• Nazjatar - 8.2 War Campaign
  • Nazjatar - 8.2 War Campaign

Nazjatar - 8.2 War Campaign

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By completing Nazjatar campaign you will unlock the Heart Forge and Heart of Azeroth Essence System, discover new Waveblade Ankoan or Unshackled faction, gain Nazjatar World Quests access, reach the latest 8.2 War Campaign chapter, find new Mechagon Island and its respective story-line and get your hands on other Rize of Azshara content. All these new 8.2 systems, locked behind the Nazjatar storyline progression, are crucial for any player to actually experience the latest end-game of Battle for Azeroth and develop their characters even further that's why it's so important to complete Nazjatar Campaign story-line for your character

service lead time hardly depends on your current progress. Full service may take up to 9 days


• full Nazjatar story-line completed for Horde or Alliance faction ending up with Sunken Ambitions (Alliance) or Unfathomable (Horde) achievement
Heart Forge unlocked - special device which gains access to new Azerite Essence System to empower your Heart of Azeroth. You will get The Heart Forge achievement and unlock your first Essence: The Crucible of Flame
• Nazjatar World Quests, Benthic Gear upgrade NPC and Nazjatar Bodyguards unlocked
• 8.2 War Campaign questline and Mechagon questline unlocked
• Waveblade Ankoan (Alliance) and The Unshackled (Horde) factions reputations unlocked


• you should have a 120 level character on your account
• this service is provided by account sharing. We only need your login and password and we do NOT need an answer to a secret question or access to your email. For the duration of the service we will ask you to turn off the authenticator from your account, or remove the checkbox requesting authorization at each login and provide us with an access code

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