Return policy


When you are elegible for a return?

If we did not manage to complete your order in the specified time terms, you have the right to request a refund, or we may refund the money in our own discretion. You have the right to cancel your order and ask for a full refund at any time before the start of the service. You have the right to cancel your order after the start of the service and ask for a partial refund. In this case, the amount of the refund will be proportional to the volume of the unfinished services. (For example: if your order 10 mythic dungeons and decide to cancel the service after 7 dungeons are fully completed, you will receive a partial refund for 3 dungeons left. The amount of the refund will be 30% of the initial payment).

How can you ask for a return?

In case you believe you should get a refund, please, contact us through the online chat at the bottom right corner of the website (available 24/7) or by email: [email protected].

How fast the return will be made?

We will review your refund application in 24 hours and will contact you by email. In case we don't have any clarifying questions to you, the refund will be made in 24 hours since you contacted us first and you will get an email confirming the successful refund. In other case, we will contact you back to ask some questions or provide more information on our side. 

Where the return money will go?

All refunds will be sent back to the payment method of your original payment. Generally, it will take five to 30 business days.

Revision date: March 3rd, 2022