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The leveling process in Path of Exile can be a daunting one, but a properly equipped character can carve through the content with ease. No matter what build you are leveling, correctly identifying the best uniques to incorporate into your exile will vastly speed up the process of reaching the end-game.

If you have been looking for ways to deal with enemies knocking you around, and have noticed that you aren’t able to deal that much damage to them in return, then it might well not be your character level that is the issue. This is often a common misconception made by players, who believe that they might not be a high enough level, and that’s why they are receiving so much damage and not inflicting enough back on enemies. More often than not, you need to look into using PoE currency and what PoE items you have in order to improve your gear. If you are not sure how you can upgrade your gear, WoWCarry Team is always ready to help you!

What is the most popular Path Of Exile leveling gear?


Here we have provided some recommendations for leveling armor, which is largely used by many leveling builds. Some builds feature relatively niche uniques that only make sense within the context of their build, and such items are not advised or mentioned in these sections. For example, an aspiring Necromancer may opt to use The Baron over the recommended Goldrim.

  • Helmet - Goldrim is the default choice for most leveling builds, providing a massive amount of all elemental Resistances from level 1. Goldrim can be used practically until the mapping level, if necessary.
  • Chest - Tabula Rasa is one of the most prolific and well known items in the game, and is without any doubt the premium item when it comes to leveling characters. Although Tabula can be somewhat expensive very early in the league. Due to the sheer power a 6-link exerts for some builds, Tabula can be carried all the way into the 80s if necessary.
  • Gloves - Lochtonial Caress can be used from level 1, and provide a healthy amount of attack and defense stats. They can be used for a time, but should be upgraded to a proper Rare when the player needs additional defense in the form of Resistances. Hrimsorrow and/or its fated version, Hrimburn, are often used by players leveling with the Blade Vortex skill. Sadima's Touch can be used from level 9, and works especially well with bow builds.
  • Boots - Wanderlust is the most accessible and prolific choice for the boot slot. Not only do they offer complete immunity to freeze, which is invaluable before proper flask suffixes can be obtained, but the Wanderlust also provides a 20% Movement Speed roll. This is more than sufficient for most of the leveling process, and can also take you all the way until the maps if necessary. They should be swapped out for Rare boots with a superior Movement Speed roll, along with Life and Resistances. Seven-League Step is a luxury leveling option that provides an enormous amount of speed, however, they can be extremely expensive to obtain. These boots are a great pickup for players leveling a lot of different builds, and their speedy nature makes them a real joy to play with.


Here we have provided a list of some of the most used Accessories for leveling in Path of Exile. Accessories are typically not as important as Armor, but can offer powerful offensive bonuses that accelerate the leveling process.

  • Amulets - Sidhebreath is the ideal choice for players planning on leveling a summoner style build as the Necromancer class. It can be used immediately from level 1, and offers a fair amount of minion defense and damage, as well as cutting down your Mana costs. Atziri's Foible can be used from level 16, and provides a lot of Mana and reduced gem and stat requirements. This amulet can be invaluable for builds that struggle to meet attribute requirements, or find that their Tabula Rasa is draining too much Mana due to the reality of having a 6-Link so early in the game. Daresso's Salute (level 16) and Carnage Heart (level 20) are both great choices for Slayer builds using the famed “overleech” Ascendancy node, Brutal Fervor. The better choice may depend on your specific choice of skill. Sacrificial Heart is an extremely valuable amulet that adds a lot of Elemental damage to attacks. It is most often used by players that are leveling with the popular Vaal Blade Vortex skill, and can be used starting from level 32. This amulet is also by far the best option for elemental-based bow builds, as well.
  • Rings - Perandus Signet is one of the premium leveling items, able to be used at level 1 and granting increased experience gain and the chance to receive Scroll of Wisdom. The massive Mana regeneration makes Atziri's Foible entirely unnecessary and ensures your exile will never have issues with Mana. The price of these rings is variable based on the league. Berek's Grip, Berek's Pass and Berek's Respite can all be used at level 20, and offer superb damage and defensive stats. Berek’s Grip is generally the all around best of the three, but the priority may change depending on your build and passive tree. Le Heup of All offers a healthy amount of everything; damage, Resistances, Attributes, and a nice Rarity bonus to top it off. It can be equipped beginning at level 24. Some builds that do not acquire great benefit from any of the Berek’s rings may opt for this option instead.
  • Belts - Meginord's Girdle provides a large boost to Strength, which can be invaluable for characters that do not acquire many of those nodes, especially if they use red gems in their builds. The Cold Resistance and Life is also excellent, making this belt a leveling staple for people who do not want to bother with the Abyssal Jewels. Meginord’s can be first equipped at level 8. Wurm's Molt is an alternative to Meginord's Girdle, and can also be equipped at level 8. It grants Intelligence in addition to Strength, as well as Life and Cold Resistance. The Physical Leech for Life and Mana can offer great quality of life for certain builds.


