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Here you can buy mage-bound spelltome boost in World of Warcraft. A Tour of Towers is the achievement for true multiclass lovers. Seven different challenges might need some good preparation and knowledge of challenge mechanics. Don't waste your time on learning how to complete each, just message our customer support agent to set things up fast!
The average time for completing single challenge is 40 minutes. full achievement will take up to 12 hours to complete. Eta could be increased depending on your character's gear. We do our best to decrease the eta's.



You need to have minimum three different classes with 60 character level on your account, each with a different specializations to cover all 7 challenges for achievement completion.


This service is provided by account sharing. We will only need your login and password and we do not need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.



Cool looking flying mount mage-bound spelltome on your account.


"A tour of Towers" achievement with the following challenges completed: Closing the Eye, An Impossible Foe, The God-Queen’s Fury, Feltotem’s Fall, the Highlord’s Return, End of the Risen Threat, Thwarting the Twins.


You will get x7 T20 sets for your characters.

What legion timewalking dungeons can be completed in M+
Black Rook Hold, Court of Stars, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Neltharion’s Lair and Vault of the Wardens.
How to run Legion Timewalking Mythic+ dungeons?
1. Speak with Ta’hsup in Oribos to get a Timeworn Keystone. This Broker is in the northeast section, at 65, 35 if you use coordinates; 2. Go directly to the entrance of one of the Legion Timewalking dungeons with a full party of 5 players; 3. Enter with the dungeon difficulty set to Mythic and enter this keystone the way you would with any other Mythic dungeon.
What item level will be dropped in Legion dungeons?
The loot be ilevel 236 in +14 dungeons and up, and can be upgraded to ilevel 246 with Valor. Running Legion M+ will count towards the number Mythic+ completed for the week for the Great Vault, though the gear will not be awarded in the Great Vault, only within the dungeon itself.
How to run Legion Timewalking Mage Tower?
To start a Mage Tower challenge during Legion Timewalking, head to Legion’s Dalaran by portal or by using your Dalaran hearthstone. Hop a flight down to Deliverance Point in Broken Shore. There you’ll find the Mage Tower, just as it was during Legion. Just walk in to start the challenge — no entry fee required.
What gear should I have to complete the Mage Tower?
All standard gear above ilvl 50 is automatically scaled down to ilvl 50 while inside the Mage Tower scenarios. This means that your gear, trinkets and stats do matter, but all your gear is scaled down to a maximum of item level 50. As long as a piece of gear is over item level 50, that is the highest item level that can be achieved on a piece of gear inside the Mage Tower. Because the Mage Tower is scaled to Item Level 50, this removes outgearing the content in the normal fashion - item level. However, you can still make the Mage Tower significantly easier by using a Timewalking set - equipping pieces of gear that are overbudgeted for their slot when scaled to a lower item level, which you can start farming now!


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