WoW PvP Boosting

PvP in Shadowlands season 1 was the most important part for all players no matter what content you prefer. If you want to gear up your character to maximum available item level in a short timelime - pvp it the most effective way. So first, we want to talk about season 2 - there are a lot of decent changes with gear reward, class abilities and pvp balance - but it’s still the most effective and fastest way to get BiS gear.

Major Changes to PvP in Shadowlands: Season 2

Main change - increase your pvp item level in pvp situations(arena,battelgrounds,world pvp). All your pvp item will have +13 item level increase in pvp situtation. No matter what rank of your item or what is your current rating.

Weekly Great Vault system is unchanged. Same as in the previous season you will earn one item depending on the highest rating you won at least one battle for the previous week.

Another change is the removal of Gladiator’s Medallion skill which was allowing you to remove stun every 2 minutes at PvP battles. Though, it will be added again as a powerful PvP-trinket.

I'm Mainly a PvE-player, What Do I Get From PvP Battles?

At the start of the season 2 players will have an opportunity to gather two currencies - Honor and Conquest for PvP battles at arenas and battlegrounds. Honor is meant to be a more easily acquirable resource and it allows players to obtain 177 item level gear and upgrade it further up to 216 item level.

You can further upgrade these items for more Honor to increase it’s item level. Each piece can be upgraded up to 6 times, raising its item level to 216. The prices for upgrades start low but rise quickly as you get to the last few upgrades.

To get more detailed info on how much honor you’ll need to obtain and upgrade gear you can check table below:

Amount of Honor Required to Buy and Upgrade PvP Gear

Gear slot Buy cost (177ilvl)

Upgrade 1 (164ilvl) cost

Upgrade 2 (184ilvl) cost
Upgrade 3 (190ilvl) cost
Upgrade 4 (203ilvl) cost
Upgrade 5 (210ilvl) cost Upgrade 6 (216ilvl) cost
Helm 875 500 625 1000 1250 1375 1500
Shoulders 700 400 500 800 1000 1100 1200
Chest 875 500 625 1000 1250 1375 1500
Back 525 300 375 600 750 825 900
Wrists 525 300 375 600 750 825 900
Hands 700 400 500 800 1000 1100 1200
Waist 700 400 500 800 1000 1100 1200
Leggins 875 500 625 1000 1250 1375 1500
Feet 700 400 500 800 1000 1100 1200
Trinkets 700 400 500 800 1000 1100 1200
Rings 525 300 375 600 750 825 900
Necklace 525 300 375 600 750 825 900
2-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 1750 1000 1250 2000 2500 2750 3025
1-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 875 500 625 1000 1250 1375 1500
Shields and Off-hands 450 250 325 500 625 700 750
Gladiator’s medallion 525 300 375 600 750 825 900

Keep in mind that you’ll need a Renown 59 to upgrade them to 216 item level.

Same goes for Conquest gear, but it starts with 220 item level, and presumably upgrades up to 246 item level.

Although we know when season 2 will be started you will be able to obtain 550 conquest per week - this amount stacking and it means that if you want to get 2-handed weapon - you will have to wait 2 weeks and on 3rd after getting another conquest cap you will be able to purchase it.

Amount of Conquest Required to Buy PvP Gear

Gear slot Conquest cost
Helm 875
Shoulders 700
Chest 875
Back 525
Wrists 525
Hands 700
Waist 700
Leggins 875
Feet 700
Trinkets 700
Rings 525
Necklace 525
2-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 1800
1-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 1350
Shields and Off-hands 450
Conduits 200

By gaining Honor you also will be able to upgrade your gear purchased for conquest up to 246 ilvl for rating 2400 in any bracket. Also you will get Honor Levels which rewards you with a lot of different stuff.

Weekly Chest Vault for PvP

As it's the case with Dungeons and Raids, PvP is also included in Weekly Vault and allows players to receive additional rewards for doing weekly activities. Unlike dungeons and raids, you don’t need to complete a lot of rated arena or battlegrounds. Just win once in the highest PvP bracket you’re able to and obtain a certain amount of Conquest points from any source. If you get enough - you’ll be able to choose one item out of three possible options:

  • 1250 honor in Rated PvP will give you only 1 item as an option;
  • 2500 honor in Rated PvP will allow you choice of 2 items at the Weekly Vault;
  • 6250 honor in Rated PvP will grant you a choice of 3 items at the Weekly Vault.

Item level of acquired gear will depend on the highest PvP bracket match you won at least once for the last week.

PvP Rating and The Great Vault Rewards

PvP rating
Purchasing for conquest
Weekly Vault
Item level in Pvp Situations
0-1399 rating 220 220 233
Combatant: 1400-1599 227 227 240
Challenger 1600-1799 233 233 246
Rival 1800-2099 240 240 253
Duelist 2100-2399 246 246 259

How Much Honor and Conquest Do I Get for Doing PvP Content?

