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PvP in Shadowlands got some decent changes and it feels like a breath of fresh air for all PvP players. Old systems like honor points get back into the game opening the new ways of obtaining items. PvP not only brings joy of killing the opposing faction, but also a great way to obtain end-game content gear compared to heroic and mythic raids.

Major changes to PvP in Shadowlands

Two main changes to PvP include reintroducing the Honor System, allowing you to buy and upgrade gear for Honor and Conquest currencies. Both currencies allow players to obtain gear from doing arenas and battlegrounds.

Second big change is the introduction of Weekly Great Vault, it allows you to get one item depending on the highest rating you won at least one battle for the previous week. Together, these features should improve the state of PvP in the game.

Another change is the removal of Gladiator’s Medallion skill which was allowing you to remove stun every 2 minutes at PvP battles. Though, it will be added again as a powerful PvP-trinket.

I'm mainly a PvE-player, what do I get from PvP battles?

At the start of the expansion players will have an opportunity to gather two currencies - Honor and Conquest for PvP battles at arenas and battlegrounds. Honor is meant to be a more easily acquirable resource and it allows players to obtain 158 item level gear and upgrade it further up to 190 item level.

You can further upgrade these items for more Honor to increase it’s item level. Each piece can be upgraded up to 5 times, raising its item level to 190. The prices for upgrades start low but rise quickly as you get to the last few upgrades.

To get more detailed info on how much honor you’ll need to obtain and upgrade gear you can check table below:

Amount of Honor required to buy and upgrade PvP gear

Gear slot Buy cost (158ilvl)

Upgrade 1 (164ilvl) cost

Upgrade 2 (171ilvl) cost
Upgrade 3 (177ilvl) cost
Upgrade 4 (183ilvl) cost
Upgrade 5 (190ilvl) cost
Helm 2100 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700
Shoulders 1680 1200 1440 1680 1920 2160
Chest 2100 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700
Back 1260 900 1080 1260 1440 1620
Wrists 1260 900 1080 1260 1440 1620
Hands 1680 1200 1440 1680 1920 2160
Waist 1680 1200 1440 1680 1920 2160
Leggins 2100 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700
Feet 1680 1200 1440 1680 1920 2160
Trinkets 1260 900 1080 1260 1440 1620
Rings 1260 900 1080 1260 1440 1620
Necklace 1260 900 1080 1260 1440 1620
2-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 3675 2625 3150 3675 4200 4725
1-handed weapon (swords, axes, maces) 1875 1275 1575 1875 2100 2250
Shields and Off-hands 1050 1275 1575 1875 2100 2250

When a player with a Rank 15 legendary cloak kills N'Zoth the Corruptor on Normal or higher difficulty, or completes a Horrific Vision with at least 1 Mask active, they will receive an item that can further increase their cloaks Corruption Resistance level.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need a certain Renown level to upgrade your items. They are currently unlocked at 7 and 22 level of Renown.

Same goes for Conquest gear, but it starts with 190 item level, and presumably upgrades up to 226-233 item level, but for the time being - information about conquest gear is yet to be discovered.

By gaining Honor you also get Honor Levels which rewards you with a lot of different stuff. You can visit this link to check all the rewards.

For the start of the expansion you can attend battlegrounds and epic battlegrounds to farm a lot of Honor currency, it will allow you to get decent items before the start of the first season.

Weekly Chest Vault for PvP

As for Dungeons and Raids, PvP is also included in Weekly Vault and allows players to receive additional rewards for doing weekly activities. Unlike dungeons and raids, you don’t need to complete a lot of rated arena or battlegrounds. Just win once in the highest PvP bracket you’re able to and obtain a certain amount of Conquest points from any source. If you get enough - you’ll be able to choose one item out of three possible options.

  • 125 conquest points will give you only 1 item as an option;
  • 350 conquest points will allow you choice of 2 items at the Weekly Vault;
  • 875 conquest points will grant you a choice of 3 items at the Weekly Vault.

What services does WowCarry offer for PvP?

  1. Raise your rating and obtain lots of 200-226 item level gear with Rated Battleground rating farm. If you get enough conquest points during a week you’ll also get an additional item from Weekly Vault.
  2. Obtain Honor currency and Anima as well as Marks of Honor with Random Battleground farm service.
  3. Same as Random Battleground farm but Random Epic Battleground will give you even more Honor, Anima and Marks of Honor for each win.
  4. Make the process of getting Conquest easier with Weekly Conquest Farm service and get more variety of items at the end of the week. You can choose how much conquest you need.
  5. Get your desired 3x3 Arena rating now. Rewards for high rating include powerful pieces of gear, seasonal elite appearance and several titles. You’ll also obtain a lot of Honor currency in the process.

What are the unique features of Shadowlands PvP gear?

It’s not a secret that most classes stack Versatility stat as much as possible, and obtaining critical-haste items can be frustrating. That’s why all PvP-related items in Shadowlands will be guaranteed to have Versatility as one of two stats. Additionally, if you equip two PvP trinkets, you will also activate a bonus that will increase all damage and healing output gains from Versatility by 20% while you are doing PvP content, as well as Open World Zones with turned on War Mode.

We sell only victories

Let’s agree, it’s not fun when you were fighting for a long time, only to see the enemy faction win the game when victory was at your grasp. Losses can happen sometimes, as we can’t guarantee 100% win rate, but when they happen - you will still get a reward for it, but we won’t count that loss in the total number of runs. It remains true for all PvP activities like arena, battleground or even open world PvP.

Why “self-play” is the most effective way to complete any PvP service?

First of all things we care about the security of our services and our clients, and the self-play option allows us to keep it that way. Usually account share is a reliable and secure way to obtain mounts, achievements or complete leveling. But to make sure the same level of security remains for PvP we can only offer it as self-play. Also, you will see different strategies and learn how to easily win battlegrounds.