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Welcome to Shadowlands! Every World of Warcraft addon has a lot of new interesting content and Shadowlands is not an exception. This new content along with numerous new features are hard to obtain. Sometimes it can take several weeks or even more. The reasons for that can be different, starting with bad players in your raids and keystones making your experience terrible or just not enough personal experience due to lack of time you can devote to the game. We all can encounter this type of situation and we at WowCarry are happy to provide a reliable way to get all desired gear, mounts and achievements you want. Purchasing boost will greatly reduce time to complete all stuff you want us to do, allowing you to spend more time on other activities that you enjoy doing yourself in the game. Boosting is also a good way to get experience in new dungeons and raids as you can watch and learn how boosters deal with the encounters. We have been preparing since the early alpha and then later in beta testing all the available raid bosses as well as smoothing our runs in the new dungeons to guarantee the best experience with our clients when Shadowlands is live and to prove one more time that we are currently the best boosting service at the market. Don’t hesitate to start your journey in a big world of boosting right now with us!

Why should I choose WowCarry for SL boosting?

  • Our customers' comfort is priority number one for us, that’s why we’re aiming to constantly improve our service.
  • We work only with the most skillful groups that guarantee fast and secure runs.
  • We have a team of professional customer support agents ready to answer all your questions and find a perfect group for your order.
  • You can always contact us to check the progress of your order in case of piloted service. We keep track of all the orders during the boosting process to ensure your gold and inventory are safe and sound.
  • We aim to provide our services as fast as possible. We’re also very flexible so we can always adjust the start time of your service if you’re not available for it right away.

Shadowlands Changes or what’s new in this expansion

Shadowlands has vast opportunities for both casual and hardcore players. Some content like raids and mythic+ dungeons we’ve seen already and they are even better than before. We’re going to kill 10 new bosses at Castle Nathria and go through 8 uniquely-themed dungeons with old, reworked and new affixes. Also, there are also lots of new exciting things we can try such as Torghast, tower of the Damned or craftable legendaries that, unlike Legion, allow you to get specific legendary effects. On top of that we got new locations to explore, covenants with soulbind trees and conduits. That’s only the beginning as with the expansion going further and further we’re going to add new features and services to our website.

Safety is our top priority as always

One of the most important things for us is the security of services we provide. That's why we suggest self-play for most of our services as it guarantees safety of your account and sound completion of your order. In case some service is unavailable with self-play and can only be provided as “piloted” we can assure you that we take all possible additional measures like using paid unique untraceable VPN emulating the country and city of your location. This way Blizzard will never know that someone else played on your account as it will look like you just bought a new device and logged into the game with it. We ensure the safety of your characters and account.

Popular Shadowlands boost services that we provide

  • Heroic Raid Full Run - fast and safe run where you will get all bosses killed in the current raid.
  • Heroic Raid Specific Bosses - get particular bosses of your choice killed for useful loot and don’t waste your time for bosses that don’t drop anything good for you.
  • Last Boss Sire Denathrius Kill - a good option for players who just want to get their “Ahead of the Curve” achievement.
  • Full Gearing in Raid - this service will get you geared in the raid. We will run as many raids as it takes to get you items in all slots.

  • Weekly Best Mythic +15 Run - get desired weekly chest with maximum possible item level as well as some end-of-dungeon loot.
  • Mythic Keystone Gear Runs - clean and fast runs with our best teams. Ideal for gearing up your character.
  • Keystone Conqueror/Master - complete a full list of Shadowlands dungeons and get the related title and mount for the current season.
  • High Mythic+ Keys - get experience with our professional team that regularly takes part in the MDI tournament. You will run the highest possible keys for several hours. This service will leave many memorable moments of triumph as well as get you some high RIO/Mythic score which will guarantee you a spot in any pug mythic+ group in the future.

  • Leveling Character 50 to 60 lvl - get straight to Shadowlands with our express leveling service.
  • Mounts - ride the long-desired mounts across Azeroth and beyond.
  • Reputations - get any desired reputation fast and with minimum efforts on your side.

Torghast and the Maw
  • Acquire Stygia, Soul Ash, Soul Cinder and new legendary recipes for your character.

  • Renown farm - restore your covenant and acquire new powers by collecting renown.
  • Anima farm - get reservoir anima to upgrade your covenant systems.

  • Rated Battlegrounds - get wins at the rated battlegrounds and get some great PvP gear.
  • Random Battlegrounds - great way to get fast gear at the start.
  • Honor farm - get honor currency to buy new PvP gear.
  • PvP Mounts - obtain mounts from world PvP and arenas.

New expansion is around the corner and we are excited to try it. We have great plans for Shadowlands and we always aim to improve our existing and future services. You can expect updated pages with flexible options as the expansion progresses further. Choosing the right service for your character never has been so easy. Our team went through many changes, our crew grew in numbers and now represent a strong and experienced group of World of Warcraft enthusiasts always here to give helpful in-game advice and guarantee your advantage.