Type of content
Honor obtained
Conquest obtained
Random battleground 300 40
Random epic battleground 450 65
Arena match 160 15
Weekly Brawl 300 40
Rated Arena TBA TBA
Rated battleground TBA TBA
Weekly PvP quest 350-750 75-100
World quest (PvP) 50 -

What Services Does WowCarry Offer for PvP?

  1. Raise your rating and obtain lots of 200-226 item level gear with Rated Battleground Rating Farm. If you get enough conquest points during a week you’ll also get an additional item from Weekly Vault.
  2. Obtain Honor currency and Anima as well as Marks of Honor with Random Battleground Farm service.
  3. Same as Random Battleground farm but Epic Battleground Farm will give you even more Honor, Anima and Marks of Honor for each win.
  4. Make the process of getting Conquest easier with Weekly Conquest Farm service and get more variety of items at the end of the week. You can choose how much conquest you need.
  5. Get your desired 3x3 Arena Rating now. Rewards for high rating include powerful pieces of gear, seasonal elite appearance and several titles. You’ll also obtain a lot of Honor currency in the process.

What Are The Unique Features of Shadowlands PvP Gear?

It’s not a secret that most classes stack Versatility stat as much as possible, and obtaining critical-haste items can be frustrating. That’s why all PvP-related items in Shadowlands will be guaranteed to have Versatility as one of two stats. Additionally, if you equip two PvP trinkets, you will also activate a bonus that will increase all damage and healing output gains from Versatility by 20% while you are doing PvP content, as well as Open World Zones with turned on War Mode.

Arena Rating 3v3 in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Shadowlands expansion brought us an incredible, new point of view on 3v3 Arena Rating. Being the most exciting part of the game, arena became even more engrossing in Shadowlands PvP: Season One and Season Two, especially if we talk about 3v3 comp.

What is Arena Rating 3v3?

Let’s start with Arena by itself. World of Warcraft Arena is an instanced area, in which players compete with each other using their race, class and specialization abilities. Basically, once you level up your character to 50 lvl, you already have an opportunity to queue in Arena through the PvP interface. Arena can be rated or non-rated (skirmish) and either 2v2 or 3v3. So, once your queue is up, you just press “join arena” and a one minute countdown starts. By the way, you can’t see your opponents unit frames, classes or specialization before a match starts without specific arena add-ons, like Gladius etc.

Arena Rating 3v3 and gear you can get

As we all know, we need Conquest points to buy elite-pvp gear from a PvP vendor-Zo’sorg in Oribos. Here is a small spreadsheet of how many Conquest points you need to purchase specific pieces and how many Honor points you need to upgrade it:

Type Conquest ilvl 220 (PvP ilvl 233) Rank 1->2 ilvl 226 (PvP ilvl 239) Rank 2->3 ilvl 233 (PvP ilvl 246) Ramk 3->4 ilvl 240 (PvP ilvl 253) Rank 4->5 ilvl 246 (PvP ilvl 259) Total Honor for Rank 1->5
Gladiator Trinkets, Wrists, Cloaks,Rings,Necks 525 475 950 1550 2375 5350
Damage Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt 700 650 1300 2100 3250 7300
Chest, Helms, Legs 875 800 1600 2600 4000 9000
Off-Hands 400 400 800 1300 2000 4500
Melee One-Handed Weapons 900 800 1600 2600 4000 9000
Intellect One-Handed Weapon 1350 1200 2400 3900 6000 13500
Two-Handed Weapons 1800 1600 3200 5200 8000 18000

Importance of communication with teammates during the PvP fight in arena 3v3 bracket

Any kind of communication is a mandatory part of success in Arena 3v3. With a perfect understanding of game mechanics you can easily communicate with your teammates in chat before your arena match starts. A simple call about stuns or interrupts, or even some specific target focus may be super useful to get desired rating. Going on a higher level, for example 2100+ Arena Rating, we want to use voice chat to have better communication. Even professional players have a much lower chance to win competitive games without calling important stuff, especially if we’re talking about arena rating 3v3. Thus, we can conclude that communication is one of the most important things when playing arena matches. However, not everyone likes to communicate. Arena Rating 3v3 boost service product is made for people who:

  • Want to learn more about communication and learn how to communicate correctly with the right calls.
  • Don’t want to communicate at all (there are introverts playing WoW for sure).
  • Want to learn more about how to play against different setups via communication.

Summing up, WoWCarry offers not only a Arena 3v3 rating carry, but also offers learning of the arena as a separate part of the game.

How long does it take to become an arena Gladiator?

We hear this question everyday, so here is the answer. First we need to know that only 0,5% of World of Warcraft players own the Gladiator title, since it’s one of the hardest achievements in the game to get. To become a Gladiator all you need to do is obtain 2400 rating in any PvP bracket (Arena 2v2, Arena 3v3, Rating Battleground) and win 50 games on that rating. Having the Gladiator title makes you a famous, respectful player and gives you the rarest reward of the whole PvP season-Gladiator mount. Current season's Gladiator mount is Unchained Soul Eater. Terms of getting a Gladiator title may be different depending on your skill, how much time you spend climbing the leaderboard and of course partners you play with. Usually, if we’re talking about arena carry, it takes about one month or so to get the desired title. And of course, it is much easier and pleasurable to get the Gladiator title in Arena Rating 3v3.

