Spires of Ascension Entrance to the Dungeon

The entrance to the dungeon is located in Bastion. The most comfortable fly point will be from Oribos to Sagehaven, Bastion. Then we should have a little walk.

Spires of Ascension Bosses

On our way to Kin-Tara we will face a few packs of mobs, they’re not too hard, but require a lot of interrupts so you have to choose how much you can get at once. After killing the first boss we will fly in angel (rmb on an angel and fly) to the next divine shield platform with mobs. The dungeon is pretty linear so we will not face any troubles with navigation on our way to the second boss. This boss will be hard because of him we should move a lot.The gap between bosses is quite large so you will have a chance to use Heroism/Bloodlust on both first and second boss and save another one for Devos. After 2 minutes we will face a huge robot Oryphrion. We recommend you to clear trash for both sides of the boss. Also we need to move here, too. Boss requires good communication in the group. The last boss of the dungeon is Devos, Paragon of Doubt. Before the game will allow us to beat the boss, at first we should deal with three of his minions. You should kill them one at a time. Each of these mobs has his own unic mechanic. That’s why you should be careful with them. If we stack them the fight will turn into literal hell as they will hit very hard. And if one of them dies you only have 3 seconds to kill two more or they will fully restore their health. Don’t take such risks without serious preparations. Of course on the last boss we will face some interesting mechanics. It will challenge your team play. Now let’s take a closer look at the bosses and trash of this dungeon.

1. Kin-Tara

In the fight with Kin-Tara the Azules will interfere with us very actively. This is a bird-minion of Kin-Tara. Azules will fly on platform and from it will be thrown 3 bis spheres. These spheres are Attenuated Barrage. The damage from spheres is huge and of course we should avoid them. If you catch two in a row probably (and most likely) you will die. After receiving 100% of stamina Kin-Tara will use a conus attack named Overhead Slash. If you’re melee dd - try to stay sideways or behind the boss. This boss has two phases. On the ground and in a flight. On the ground phase between the boss and his minion will be a gray line called Deep Connection. Try not to hook on it otherwise you will get a debuff which will slowly kill you. No one needs extra damage for the group. The debuff can not be dispelled by any healer. But it can be taken by an immune (divine shield, block,deterrence, immune of demon hunterдх, cloak of shadows). When Kin-Tara flew in the air, the group must focus on Azules. The hp of bosses is general that’s why you can focus on any of them and it will not matter who. You can fight with one of them who is more comfortable for you. During the flight Kin-Tara will throw a spear on a random target. You will have only 1 second to step away from the zone where it will fall. The damage is not fatal but be careful. Don’t miss too much.

2. Ventunax

When you start a fight with Ventunax you will face similar to the first boss mechanic. There is only one danger on this boss - black spheres. They will appear after Ventunax blinks on a random player.(Tank can not be the target) The boss will leave a dot of bleeding on this target and the healer should take attention to this target. Otherwise your teammate will die shortly. After the blink the boss will leave Shadowhirl. From this Shadowhirl counterclockwise flew these spheres with white arrow on them. The spheres will move by the straight line. They are easy to dodge. If you step in this sphere you will receive large damage. Also you will be thrown away in the air. Bad news: if you’re thrown in the air, there is a huge probability that you will receive damage from another sphere. During the fight the boss will use a frontal attack. The attack disorientates in 4 sec and deals damage for all in its range. This attack is casts for a long time. When the boss' stamina ends, Ventunax starts to cast Recharge. Now the really interesting thing is starting to happen. All Shadowhirls, which boss leaves begin to emit spheres.The platform will be filled by these spheres and you should move carefully.

