• The Unshackled Reputation
  • The Unshackled Reputation

The Unshackled Reputation


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Reputation with The Unshackled faction unlocks some cool rewards such as some Rank 3 profession recipes, special items to unlock and upgrade 3 Azerite Essences and last, but not least - cool Unshackled Waveray flying mount for getting Exalted reputation sold for 250 Prismatic Manapearls. There are several ways to gain reputation level, such as zone quests, world quests, daily quests, killing rare spawns, summons from the depths and other Nazjatar activities, but even then getting Exalted reputation will take you several weeks to achieve

2-27 DAYS
please note that time to farm depends on selected options. We will farm all the local quests available every 12 hours and will also gain the reputation from all the other available sources to speed up the process. You can always get more specific time estimate by asking the online support. Estimated Delivery Time (no longer than): Neutral to Friendly: 2 days; Friendly to Honored: 4 days; Honored to Revered: 7 days; Revered to Exalted: 14 days


• professional pilot that will farm the reputation for you (you can specify the time-frame when we can play on your account)
• guaranteed desired reputation achieved in minimum possible time
Exalted reputation level rewards The Unshackled achievement and unlocks some cool rewards such as: Tabard of the Unshackled, rank 3 Recipe: Greater Mystical Cauldron for alchemists and cool Unshackled Waveray flying mount
• reaching Revered reputation is a required criteria for Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two to unlock flying in BFA


• you should have a 120 level character on your account
• this service is provided by account sharing. We only need your login and password and we do NOT need an answer to a secret question or access to your email. For the duration of the service we will ask you to turn off the authenticator from your account, or remove the checkbox requesting authorization at each login and provide us with an access code

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