WoW Dragonflight
Keystone Hero
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Keystone Hero
Important note before purchase

In case you already have solid progress towards the achievement we recommend buying Specific Keys to complete the achievement requirements. You can also ask for discount in our 24/7 online chat and we will provide coupon code for you.

What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three Achievement
    We will get you through all Mythic+ dungeons that are required for achievement, thus you will get 2500+ Mythic score.
  • Dragonflight Season 3 Hero Meta-Achievement
    This achievement also rewards you with Emeral Blossom Dreamstone which unlocks unique appearance for your Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope class set. If you don't have Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope set yet, you can order it through this link.
  • 470 and 483 ilvl Gear
    You will receive 483 ilvl gear from Great Vault. You will also get 470 loot from all end-of-dungeon chests. There are two items dropped per team per dungeon. We will also try to stack players of the similar gear type (plate, leather, mail, cloth) as yours to maximize your chance to get gear.

When you purchase the Keystone Hero carry service from WowCarry, you can expect the service to be completed in a timely manner. The average time for invite after the purchase is 12 hours (increased due to high demand), which means that our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to start the process. Once we start working on your order, each dungeon itself will take on average 35 minutes to complete.

However, as we will need to farm specific dungeons to get the keys you need, it may take some time to complete the service. But rest assured that we normally have all the keys that you might need available right away as we have numerous teams that farm tons of keys daily. The full service completion takes two weeks because you need x8 +20 Fortified and x8 +20 Tyranical keys for Keystone Hero.

Our team of professionals will do their best to decrease the time to get the service done if possible. We understand that you're eager to obtain the Keystone Hero achievement as soon as possible, and we want to help you achieve your goal. Our support team will be available 24/7 to check for the progress of your order and answer any questions you may have.

Service Duration Timeframe
Average Time for Invite After Purchase 12 hours (increased due to high demand)
Average Time for One Dungeon 35 minutes
Full Service Completion Time 2 weeks

Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible service and ensuring that you get your Keystone Hero achievement in a timely manner. So, don't hesitate to trust WowCarry with your WoW needs and start your journey towards becoming a true WoW hero today!

  • Selfplay
    The Selfplay option allows you to personally participate in the service without the need for account sharing. This option is designed with account security in mind, ensuring that you can enjoy the service while maintaining full control over your account. By choosing the Selfplay option, you can actively engage in the raid experience while eliminating potential risks associated with account sharing.
  • No Dungeon Experience Required
    With our Keystone Hero Season Two Carry service, you don't need to worry about having prior dungeon experience. Our team of professional players is equipped to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable run regardless of your experience level. This makes our service accessible to players of all skill levels, allowing everyone to benefit from the rewards and progress in the game.
  • 70 Lvl Character
    You need to have a 70-level character to be able to enter dungeons on mythic difficulty. If you don't have a 70-level character, we can offer you a speed, and cheap leveling that gets you to desired 70 within a few hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
When my run starts if I purchase it now?

In most cases no more than 15 minutes. However, the most accurate time for invite can be provided by our online 24/7 customer support as they monitor the activity of all our teams. Please, make sure you provide all the additional options to customer support agent as some of them can have significant influence on ETA. Sometimes when the demand is high the queues can be longer. We strive to provide only the best quality of service and, thus, have only limited number of professional teams. 

Do I get all the loot dropped?

Simple answer is Yes. We will always trade all the gear that is designed for your character. If you are, for example, a warrior and there is a cloth item dropped, although you are technically able to wear cloth as a warrior, we will not trade it to you as cloth armor is not designed for warriors. Purchasing additional traders only significantly increases chances to get your armor type gear dropped during the run. However, we will still trade all the dropped gear even if you decided to go without additional traders. Moreover, we always try to match your armor type on availability basis but can guarantee certain number of traders only when you purchase them. Your team members will also change their specializations in order to maximize your loot chance if needed. Also, if there is a mount dropped in the run to one of our team members, you can purchase it separately with a huge discount – just contact us in the live chat and we will provide all the details.

ATTENTION! In the beginning of a season and/or if there is no option to choose additional loot traders, our teams will not be able to trade most of the loot due to game restriction: a player can only trade loot that is not an item level upgrade for this player. Once our teams are fully geared we will enable the purchase of additional loot traders and will also trade all the dropped loot. 

What is “Beating the timer” option?

By selecting this option you will have a guarantee that the key will be done within the given time limit which is set differently for each dungeon. If you haven't selected this option we will still do our best to beat the time, however, there will be no guarantee. In case you purchased this option and we fail do beat the timer, which is an extremely unlikely event, we will run the key again as many times as it's required until we beat it. No extra cost is applied for additional dungeons in this case.

Can I stay afk during the run?

We kindly ask you to take part in fights. In case you need to be AFK, please let the customer support agent know before the run so that we can make sure the team is ok with that. We also kindly ask to follow group leader calls in case you decide to play with the team as the group can have specific trash skips or some other tactics. For very high keys (above +15) we require players to participate actively in order for the run to go smoothly and possibly beat the timer. 

Can I go as tank/healer?
We would always prefer you to go DPS as all our groups are equipped with 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 dps players in order to satisfy the highest demand. However, you can stay in tank/healer spec in case you don't feel comfortable playing as dps. We will also set our loot to any specialization according to your preferences.

Keystone Hero Season Three Boost

If you're a true WoW player, you know that the Keystone Hero Season Two Carry is the ultimate achievement to have. It's a serious challenge that only the bravest and most skilled players can conquer, and it comes with the coveted Deep Cuts From the Vault meta-achievement. At WowCarry, we understand that not everyone has the time or skills to complete this achievement, which is why we're here to help. Our Keystone Hero carry service is the best way to ensure that you get this prestigious achievement in the shortest time possible.

What You Get with Keystone Hero Season Three Boost

  1. A 2500+ Mythic Score - Our expert teams will help you achieve the highest possible score in Mythic dungeons, ensuring that you're recognized as one of the best players in WoW.
  2. Feats of Strength achievement - Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three, which is criteria for Dragonflight Season 3 Hero which rewards you with Emerald Blossom Dreamstone.
  3. Fast Completion Time - While obtaining Keystone Hero is no easy feat, we work efficiently to complete your order in two weeks or less.
  4. All Keys Available - We have numerous teams that farm tons of keys daily, which means we have all the keys you might need available right away.
  5. Personalized Service - Our team of professional gamers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you're satisfied with our service.

What to Expect from the Service

The average time for invite after purchase is 12 hours, which may be slightly increased due to high demand. To complete Keystone Hero, you will need x8 +20 Fortified and x8 +20 Tyranical keys. While one dungeon itself will take an average of 35 minutes, we'll need to farm specific dungeons to get the keys you need, which can take some time. However, we'll work as efficiently as possible to ensure that you get your achievement in the shortest time possible.

Why Choose WowCarry for Keystone Hero Service

At WowCarry, we take pride in providing exceptional service to all of our clients. Our team of professional gamers has years of experience and has helped countless players achieve their gaming goals. We prioritize your satisfaction and work hard to ensure that you get the best possible service. With our Keystone Hero carry service, you can be confident that you're working with the best in the business. So why wait? Unleash your inner hero and conquer World of Warcraft Keystone Hero with WowCarry today!

Features WowCarry Keystone Hero Boost
Mythic Score 2500+
Completion Time 2 weeks or less
Keys Availability All keys available
Personalized Service Yes