Benefits of Arena Rating 3v3 versus Arena Rating 2v2?

There are few important notes about choosing the format in Rated Arena.

  • Group setups in Arena 3v3 and 2v2 are completely different. For example, you will never see triple dps setup in 3v3 but double dps in 2v2 is possible and pretty viable.
  • Choosing Rated Arena 3v3 you receive more rating, honor and conquest points for win. Winning the Rating Arena 3v3 match you receive 50 conquest and 250 honor points and winning 2v2 you get only 25 conquest points and 125 honor points.
  • Seasonal mount progression bar moves faster in Arena Rating 3v3. For each win in 3v3 you will get 2% of progression bar, while winning in 2v2 it’s only 1%.
  • Skill cap, communication and coordination requirements of Arena Rating 3v3 is much higher than 2v2 comp. Imagine, talking to your partner and imagine talking between three people during the fight.

Buying Arena 3v3 boost service from WoWCarry you get all the benefits of 3v3 comp. Playing boring games against two dps classes in 2v2 doesn’t boost your skill and doesn’t give you a good understanding of game mechanics and class specifics. It still can be good for someone who loves this bracket for some reason, being the less popular format Arena 2v2 still finds players to compete in this bracket. Summing up, Arena Rating 3v3 boost gives you more than 2v2 in any aspect.

World of Warcraft Arena History and Famous Arena 3v3 Players

Game company introduced Arena in the Burning Crusade Expansion. With each season players have an opportunity to prove their skill so they climb to the top of the PvP-Ladder. Overall, we have thirty seasons of rated Arena passed already and thirty one is currently running on live servers of Shadowlands Expansion. If you are new to the game, you should know that there was a time when people had fun playing Arena in 5v5 comp. Imagine this absolute beautiful chaos happening between two teams. Unfortunately, in 2016 Arena 5v5 bracket was removed from the game. We condemn this decision but overall it is much easier and better to introduce updates in two brackets than three.

Speaking about famous Arena 3v3 players, we have some old-school players like:

  • Hydra - true legend and top rank PvP shadow priest of all times.
  • Swifty - one of the first players in the world to gain Grand Marshal title-the highest PvP rank on Alliance side.
  • Drakedog - the world's famous top PvP rank Warlock, well known for his kite and nuke tactics.
  • Whaazz - one of the most titled PvP players from the whole world, youngest person from this list.

Buying Arena 3v3 carry from us, you might get lucky even play with some famous PvP players, but we won’t tell you because all of them are gonna play on smurf accounts.

WoWCarry’s top Rated Comps in Arena Rating 3v3

Arena Rating 3v3 is more variative in setup compositions than 2v2. Let's talk about the most popular and strong setups, and how they work, their strengths and weaknesses. In our opinion, wildest comps are:

  1. Jungle Cleave - Feral Druid, Beast Mastery Hunter and Discipline Priest.
    • Extremely strong against melee cleave classes like Demon Hunters and Warriors.
    • Strong crowd control composition with trap, cyclone, fear and mind control.
    • This composition struggles against Affliction Warlocks and Shadow Priests. Discipline priest is not the best choice overall if you have DOT (damage on time) characters against you.
    • Dumpening aids. This is the biggest weakness for Discipline Priests, because you always want to win your games fast. Within 10 minutes your healers mana would be around 5% especially if you play against DOTS.
  2. RMP - Rogue, Mage, Priest.
    • Variety of specializations used in this setup scares even the highest rank players. The thing is that rogue and mage can play three different specs and you never know if they burst you or they just nuke, kite and burst your healer every minute with their cooldowns.
    • This setup struggles against any opponent composition who has Restoration Shaman, because it’s basically hard to crowd control Shaman, because of the Grounding Totem.
  3. TSG - Warrior, Death Knight, Restoration Druid.
    • Perfect comp for killing Destruction Warlocks and most of the casters. Strong against Holy Paladins, Mages because of Warrior can break immunities with a spear.
    • Struggles against more than two casters, because can be easily kited. Being not only a caster, if you have a good understanding when to run, this setup is a baby comp for you.

If you want to see some part of these setups in action, feel free to contact our customer support agent to schedule your Arena 3v3 Rating carry.

We Sell Only Victories

Let’s agree, it’s not fun when you were fighting for a long time, only to see the enemy faction win the game when victory was at your grasp. Losses can happen sometimes, as we can’t guarantee 100% win rate, but when they happen - you will still get a reward for it, but we won’t count that loss in the total number of runs. It remains true for all PvP activities like arena, battleground or even open world PvP.

Why “Self-play” is The Most Effective Way to Complete Any PvP Service?

First of all things we care about the security of our services and our clients, and the self-play option allows us to keep it that way. Usually account share is a reliable and secure way to obtain mounts, achievements or complete leveling. But to make sure the same level of security remains for PvP we can only offer it as self-play. Also, you will see different strategies and learn how to easily win battlegrounds.