Here are some examples of the most prolific weapon uniques used during the leveling process.

  • Wands - Lifesprig can be used right away from level one, and has a powerful spread of stats. Since effectively using a 6-Link is not possible immediately in Act I due to the lack of support gems, Lifespring’s +1 Spell Gems is also a very useful affix for the first 10 levels, usually for a Freezing Pulse link.
  • Scepters - Axiom Perpetuum is one of the best items for leveling spell-based builds, as it has a lot of valuable stats and damage and can be equipped quite early in the game (Level 10). Most players that use this item will opt to dual wield them, as there are not many shields worth using in place of a duplicate sceptre.
  • Swords - Redbeak can be used from level 1. Due to its relatively weak stats, Redbeak is typically only used for the first few levels before being discarded for a Magic or Rare option.Shiversting is the lowest level two-handed sword available, and can be equipped from level 14 onwards. It is equal parts Physical and Elemental damage, and the Cannot be Frozen buff can be a great advantage.
  • Axes - The Screaming Eagle is an axe that can be equipped very early, starting at level 6, and provides a handful of valuable stats. This is a great weapon early on, and the movement speed boost is perfect for the running through of the early acts.The Gryphon is an upgraded (fated) version of The Screaming Eagle, usable at level 32. Due to the high leveling speed this item can provide, it can be very useful for the right build to level with.
  • Maces - Gorebreaker can be used from the relatively low level of 10, and offers reasonably strong damage. It can be used for a few levels, to speed through Acts I and II without much issue. Hrimnor's Hymn can be acquired and used at level 17, and offers good damage and some welcome life leech. Geofri's Baptism can be used as early as level 27, and fits perfectly into any build that utilizes Resolute Technique.
  • Claws - Last Resort can be used from level 3, and has relatively strong damage despite its low requirement. Wildslash can be used from level 12, and is essentially an upgraded version of Last Resort. Mortem Morsu can be used from level 34, and is quite strong even for builds that do not both have Chaos damage or Poison.
  • Daggers - Goredrill can be used from level 5, and can be obtained extremely cheaply. Ungil's Gauche can be used from level 20, and offers a good combination of damage stats. Mightflay is a superb leveling dagger, usable from level 35. The bonus strength can be extremely valuable for many classes, such as Shadow, and the Life Gain on Hit is actually quite significant.
  • Bows - Storm Cloud is a great choice for any bow builds that deal primarily Elemental damage, as is common. The damage can be scaled via the passive tree to be quite a potent option that can last well into the 50-60 level range. Storm Cloud can be equipped starting at level 9. The Tempest can be used at level 32, and is the fated version of Storm Cloud. As with the non-fated version, this bow is a great choice for bow builds that rely heavily on Lightning and other Elemental damage.
  • Quivers - Craghead and Cragfall can be used at level 5. Neither of them is particularly useful, but if you are leveling a bow build and want to start optimizing as early as possible you can use these. Hyrri's Bite is a great quiver that can be used only from level 10. It provides a nice heap of attributes, some damage and attack speed, and welcome area of effect and life gain on hit.

What are the most popular leveling and mid/end-game uniques?

