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PvP in WoW: Dragonflight has become even more enjoyable. A new class has appeared in the game, radically changing the balance of PvP battles. Since now, in any arena or RBG or solo shuffle setup, you can face the Evoker class, which can be both a healer and a ranged DPS and has a massive number of PvP abilities, which players will not soon get used to. In addition, the developers have radically changed the PvP equipment system and did everything to make PvP battles not protracted. Read about all this and more below.

Major Changes To PvP In Dragonflight

In wow Dragonflight 10.0, the PvP system received several significant changes, among them:

  1. Dragonflight PvP gear is divided into two types: gear for Honor Points and Conquest Points.
  2. You do not need a specific rating to improve your PvP gear. You only need to have a certain number of Honor and Conquest Points.
  3. Solo shuffle mode has been added. This is a 3v3 arena with 6 rounds, every round shuffle players randomly so each round you fight against your opponents with a new comp.
  4. Now any arena starts with a dampening 10%, and after 3 minutes of battle, another 6% is added for every minute.

Summing up, we can say that the arena has become more accessible in terms of equipment, and a mod has been added for those who love to put maximum effort in 3v3 comp with different class setups. It is also worth noting that long matches have become much more difficult due to dampening.

Dragonflight PvP Season 4 Features

Dragonflight PvP Season 4 introduces several exciting updates and additions:

  • New PvP Ladder and upgraded item level gear.
  • Exclusive rewards including the Arena title: Gladiator, Rated Solo Shuffle title: Legend, unique weapon illusion, tabard, cloak, and pennant.
  • Weapon appearances and Gladiator's Dragonriding appearance.
  • New Vicious mounts with distinct Alliance and Horde-themed Dreamtalons.

Battleground Blitz introduces a solo/duo queue for a brisk 8v8 battleground, with faster objectives and an average match duration of 10-12 minutes.

Changes in PvP gear upgrading: now aligning with the standard gear system established in Patch 10.2, replacing the previous Honor-based upgrade system.

Enhanced Arena map variety with two additional maps now included in all Arena map pools.

Increased use of abilities like Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp, and Fury of the Aspects in Rated Battlegrounds.

Introduction of new War Mode Gear with varying item levels for Starter (blue quality) and Upgraded (epic quality) gear.

Availability of previous seasons' Scalewarden and Drakebreaker item appearances, purchasable with Bloody Tokens from Warkeeper Gresh in Valdrakken's Gladiator's Refuge.

Trophy of Strife available for those lagging behind the seasonal cap, purchasable from Malicia in Gladiator's Refugee.

Adjustment to the cooldown of Gladiator's Medallion for healer specializations, now set at 90 seconds.

Numerous item nerfs detailed in the official patch notes.

I'm Mainly A PvE-Player, What Do I Get For PvP Battles?

At the start of the Dragonflight Season Four, players can gather two currencies - Honor and Conquest- for PvP battles at arenas and battlegrounds. Honor is a more easily acquirable resource, allowing us to get starting equipment for PvP battles. You can further upgrade these items for more Honor to increase their item level. Each Honor Gear piece can be upgraded up to 5 times. The prices for upgrades start low but rise to high cost as you get to the last few upgrades. To get more detailed info on how much honor you’ll need to obtain gear you can check the table below:

Gear Slot Honor Cost
Helm 875
Shoulders 700
Chest 875
Back 525
Wrists 525
Hands 700
Waist 700
Leggs 875
Feet 700
Trinkets 700/525
Rings 525
Necklace 525
2-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 1750
1-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 875/1325
Shields and Off-hands 425

When buying any item from a PvP vendor for Honor Points, the item level will be 476 ilvl in PvP and 405 ilvl in PvE. Please note that starting from the 405 item level, you can upgrade Honor Gear five times only for PvE. PvP item level will remain the same - 476.

Amount Of Conquest Required To Buy PvP Gear

Compared to Honor Point gear, Conquest Point gear is more difficult to obtain, but it provides more benefits. You can purchase it from Calderax, Conquest Quartermaster. The table below lists prices for each gear piece:

Gear Slot Conquest Cost
Helm 875
Shoulders 700
Chest 875
Back 500
Wrists 500
Hands 700
Waist 500
Legs 875
Feet 700
Trinkets 700/525
Rings 500
Necklace 500
2-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 1800
1-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 900/1350
Shields and Off-hands 450

By gaining Honor, you also will be able to upgrade your gear purchased for conquest starting from 447 PvE ilvl. In PvP, it will always scale to 489 item level. Also, you will get Honor Levels, which reward you with many different things.

Weekly Chest Vault For PvP

As it's the case with Dungeons and Raids, PvP is also included in Weekly Vault and allows players to receive additional rewards for doing weekly activities. Unlike dungeons and raids, you don’t need to complete a lot of rated arena or battlegrounds. Just win once in the highest PvP bracket you’re able to and obtain a certain amount of Conquest points from any source. If you get enough - you’ll be able to choose one item out of three possible options:

  • 1250 honor in Rated PvP will give you only 1 item as an option;
  • 2500 honor in Rated PvP will allow you choice of 2 items at the Weekly Vault;
  • 6250 honor in Rated PvP will grant you a choice of 3 items at the Weekly Vault.

Item level of acquired gear will depend on the highest PvP bracket match you won at least once for the last week.

PvP Rating And The Great Vault Rewards

We all play for awards, titles. Let's see what kind of reward and for what rank we get in the Great Vault:

PvP Rating PvE Ilvl Ilvl in PvP
Combatant I: 1000-1199 478 515
Combatant II: 1200-1399
Challenger I: 1400-1599
484 515
Challenger II: 1600-1799
487 515
Rival I: 1800-1949
490 515
Rival II: 1950-2099
493 515
Duelist: 2100-2399
496 515
Gladiator: 2400+ 499 515

How Much Honor And Conquest Do I Get For Doing PvP Content?

For any PvP activity, except for a duel, we get Honor. For all rating battles, we get both Honor and Conquest Points:

PvP Content Honor Gain Conquest Gain
Random Battleground 300 40
Random Epic Battleground
450 65
Arena Match 160 15
Weekly Brawl 300 40
Rated Arena TBA 180
Rated Battleground TBA 400
Weekly PvP Quest 350-750 75-100
World Quest (PvP) 50 -

Thus, we conclude that it is most profitable to farm Honor on Random battleground, and Conquest Points on Rated Arena and Rated Battleground.

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