Castle Nathria Raid Carry

The very first raid of Shadowlands expansion - Castle Nathria looks like authentic Dracula's castle that was turned into a great wow raid. The new Nathria raid is located in the heart of Revendreth. As usually with most of the wow raids Castle Nathia is also a winged raid meaning that you have the choice of either going into the catacombs or exploring the royal quarters. After all two starter wings are cleared you can get to the upper reaches of Nathria Castle to challenge the final boss.

Castle Nathria Boss List

There are 10 bosses overall inside Castle Nathria Raid in Shadowlands. All bosses have unique and interesting mechanics that you will surely enjoy.

  1. Shriekwing - the blood leacher.
  2. Altimor the Huntsman - hound master.
  3. Hungering Destroyer - life energy devourer.
  4. Artificer Xy'Mox - womrholes creater.
  5. Sun King's Salvation - an old friend from BC.
  6. Lady Inerva Darkvein - trusted advisor.
  7. The Council of Blood - dance dance revolution council.
  8. Sludgefist - walls collapser.
  9. Stoneborne Generals - stone bond generals.
  10. Sire Denathrius - the master of revendreth.

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