New World Gathering Trade Skills Carry

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Gathering in New World is highly needed , because there are tons of resources needed to get your character to a maximum power. From Iron to Orichalcum, the higher level you get the stronger gear and weapons you will get. There are 5 different gathering professions: logging, mining, fishing, harvesting, tracking and skinning. From the start you can get only common resources. For example, you can't mine gold until you get your mining skill up to 45 level. All gathering professions can get up to 200 level. It will take a long time so you can use our WoWCarry service to do it fast and professional. We will save you a lot of time finding the resources that will be needed to level up your professions. Our professional pilot will do his best to get it as fast as possible. All resources and items that will be received while the boost will stay on your character or in your storage.