While the list of possibilities in Path of Exile is fairly broad, you do not have to supply every slot your character has with uniques. Just a few core uniques can make a drastic difference, and can be used between as many characters as you feel like leveling and doing end-game. There are popular uniques for it.

Item name Game stages Level requirement Description
Tabula Rasa Leveling/Mid-Game/End-Game 1 Tabula Rasa is the most important investment, due to the 6-link it gives to any build. But it gives nothing except 6-link, so rare armor with health and resistance could be better in some builds.
Goldrim Leveling/Mid-Game 1 Goldrim is excellent due to immediate usability and the large injection of Resistances. You can use Goldrim till late game even
Wanderlust Leveling 1 Wanderlust is highly useful for the movement speed and freezing immunity. Good decisions if you want to have a freeze immunity, but lately, we suggest getting some resistance on some rare boots.
Berek's Grip Leveling 20 Berek's Grip offers superb damage and defensive stats.
Perandus Signet Leveling 1 Perandus Signet is one of the premium leveling items, granting massive Mana regeneration, increased experience gain and the chance to receive Scroll of Wisdom
Darkness Enthroned Leveling/Mid-Game 1 Darkness Enthroned is the best overall option. It has no level requirement, though it requires you to have Abyssal Jewels prepared in advance that have low or no level requirements. You should also have other higher leveled Abyssal Jewels prepared in advance, so that your character may upgrade to as you level up
Meginord's Girdle Leveling/Mid-Game 8 Meginord's Girdle provides a large boost to Strength, which can be invaluable for characters that do not acquire many of those nodes, especially if they use red gems in their builds
Wurm's Molt Leveling/Mid-Game 8 Wurm's Molt grants Intelligence in addition to Strength, as well as Life and Cold Resistance. The Physical Leech for Life and Mana can offer great quality of life for certain builds
Headhunter Mid-Game/End-Game 40 Headhunter belt would be every player’s dream. This legendary belt gives us so much with its special ability to steal auras from defeated rare monsters.
Shavronne’s Wrapping Mid-Game/End-Game 62 Shavronne’s Wrapping is the best choice for most of the intelligence builds in the game. We always want to get it if we play an energy shield build.
Bottled Faith Mid-Game/End-Game 35 Bottled Faith. Yes, flasks are also important. This one gives us tons of damage if we choose critical strike build.
Starforge Mid-Game/End-Game 67 Starforge two-hand unique sword. Cyclone build is the most popular build in the game. Starforge boosts your cycloner pretty much.

Best End-Game Gear Items in PoE

Path of Exile offers a vast array of gear items to enhance player builds, but a few stand out as the pinnacle of end-game equipment.

  1. Mageblood: This unique belt is a marvel, boasting high defense ratings that make it a top choice for any build. Perfect for challenges like bossing, Uber Blight, Uber Breach, and Simulacrum. Mageblood unique passive eliminates the hassle of flask micromanagement, delivering an effortless gaming experience.
  2. Unnatural Instinct: An exclusive jewel that magnifies the prowess of any character. By granting all bonuses of unallocated small passive skills, it's poised to make your character twice as formidable. However, its elusive nature – obtainable from a random mob, destructible, or boss – makes it a coveted rarity.
  3. Ashes of the Stars: This unique amulet is ideally suited for many builds. Not only does it give +1 to the level of all skill gems, but it also heightens the reservation efficiency of skills and enriches them with up to 20% quality. But be wary, as it's a prize dropped solely by The Eater of Worlds.
  4. Crystallised Omniscience: Another unique amulet, Crystallised Omniscience redefines attribute modifiers. Its conversion of attributes to omniscience and additional elemental resistances per omniscience make it a beacon of defense and offense.
  5. The Squire: This unique shield introduces unparalleled versatility. By allowing socketed support gems to also bolster skills from your main hand, whether they originate from gems or item-granted skills, The Squire turns your character into a powerhouse.
  6. Kalandra's Touch: A unique ring with an enchanting twist – it mirrors the effects of your other ring. Given its universality, it's destined to be the best-in-slot for any conceivable build.

Armed with these items, any PoE player would be poised for dominance in the game's treacherous landscapes.

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