WoW Dragonflight
Verdant Skitterfly
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Verdant Skitterfly
What you will get
When I get the mount?
  • Verdant Skitterfly Mount
    At the end of your service, you will receive a mount in the game called Verdant Skitterfly. This mount is unique and looks absolutely stunning. The Verdant Skitterfly is a rare and majestic creature, and having it as your mount will make you stand out from the crowd. With its bright green color and intricate details, the Verdant Skitterfly is truly a sight to behold. You won't find anything like it in the game. So, work hard and stay dedicated to earn this amazing mount, and you'll be the envy of all your friends. Don't miss out on the chance to own the one-of-a-kind Verdant Skitterfly!
  • Dragonscale Expedition 25 Renown
    By completing the Dragonscale Expedition service, you will receive 25 Renown reputation points. This is a significant achievement that highlights your dedication and skill in undertaking challenging missions. Having a high Renown reputation is highly beneficial as it increases your standing and unlocks various rewards and privileges, such as access to exclusive areas, items, and missions. Additionally, it can increase your chances of finding a party or guild to join and improve your chances of being selected for high-level missions. So, if you want to be recognized as a skilled and respected adventurer, completing the Dragonscale Expedition and earning 25 Renown is an excellent way to achieve this goal.
Our team at WoW Mount Services would like to inform you that obtaining the Verdant Skitterfly mount in WoW typically takes between 1-2 days. We take our obligation to complete this service within this time frame seriously and are committed to doing our best to obtain the mount as quickly as possible.

Please note that the time required to obtain the mount is based on the game mechanics and may vary depending on factors such as luck and competition with other players. However, rest assured that our team of mount professionals will work tirelessly to decrease the time required to get the mount if possible.

We understand that time is of the essence and we want to assure you that our support team is available 24/7 to check on the progress of obtaining the mount. Should there be any delays or issues, we will notify you promptly and keep you updated on the status of your order.
  • Level 70 Character
    In order to obtain this mount, you should have at least one character on the account that has reached level 70. this is a requirement set by the game developers and cannot be bypassed.
  • Account Sharing
    The service being offered is provided through account sharing. this means that our mount professional will log into your gaming account and play on your behalf, using the login and password information you provide. the service does not require access to your email or an answer to your secret question.

    you can request that our professional streams all activity so you can watch the progress in real-time. while some people may have concerns about sharing login information, we assure you that we take your account security seriously and will use your account with care and respect.

    it's important to note that this service offers a convenient way for you to enjoy the game without spending as much time playing it yourself. overall, the service is designed to help you make the most of your gaming experience.
  • Active Subscription
    To use our service, you should have an active subscription to world of warcraft, which gives you access to the game's core content. we look forward to providing you with the best possible gaming experience!
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the different types of mounts in World of Warcraft?
Mounts in World of Warcraft can be categorized into ground mounts, flying mounts, and water mounts. Some mounts can also serve multiple purposes, such as ground and flying or ground and water. Additionally, mounts can be grouped based on their acquisition methods, such as Challenge mounts, Dungeon and Raid mounts, Open World mounts, Reputation mounts, Achievement mounts, and PvP mounts.
How do I increase my mount's speed in World of Warcraft
Your mount's speed is primarily determined by your character's riding skill. As you progress through the game and reach higher levels, you can train higher levels of riding skills to increase your mount's speed. Some passive abilities, such as the Paladin's Crusader Aura or the Death Knight's On a Pale Horse, and certain items, like riding crops or guild banners, can also temporarily increase your mount's speed.
Can I use my flying mounts in all areas of World of Warcraft?
Flying is generally allowed in most areas of the game, except for battlegrounds, arenas, and certain indoor locations. However, new expansions typically have flying restrictions, which require players to complete specific achievements, such as the Pathfinder achievements, to unlock flying in those zones.
How do I summon or use a mount in World of Warcraft?
To summon a mount, open your Collections tab (default hotkey: Shift+P), and click on the Mounts section. Here, you can browse your available mounts and either drag them to your action bar or set them as your favorite mounts. To summon a mount from your action bar, simply press the corresponding hotkey. To summon a random favorite mount, you can use the Summon Random Favorite Mount button in the Mounts section of your Collections tab.
Can I share mounts with my other characters on the same account?
Yes, most mounts are account-bound, which means they are accessible to all characters on the same account, regardless of faction or server. However, some mounts are restricted by race or faction, and others may require specific prerequisites, such as riding skill or class restrictions, to be used by your other characters.

The breathtaking Verdant Skitterfly mount is now available in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion! This stunning mount is a must-have for any adventurer seeking to make a statement while traversing the vast and dangerous Dragon Isles.

To obtain this exclusive mount, players must first achieve a Dragonscale Expedition 25 Renown status, proving their worth in the eyes of the expedition's leaders. Once this requirement is met, players can search for Expedition Scout's Packs scattered throughout the Dragon Isles. Players may discover the Verdant Skitterfly nestled within one of these packs with luck and perseverance. Here are some reasons why the Verdant Skitterfly mount is a must-have for any WoW player:

  • Unique Appearance: The Verdant Skitterfly mount is unlike any other mount in the game, with its striking green and purple coloration and delicate, butterfly-like wings. This mount will turn heads and make a statement wherever you go;
  • Prestige: Achieving the Dragonscale Expedition 25 Renown status is no easy task, but those who do so will earn respect and admiration from their fellow players. Riding the Verdant Skitterfly symbolizes your dedication and skill in the game;
  • Speed and Maneuverability: The Verdant Skitterfly mount is not just a pretty face but also a highly capable mount that can help you easily navigate the treacherous Dragon Isles. Its swift speed and agile maneuverability makes it an excellent choice for any adventurer exploring this dangerous land.

Take the chance to add the Verdant Skitterfly to your mount collection! With its unique appearance, prestige, and practicality, this mount will indeed become a favorite among WoW players everywhere. So gear up, set out on your quest, and may the luck of the dragons be with you!