Hello everyone, Jerry here with some exciting news.

Some players might still remember Court of Stars dungeon from Legion, with all it buffs and interactions across the second part of the instance.

For example:

  • Pandarens, herbalists and players with 800 cooking skill could increase party’s by +25% of their maximum health;
  • Goblins, gnomes as well as engineers could disable all mechanical enemies, making
  • And hunters could lure a mini-boss into a deadly trap, effectively evading strong and annoying mob on the way.
  • Rogues and Alchemists with enough skill points could even poison a vial, first boss was using to get enrage buff at 30% maximum health, insta-killing him at this threshold.

And now they make a great comeback in form of Covenant buffs! Each Covenant have 2 interactions, one for each dungeon related to this covenant.

Kyrian (Bastion)

Necrotic Wake dungeon Kyrian (Bastion) players can summon their Steward and ask him to repair a golem, just at right of the first boss, this golem will burst out 5 anima spheres, one for each player.  Walking over sphere will grant player a 60 seconds buff that will increase movement speed by 20% and inflict a wave every 4 seconds that will damage enemies and heal allies around you.

At Spires of Ascension There are 2 dead Kyrians, lying on the ground after the first boss. Kyrian players can click on the corpse and retrieve a “Spear of Destiny”, player can throw it to stun all enemies and increase the damage they take for 20% for the whole 10 seconds! Although, there are two spears, it’s not really worth to get both spears, as they are located on different paths, so you have to fight your way through to get the second one.

Ventyr (Revendreth)

Halls of Atonement have 8 Loyal Stoneborn enemies located across the instance, Ventyrs will have an additional ability in their possess, allowing them to take control on Loyal Stoneborn, making them fight for your side for 30 seconds, after that – they’ll peacefully fly away, so you don’t need to be bothered with another mob after killing some trash packs. It’s currently unknown if the mindcontrolled mob will count towards the progress bar, but it seems most likely that it will count.

Sanguine Depths have 4 cages of Anima, when activated by Ventyr, for the next 20 seconds they will continuously apply a debuff on all enemies within 40 yards. When the cage closes, it will grant all party members a buff for 5% damage and healing done for 15 seconds, stacking for each mob killed under the Anima Drain debuff. This looks like an amazing risk/reward interaction, where you can get a bunch of weak mobs to the cage, activate it, get the debuff for killing them all and burst down a big mob waiting around the corner.

Necrolord (Maldraxxus)

Plaguefall contains a 3 different type of slimes, using Fleshcraft on their corpses will apply an aura for the Necrolord player. Consuming Gushing Slime will apply a Corrosive Gank – aura that have a 10% chance to proc an AoE wave that inflicts some damage to the enemies. Pestilence Slime grants a 5% haste bonus to any party member (including yourself) within 10 yard range, it’s a small, but nice buff. And the last, Congealed Slime allows player to get a 5% damage reduction aura for nearby allies. All auras have a 3 minute duration, and refreshed on repeated Fleshcraft use, but if you get a new aura – the old one will disappear.

In Theater of Pain players can find 3 Necrolord Banners, one for each wing of the dungeon after the first boss. A player from Necrolord covenant can use it to apply an aura on himself for 5 minutes, granting him and his allies a 10% buff to Versatility and Movement speed. Up-time on that thing is incredible, assuming that average Mythic dungeon run takes from 20 to 30 minutes it means that you will have a versatility buff for more than 50% of your time in instance.

Nightfae (Ardenweald)

Mists of Tirna Scithe doesn’t provide any graveyards on the way, so you will have to run the whole dungeon every time you die… But! Nightfae players can activate Depleted Anima Seed after first two bosses, creating a respawn point after first 2 bosses. And after first beating the first boss – they can activate a grove full of mushrooms which will grant to you and your party members a buff for 10% of your main stat or stamina on your choice for 10 minutes.

De Other Side, domain of Bwonsamdi – Loa of Death, allows nightfae players to activate a special urns placed all across the dungeon. Activating urn will stun all enemies in 30 yard range for 10 seconds (unless they are immune to stun of course).

Some of these bonuses might seem a bit too powerful and it’s a hot topic on the forums, whether they should be active in Mythic+ or not. Yes, it might affect LFG in a bad way, but it also adds new interactions to the game, which brings more variety to the game.


Thank you all, Jerry was there,

see you again next time when I encounter something interesting to tell.