3. Oryphrion

This boss has only three mechanics. It hits the tank with the help of Charged Stomp. All who will stand in front of the face of the boss will receive damage from this ability. That’s why everyone except the tank should stay behind the boss. Then it chooses a random target and casts Purifying Blastom. Everyone in the radius of this ability will also receive damage. The damage from this ability can’t be shared and intended to the single player. The boss has 100% of stamina. Every 40-50% it will mark players and start casting Empyreal Ordnance. When the cast is over on the place where the standing player will appear void zone. Of course we should step away from it until Anima Field will not activate. After activation will appear the blue void zone. If you will stand in it you will receive -20% hp. Also tick dot of arcane damage. The damage is not significant but -20% of hast will affect quite a lot on your damage and heal. Try to leave this zone as fast as you can. There will be 5 of these zones. So the mark will be on each player of the group. We recommend you to lay out void zones in one place. When the boss's stamina will end (time for 2 phases and 10 voids), it will start to pull itself to Anima Field. From Anima Field will appear spheres. And they don’t have to reach the boss. Otherwise they will heal it. During the pulling to the Anima Field boss will receive an increased on 100% damage. The damage from spheres is magical and it leaves a dot which will hit us with periodic arcane damage. If you want to collect voids in one point the spheres will fly in a line to one point. So one of you with immune can eat them up. (These immunes are divine shield, block,deterrence,cloak of shadows, immune of demon hunter). Save your cooldowns for this 10 sec phase when the boss will receive increased on 100% damage. So you can kill him in 1 phase.

4. Devos, Paragon of Doubt

The most difficult boss from other bosses of shadowlands. Time to time the boss will throw on the floor Abyssal Detonation. After this we will get only 7 sec to run under blue dome. Our ally Kyrestia, the Firstborne will leave it to us. The dome will decrease fatal damage for the group. Sometimes the boss will choose a random player and leave him a debuff Lost Confidence. At the end of this debuff will appear a void zone called Lingering Doubt. Lost Confidence can be dispelled by your healer. This is magic. So all healers that can dispel magic can dispel this debuff. You should run away from Lingering Doubt as soon as you will see it in front of you. It can be stacked and with every stack you will receive more damage. After some time of the fight Devos will use Unleashed Anima. From the activator he used will fly 5 spheres of anima. We should catch them and bring them back to the activator. After the boss activates Unleashed Anima, he becomes invulnerable and flies in the air. He will start moving on the edge of the platform. There will be 3 points of his movement: left side , centre and right side and vice versa. In this phase the wind will interfere us. It will slow down us from different sides. Also on the platform will ride Lingering Doubts. We should avoid them. The more the phase lasts the more stacks from Lingering Doubt we will receive. Decrease receiving stacks we can only by do not stepping in the void zone.When we will collect all 5 spheres of anima activator will recharge and the spear will appear. The most accurate shooter in your group must press rmb and he will see aim. He needs to shoot the boss. Wait until the boss will change his position. When he will change his position from left to right or vice versa - shoot him. You will hit him 10% of hp by one shoot. There will be two of these phases. Good luck!

Notable trash mobs in Spires of Ascension

Forsworn Goliath - casts Rebellious Fist. Crushing AoE ability which mob casts every 12 seconds. You must kill him otherwise your group will die.

Forsworn Castigator - casts Dark Lash in a random target. Deals significant damage. Mob will cast this spell very often. We strongly recommend you to interrupt this spell when hp of the group will start falling lower than 70%.

Forsworn Stealthclaw - the pain of your tank. These griffons are located randomly in a dungeon and they are invisible. In invincibility they can be detected by hunter’s flyer or demon hunter’s vision. Griffons will leave a bleed debuff on a tank. After 2 stacks they will start dealing colossal damage. Also if griffons find you first all group will be stunned in 2 sec.

Kyrian Dark Praetor - casts in tank crushing attack Dark Seeker one by one. Always focus this mob under any circumstances otherwise your tank will not last long.

Forsworn Squad Leader - owns an aura -75% damage for his allies. Control every mob in a pack of mobs with a leader and focus only one. This will save a lot of mana to your healer. Squad Leader jumps and leaves a void zone. If you will stay in it you will receive a huge damage. Shortly after that leader will do the conus attack Crashing Strike. You can dodge it by stepping to the other side.