• 110-120 Сharacter Leveling
  • 110-120 Сharacter Leveling

110-120 Сharacter Leveling


  • $28

  • Price in Carrycoins: 28

We offer the service for those who do not want to waste even a second to get level 120. Our employees will start boosting your character right after the service is purchased. The boost takes up to 48 hours but can be done in less than 12 hours in case you want to speed up the process. We can boost you using quests or dungeons, depending on your preferences. We also can work at specified time, thus, we can level up your character while you are asleep or at work so that your gaming experience is not anyhow affected

12 TO 48 HOURS
please note that time to level up your character depends on selected options. We can level up as fast as 12 hours from 110 to 120 level. The boost can be started right after the purchase or at any other specified time at your convenience


• you will get your character boosted to 120 level in a specified time-frame


• this service is provided by account sharing. We only need your login and password and we do NOT need an answer to a secret question or access to your email. For the duration of the service we will ask you to turn off the authenticator from your account, or remove the checkbox requesting authorization at each login and provide us with an access code

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