The Necrotic Wake Dungeon Strategy

April 21, 2022 30 minutes

The Necrotic Wake Entrance to the Dungeon

The entrance of this dungeon is located in Bastion. The most comfortable fly point will be a flight from Oribos to Aspirant’s Rest, Bastion.

The Necrotic Wake Bosses

The dungeon starts from a frightening number of mobs. Also, we can see Blightbone boss from the distance right at the entrance. From the right side of the boss we will see a crushed robot. It can be fixed by the owner of Covenant Kyrii. Fixing this robot will give us 20% of haste and a little regeneration of hp 3 per sec. ( To fix the robot we should summon a Kyrian Steward from the spellbook and talk with it. Then the dialog window will pop up and we need to click “Fix the robot”). The buff from each robot in the dungeon can only be received once. This is a good opportunity to increase our damage. After killing the boss we will face another army of trash filled by dangerous casts and abilities. Further details about bosses and trash you can read below.

1. Blightbone

This boss is quite unpleasant and we recommend all group members to stand in front of the boss to avoid Heaving Retch. So why should we do that? The cone AoE got a really big radius and clogs the platform. If you don’t leave these abilities by walls and corners soon you will not have any free space on the platform. ( About 40 sec to fully clog the platform). This ability fixates on a target and deals a conus AoE attack. Then leaves a zone filled with a stinky green puddle. You can’t dodge this skill. Also it deals damage as if hit as if you will stand in this green zone. After Heaving Retch the boss will hit the tank by Crunch. If there is no tank near the boss it will hit the nearest target. Tank should use his defensive cooldowns for this ability. After this hit the Blightbone will summon Carrion Worms. Each of them will choose a target (target can be anyone) and it will chase you to bite. (Not yummy at all). If Carrion Worm will bite his target 3 times (you will see this debuff in your debuffs),it will explode and leave a debuff Carrion Eruption on a group. And your group will rot in a few seconds. That’s why we recommend you to stun, slow down, run away and control these mobs. Boss will repeat his abilities over and over until he dies.

2. Amarth, The Harvester

Tank should use his defensive cooldown when the boss will be under an Unholy Frenzy. Even using his defensive cooldowns tank will receive huge damage. Boss will cast Necrotic Breath from time to time. Remember your cat playing with rays? It looks like it but a little bit different. This ability looks like a green ray and the boss will start to spin around himself. Everyone who enters this ray will receive a huge amount of damage. Also the boss will call a few minions to help him: rangers, warriors and mages. They will be located randomly around the boss. The mage casts Frost Bolts and it deals huge damage to a random player in a group. The warrior and the ranger will fixate on random targets until they will not be reaggro on a tank. Those mobs should be killed before the boss will end casting Final Harvest. If at the moment of the end of the cast adds are still alive, the boss will explode them and deal large damage if you’re on a Fortify. If you’re on Tyrannic it will be fatal. Time to time the boss will cast in a tank the Necrotic Bolt. This cast can be ignored sometimes. We are doing this for interrupt the cast of summoning the mage. Mobs can be stunned/controlled and you must give them absolute priority in a fight with the boss.

3. Surgeon Stitchflesh

Poor tanks. Surgeon Stitchflesh stands on a pedestal and hides behind the Creation. He is invisible while he stands on a pedestal that’s why we are starting the fight with Creation. Tank must use his defensive cooldowns on each cast of Mutilate. While we are fighting with Creation with every second quantity of stacks Festering Rot grows. We need to kill him quickly.The longer he lives the more damage the group will take. The tank will especially feel it. In the fight with Creation you should wait for a moment when it will start casting Meat Hook. We need to send the arrow of this hook in Surgeon Stitchflesh. So its own minion will drag it to us. After the boss will end his cast and will be prepared to hook you should go away from an arrow to avoid it. Use all your cooldowns when The Surgeon will be vulnerable for attacks. During the fight on a platform will be thrown Embaiming Incho. Do not stand in it to avoid damage. Position yourself so that you can easily point the arrow with a hook at the boss and you do not get extra damage. As soon a Creation will die the boss will summon another one. Tank should prepare the most strong defensive cooldowns at this moment. When Surgeon Stitchflesh flies on a hook. And there will be two bosses who will beat the face of the tank with pleasure. One of them is Mutilate. And the second one is Sever Flash. After a several Sever Flash in tank the boss will fixate on a target using ability Morbid Fixation. Then it will start chasing his target. How is it said? Run, Forest, Run! Because this boss will kill you only with 1-2 attacks. After 1 minute the Surgeon Stitchflesh will use Escape and the cycle will repeat. Again the Creation will appear. All we need to do is to hook the boss again and kill.

4. Nalthor The Rimebinder

On this boss we have a really small platform. And we should use it wisely. It is very important to dodge Comet Storm until the boss ends his cast. Boss will hit the tank with physical damage by ability Icy Shard. From time to time the boss will choose a random target (tank and healer can not be the target) and teleports the target with the help of Dark Exile on a lower lvl. You have only 50 sec to run away from here! On your way you will face a big amount of void zones and mobs Zolramus Siphoner. You should kill him and then press on angel Gilded Champion. He will return you to the platform with the boss. Also it will give you a buff Champion’s Boon. So you should prepare the most powerful abilities for the platform. The more you are at the lower level, the more stacks you will get. Why is it bad? Because when you return to the platform these stacks will transform into a puddle of ice. You should stay near the corner till the moment when debuff will end and the puddle of ice will appear under you. Time to time on a random player will be casted a void zone Frozen Binds. This cast must be dispelled by the healer. Before the dispel you should make sure that no one is standing in a void zone. Otherwise after dispel it will spread to other players nearby.

Notable trash mobs in Necrotic Wake

Corpse Harvester - the most dangerous cast is Drain Fluids. To the end of the cast mob is channeling to the player and stun him. The player can’t do anything till the cast will not be interrupted.

Vanguard - casts Meat Shield and stacks on himself absorb due to х2 of his own hp, till cast will not be interrupted.

Necromancer - this mob is surrounded by crossbowman, warriors and mages. You should. focus Necromancer and after his death his minions will disappear. You can control the mage and the ranger. Or pull Necromancer from his minions and make your fight more safe.

Skeletal Marauder - casts frontal attack Gruesome Cleave. If you’re no tank do not stand in front of his face. Interrupt Rasping Scream otherwise you will receive fear and pull everything surrounding you.

Kyrian Stitchwerk - you should beware of this cast Tenderize. After 2-3 stacks on a tank we strongly recommend you to use your defensive cooldowns and heal tank. Otherwise he will die. Because each stack deals +15% damage for your tank.
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