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Crafting skills in New World are powerful tools and progress endlessly. As you progress craft skills, you will be able to craft many powerful things. Crafting skills that create consumables, such as Arcana and Cooking, gain additional resource efficiency as your skill increases. For example, when you begin the Arcanist, crafting Healing pot crafts them at a 1:1 ratio, but in advance when you go higher level in Arcanist you will have a chance to produce extra Healing pots. The higher level you get in crafting , the better equipment you will get with craft. For example the iron sword will have around 200-210 gear score, when the steel sword will have at least 300+ gear score. There are 7 different professions: armoring, weaponsmithing, cooking, engineering, jewelcrafting, furnishing, arcana. Each profession have a 200 levels to reach. At the WoWCarry service you can get your crafting professions to a max level with a fastest speed. Our professional pilot will gather resources needed to level up your crafting skills. You will save a lot of time with our professional service. All resources and items that will be received while the boost will stay on your character or in your storage.