• Weekly PvE Bundle
  • Weekly PvE Bundle

Weekly PvE Bundle


  • $155

  • $164

You will get full Heroic Eternal Palace raid clear as well as Mythic +10 done in-time both with personal loot . You will also get weekly cap from expeditions free of charge! You can choose between self-play and piloted service for this weekly bundle

we have up to 3 raids every day. Please note that it's always better to check the current schedule with the online support agent to reserve your spot before purchasing. As for the mythic +10 and island expeditions, we can do that at any time that is most convenient for you


• professional raid team that will kill all 8 raid bosses for you at Heroic difficulty
• all the personal loot items obtained during the raid
• mythic +10 keystone done in-time by the professional team of players
• achievement: Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara
• all tradable 430+ gear items for your character's chosen class and specialization
• 440+ item from the weekly chest
• several Aqueous Reliquary items that can be used to create one of the three unique Heart of Azeroth Essences
• weekly cap for Island Expeditions


• you should have a 120 level character on your account
• this service can be provided as both self-play as well as account sharing. In case of account sharing we will only need your login and password and we do NOT need an answer to a secret question or access to your email. For the duration of the service we will ask you to turn off the authenticator from your account, or remove the checkbox requesting authorization at each login and provide us with an access code that you will receive by email

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