Today we're going to talk about the trading post, and more specifically, we'll go into detail about this brand-new feature coming to the game in 10.0.5. Spoiler alert, it is absolutely fantastic! The Trading Post is here, it's been announced, and the PTR is finally up, so we can take our first look at this excellent new feature. So let's start off by talking about what is the trading post. The Trading Post is a new system coming to the game in patch 10.0.5 of Dragonflight. In this system, you can obtain Cosmetics such as mounts, transmogs, and all sorts of items just by playing the game and doing various activities.

Trading Post Location

There will be two locations for the Trading Post in World of Warcraft. There's going to be one in Stormwind by The Stockade and one in Orgrimmar by the Valley of Strength. If you've noticed, these two locations before these are where the mysterious stables were located and have been located for a very long time, so finally, these are the reason for these Stables to exist.
Orgrimmar Stormwind

Trading Post Currency: Trader's Tender

There's a brand new currency involved called the Trader's Tender. You get 500 of that by default by being subbed to the game, and then you get another 500 for doing activities in the game. Let's go over the actual functionality of the training post. So as mentioned, you get 500 of the currency each month simply from opening the collector's cash - the cash is just located by the tent in Orgrimmar and in Stormwind, right next to the Trading Post tent as well. So you must go there every month that you are subbed and pick up 500 Trader's Tenders, which is the currency. Now the other way to get more of this currency is through playing the game. So if you open the Adventure Guide, you will have this brand new section called The Traveler's Log, where the fun happens.

At the top, a percentage bar goes up to 100; at 100, you're gaining great rewards like a cool-looking mount. The prize changes every month. You'll have different mounts, cosmetics, and things every month once you raise this bar to 100. Also, along the way, you'll get Traveler's Tender. You'll get 500 of that in total, with 100 at each of the different milestones, and that is just per month. Thus, with the cache and the Adventure Guide, you can gain up to 1000 Trader's Tenders per month, and that's it. That is account-wide, so you could do it on one or two characters.

Trading Post Activities to Gain Trader's Tender

The activities are excellent. There's a lot of different stuff you can do, ranging from every type of gameplay. You can encounter Dragonflight-specific stuff like "Complete the optional Waking Shores Storylines" or, for example, "Kill 10 Dragonflight Raid bosses". You can also track these as well as you would with a quest. Then you've got specific dungeon stuff like defeating 25 raid bosses or doing 15 mythic-plus dungeons. You've even got activities for pet battles like winning 15. There are also activities for Professions, PvP, and some other categories. So everyone will find something interesting on the list. There is also a category of Special fun activities. For example, you can just hug a dead player and gain progress in the bar. Or show some love to the dragons: emote /love at two of the specific fallen dragons. That is all you can do to gain a percentage on your bar here, and you don't have to do them all - that's the best part. It's 100 in total, so there's only a handful of things you need to do, and you have an entire month to do them to gain your Trader's Tender. Again this is entirely optional; it's all cosmetic, so you don't have to do it if you don't want to, and that's the fun part. That's an overview of the Trader's Tender and how you gain it.

Spending Trader's Tender in The Trading Post

Now let's talk about spending the Trader's Tender. There are tons of new mounts and collectibles and all sorts of things that are coming in the trading post, and no doubt there will be more as we continue. So you have to approach The Trading Post and talk to the NPC. It gives you a list of things you can buy this month, which rotates every month.

There are many items on here with different amounts of Trader's Tender, as you can see. Some things are 900, 750, 650, and so on. So you're going to buy only some of them each month, but you will buy some. One of the most incredible features I like about The Trading Post is if you want something but cannot afford to buy it this month, you can drag it into the freeze option, and that'll freeze it for the next month. Thus, if you don't have the currency for it but want to get it, you can get it next month, which is lovely. You might need this for high-value items like the Celestial Steed, which is 900 of the Trader's Tender. All these rewards are account-wide, so if I bought the bow on my main character, I could send it to an alt to learn it. Currently, I'm super impressed with how finished all of this looks. It's got all the different bits and pieces it needs already, making me think that this has been in the World of Warcraft team works for quite a while. I can't wait for it to go live with patch 10.0.5.