Wrath of the Lich King Classic
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What you will get
Estimated time: 1-7 days
  • Engineering Skill 450
    You will get up to 450 profession skill after completing this service, depending on the options you choose.
  • Engineer Enchantments
    The ability to apply unique enchants to soulbound eqiupment, accessible only for engineers.
  • Lots Of Resources
    You will get a lot of resources gathered in the process of leveling the profession.
ETA depends on your current Minning skill and time-frame when the pilot can play on our account.
  • Level 80 Character
    You need to have level 80 character on your account.
  • Account Sharing
    This service can only be provided by account sharing. We will only need your login and password and we do not need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Engineering is a crafting profession available to players in WotLK. It always stood out among other professions with all its tricky contraptions, mechanical mounts, and even utility companions you can make with it. Northrend engineers can craft various ammunition for hunters and fancy guns that hunters can use before getting better raid equipment. A master engineer in the group is a guarantee you can repair your armor and sell your junk with Jeeves, even when you are in the middle of a dungeon/raid environment. You will never miss a message again with MOLL-E the mailbox. Professional engineers with at least 350 skill points have special access to Brassbolt Mechawrench - a steam-powered auctioneer in the center of Dalaran. Players who want to travel with style can check the Burning Crusade part of the profession and craft their personal Flying Machine or Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. You can even sell it to other players, funding your character throughout the expansion. Players who choose engineering as their primary profession will often want to learn the mining profession, as most of the materials they need come from local ore deposits. An excellent way to find materials for your crazy gadgets is to dismantle mechanical creatures in the outer world, dungeons, and raids. Luckily Northrend is full of various titan facilities filled with malfunctioning robots. While Ulduar Bosses like Flaming Leviathan or XT-002 Deconstructor require at least 410 skill points to salvage them, they provide demanding materials you would have to buy from the Dalaran vendor for mindblowing price otherwise. They can use these parts to craft Mechano-hog for the Horde and Mekgineer's Chopper for the Alliance engineers, respectively. If you decide to become an engineer, selecting the gnome race is probably a good idea, as it will increase your engineering skill by 15 points. It will significantly boost your profession's learning speed as you unlock new recipes faster and spend fewer resources on inefficient recipes. Engineers can also modify their armor with special enchants, providing unique utility abilities such as movement speed nitro boost, mind control, and paralysis. WowCarry will help you get into such a unique and complex profession as Engineering in the blink of an eye!