Theater of Pain Entrance to the Dungeon

The entrance to this dungeon is located in Maldraxxus. You can fly here from Oribos to the Theater of Pain.

Theater of Pain Bosses

Unfortunately you can’t skip the An Affront of Challengers. That’s why you will beat it first. After killing this boss you will get into the room and see three ways. Each of them leads us to the boss. We recommend you to go to the Xav the Unfallen. After him to Kul’tharok . And the third one will be Gorechop.Thus we will get optimal timing of Prideful and heroism on each boss including the last one.

An Affront of Challengers

The first boss in Theater of Pain is An Affront of Challengers. You will actually fight against three bosses: Dessia the Вecapitator, Paceran the Virulent, Sathel the Accursed and there is also another invincible boss that will take part in the encounter as well: Xira the Underhanded. We will talk about him later.

We recommend starting the fight with Sathel the Accursed as this boss casts Necromantic Bolt which hits really hard and thus you want to kick as many of those bolts as your group can. Sathel will also curse a random player with Searing Death.The player that was cursed with Searing Death should keep 3 yard distance from other players. Otherwize, the curse will deal the same amount of damage to all players within 3 years of him. Your healer should just heal up the cursed player for the full curse duration. This curse cannot be dispelled. Another important ability with this boss is One With Death which is an absorb shield that equals to 30% of the boss maximum health. You want to take this shield down as fast as you can as you will not be able to kick any casts while the shield is up.

Once you are done with Sathel we recommend switching to Dessia the Decapitator. This boss only hits your tank but also decreases all incoming healing that your tank receives by 30% using Mortal Strike. Dessia will also occasionally Fixate and chase a random non-tank player. If he fixates on you and manages to get to you close enough he will use all his abilities that will most probably kill you or at least will make you use all your defensives which is not a good thing either as you might need them later in the encounter.

The last one is Paceran the Virulent which has only two notable abilities. One is Plague Bolt which will not hit you very hard and is totally healable. The second one is Noxious Spores which is a void zone that he puts on the ground and slows all players in it by 25% and also deals tons of damage while your are standing in it. You can easily avoid getting any damage from it by moving out of it before it explodes on the ground. We would recommend that healer and ranged dps are not standing in the mele zone during this fight to avoid unnecessary movement for the mele.

And finally the 4th invincible boss - Xira the Underhanded who will appear occasionally in the fight and will stun one random dps player for 10 seconds using Opportunity Strikes ability. Other team members should use their personal controls to take the stunned player out of Xira’s control.

Final helpful advice for An Affront of Challengers encounter:

  1. While you are fighting the first boss - Sathel the Accursed and he casts his absorb shield that prevents you from kicking his casts you can continue DPSing the shield while also chain kicking all casts from Paceran the Virulent. This will make your healer be able to help DPSing the absorb shield instead of healing the group. I personally use focus target kick on Paceran to kick his casts without switching my main target.
  2. Tank should try keeping all 3 bosses close to each other to maximize the cleave effectiveness for the DPS.

Overall, the fight only seems hard but with some good kick coordination within your group this encounter is super easy and smooth.


Gorechop fight is a mindfulness exercise. The main task in this battle lies with the tank. Because of difficulties with abilities and mobs. Tank should use personal active save ability before the boss finishes casting Hateful Strike or it will hit really hard.

During the battle two ads will appear. Their attacks are weak but after death they leave a puddle on the platform under them for 30 sec. Also this puddle slows us down by 50%. Each of them will lose 5% HP every second, that is, if you add a little bit of damage you will get rid of them in about 10 seconds. After death, they will leave a green void zone: Coagulating Ooze on the floor, which causes damage and slows down all players within it by 50% which might be a problem as we want to move faster in this fight and you will know why in a second. Each of them will leave a void. You should collect them together to avoid polluting the platform.

Gorechop will also use Tenderizing Smash. He pulls in all players towards him and smashes the ground. You will have 3 seconds to get away from his smash or you will get tons of damage.

