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EU Heroic Plus Normal VotI Raid Bundle
Important note before purchase
  • Please, check spots availability before the purchase;
  • Due to high demand raid invites may be delayed for up to 1 hour;
  • In case you buy group loot, we can't guarantee any items quantity drop so we suggest adding loot options.
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
Loot Info
  • Vault of the Incarnates Raid completion
    We will complete 8/8 VotI Heroic and Normal Raid for you.
  • 389-411 Ilvl Raid Gear
    You will have a chance to loot 402-411 ilvl gear.
  • Chance for Tier Set
    With the new group loot update in WoW Raid system, you'll have a chance to roll for tier set piece if it suits your class.
Vault of the Incarnates Heroic boost run takes an average of 2 hours. The Normal VotI run can take around 1.5 hours. The maximum order execution time is up to one week.
  • Selfplay
    You will need to personally participate in the runs. We will not be able to provide our pilot who will log into your account to complete this service.
  • No Raid Experience Required
    You don't need to have any specific gear level or knowledge of raid mechanics.
  • 70 Lvl Character
    You need to have a 70-level character to be able to enter Raid.
Raid ETA Armor Type Priority Exclusive Run Ilvl Dropped
Please, check schedule 4-8 items guarantee All suitable gear 402 - 411 ilvl
Frequently Asked Questions
Does my rank give an additional discount to bundles?

The simple answer is yes. As with any other products and services on our website, you get from 1 to 10% cashback by purchasing bundles.

Can I change characters during the service?

Only if the service is not intended for one character. In simple words, you can't buy leveling 60-70, level to 63 and change it for another character who also needs 60-70. In the case of bundles where you have several M+ runs or raids, you can always change character with another one.

Can I apply discount code to bundle product?

Yes, sure. If you are buying for the first time then this is NEW10CARRY. We also regularly launch various promotions in which we give you discount codes. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter.

What if I missed scheduled service?

No worries, just poke us via any messenger to reschedule your run.

Can I stay afk during the service?

Yes, for most of our services, you are allowed to stay AFK (Away From Keyboard). However, there are some exceptions: For Raid services, we ask that you tag bosses at least once in order to be eligible for loot. For PvP services, active participation in the fight is required. On the other hand, for all Mythic+ related services, you can stay AFK - we only need you to collect your loot at the end of the dungeon. If you're unsure whether AFK is permitted during a particular service, our customer support team is available 24/7 and happy to assist with any queries.


By buying a Heroic Plus Normal VotI Raid Bundle, you will complete both difficulties for the price of a Heroic one. This bundle is the best way to prepare your character for Mythic Raid or High Mythic+ carry. Completing Normal and Heroic Raid gives you a big chance to gear up your character. In addition, you will have three Heroic gear pieces in the Great Vault of your choice. Thus, you have a chance to obtain Class Tier Set gear three times:

  1. You can get 389-398 ilvl Class Tier Set equipment on the Normal difficulty.
  2. From Heroic VotI, you can get 402-411 ilvl tier-set gear.
  3. You can get 402-411 ilvl Class Tier set gear from Great Vault.

Class Tier Set bonuses give significant upgrades for any character. But besides the set, you can get very rare drops from several bosses:

  • A trinket from The Primal Council, which upgrades a lot and suits every class;
  • A DPS ring from Eranog inflicts additional fire damage. This ring is BiS for mostly damaging specializations;
  • A Tank ring from Broodkeeper Diurna will stack absorb shield on you after dealing fire damage;
  • A bow from Raszageth will seriously boost every hunter.

Summing up, defeating all bosses on Heroic and Normal difficulties give you a higher chance of getting one of these precious items.