal, that's it.

Sennarth Heroic Difficulty

On Heroic, a ten stack of web debuffs: Wrapped in Webs is a 30-second stun up from the slow you dealt with on normal difficulty.

You do the fight the same way. It's just worse if you mess up.

Sennarth Mythic Difficulty

A new ability Gusting Rime, is present in phase 1. Sennarth summons moving tornadoes on the platforms. Players who are hit take damage and are knocked back.

Caustic Eruption - the tiny spiders' explosions that reset your snare stacks now apply the 300% vulnerability for 30 seconds to future explosions. Do not take another explosion while vulnerable.

Final Thoughts

And that's Sennarth in VotI raid on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty. Thanks for reading, and we hope this guide will help you.
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