Along with all of the abovementioned, you will also have the hooks mechanics. The hooks are hanging from the ceiling and occasionally they will drop down close to the ground and start moving towards you making a huge wall of hooks. There will be a narrow passage, or a crack if you wish, where you can squeeze. But keep in mind that there is another small wall of hooks that waits you a bit further after you pass the big wall of hooks. You definitely want to dodge the hooks. Otherwise, you will not reach the boss.

The fight is cyclical and all abilities repeat in the same sequence: boss hits the tank, two ads appear, boss pulls players and smashes the ground and a wall of hooks start moving towards you.

This encounter is not hard by some specific ability but rather by the fact that all the abilities take place at the same time. So make sure to save your diffensives and movement speed increase abilities for some unexpected situations where you find yourself in some unfortunate positioning.

Xav the Unfallen

This fight will require efforts from your dps in a group.After reaching 100% of energy the boss will choose two dps (tank and healer can not be the target ) and throw them with the help of ability Blood and Glory on the arena where they will need to fight against each other. We recommend you to end this duel as fast as you can. You can surrender to your opponent or vice versa. Depends on who will have more opportunities to deal more damage. During the fight on the platform with the boss will appear Oppresive banner.You should switch to it and kill as fast as you can. Because in about 5 seconds after spawn of the banner boss will start a random combination from these skills: Deafening crash, Massive cleave and Crushing slam. It will be easier to dodge them if you’re not slowed down by an Oppressive banner.

Time to time the boss will use the ability Brutal combo to the tank. The fight is cyclical and all abilities repeat until the boss will not be defeated.


This fight is strongly tied on the healer. It will be really difficult so prepare. The tank should be always in melee range. If you will break close distance to the boss it will start to cast Spectral reach. During the fight there will appear green hands called Grasping hands. Two dps with debuff Draw soul should step in them. As soon as you will notice that the Reclaimed soul will chaotically run on the boss platform you need to chase it. When you will catch it you will receive a 30% bonus for your attack. Time to time the boss will cast Chill of the Beyond to a random player. The healer needs to prepare his healing cooldowns and ask the player who is being under a debuff to use his own defensive cooldowns. The boss has no phases and all abilities repeat until the boss is defeated.

Mordretha, the Endless Empress

This fight will be rough for all group members. The true chaos is prepared for us in it. Boss will cast the Reaping scythe on the tank. You should use your defensive cooldowns on this skill. Also boss will cast Dark devastation. It looks like a black ray. When the cast is over it will start to turn with it to the random side. The perfect option here is to stand behind the boss while this ability is active. During the fight the ghostly riders will appear in 4 different corners. Each of them will run with Ghostly charge to the opposite corner to it. In this way there will be 4 save zones where you will avoid receiving damage. The next phase will be when the boss will start to draw us towards Grasping Rift. Around us will appear the green circle and to the end of this phase will appear a mob. In total there will be 5 of them. Each of them will cast in a random target attacking spell. Mobs are easy to kill. Don’t be shy and beat them. Time to time on the platform will appear the Echo of Battle. Just don’t stay in the white void zones on the platform. After the hp of the boss is lowered to 50%, he will start using his abilities more intensively. Like a soft enrage. We recommend you to use heroism/bloodlust on this boss after he will reach 50% of his hp.

Notable trash mobs

There are some useful notes for trash in this dungeon.

Raging Bloodhorn casts Raging Tantrum. It can be interrupted by the tranquility of a druid or a hunter. This is the channeling cast and it deals significant damage for the group.

Blighted Sludge - you must interrupt the cast Decaying Filth. Otherwise the group will receive a large damage.

Horror - casts Meat Shield. If you will not interrupt this cast the mob will absorb on 100% of his hp.

Putrid Butcher casts Devour Flash in tank and deals damage for 60% of his hp. Also it restores 60% hp itself. This cast can not be interrupted. You should stun this mob.