New AH Sniper Tool - Azeroth Auction Assassin Unveiled - Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 314

February 11, 2024 4 minutes

Hello! Welcome to the 314th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up! In this blog post, we will discuss the topic of "Just Buy a Token" and how it can be a viable option for many players. We will also explore the timing of gold making and the various ways to earn gold in the World of Warcraft. Additionally, we have an exciting new tool for searching items in Cross Realm Trading and some helpful tips for setting up old world professions. So, let's dive in!

Just Buy a Token

This week, a discussion arose on the woweconomy subreddit regarding the advice given on buying a WoW Token. This topic brings attention to the differences between players and gold makers and how their interests overlap. While some players may choose to engage in different gold-making activities, others may prefer to simply purchase a Token to acquire gold. The crucial question here is, what do you want and enjoy in the game?

Players who seek a modest amount of gold to indulge in in-game luxuries have several ways to achieve their goal, based on the time and resources they possess in both the real world and the game. As the goblins in WoW say, "Time is Money, friend." It is vital to consider how much time you can dedicate to gold making and what activities you find enjoyable.

The choices available to players for earning gold in the game are constantly evolving, especially during late-stage expansions. Popular options, such as gathering professions, may lose their profitability as the expansion progresses. For example, in the current expansion, there was a high demand for gathering materials early on, but as time went on, this demand decreased, making it less lucrative. However, crafting professions always have the potential to generate more gold. Gathering professions are ideal for players who prefer to focus on collecting resources rather than crafting items.

While gathering professions can yield a decent amount of gold, players who possess the knowledge and skill to create valuable crafted gear can potentially earn even more, up to 100k gold per hour. So, there are still many methods to make gold, but most of the low-effort options have diminished over time. Those who are dedicated and willing to invest time and effort can still capitalize on the remaining opportunities.

  • Why Not Both?

When it comes to choosing between Classic and Retail WoW for gold making, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? In a recent video, I shared my plans for gold making in 2024, and it includes investing time in both Classic and Retail versions of the game. Each version offers a unique experience and can be enjoyable for different reasons. The key takeaway here is that there are options available for everyone, and you should play the game in a way that brings you joy.

Azeroth Auction Assassin

Cross Realm Trading has become increasingly popular, especially after Blizzard introduced the ability for players to trade across realms. To facilitate the process of finding the best deals on the Auction House across all realms, we have developed a powerful tool called Azeroth Auction Assassin.

Azeroth Auction Assassin is a user-friendly tool that allows you to scan the entire Auction House on every realm in your region simultaneously. It sends Discord alerts for the best items as swiftly as possible whenever new Blizzard API data is released. The best part is, you don't even need to be in-game to take advantage of this tool. You can snipe deals from anywhere using the WoW mobile app. Azeroth Auction Assassin supports a wide range of searches, including gear by item level and stats, any item or battle pet by name, and even provides item snipe price recommendations. It also supports WoW Classic and Season of Discovery.

To support the development of Azeroth Auction Assassin, we have a Patreon page where you can contribute and help us improve the features of this tool. We welcome developers who are interested in contributing to join our team on GitHub and Discord.

How to Get Started in Old Professions

If you're interested in delving into old world professions, Penguinr2gt has created an informative step-by-step tutorial video. This video guides you through the process of setting up a profession and offers insights into finding profitable items to sell. It's a great resource for players looking to explore new avenues of gold making.

  • Further Reading

Most of the information discussed in this blog post was originally posted on the woweconomy subreddit and in its accompanying Discord Server. If you want to delve deeper into the world of gold making, I recommend checking out these resources for additional tips and insights.

That's all for now! I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful in your gold-making endeavors. Until next time, happy gold making!

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