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WowCarry is amazin…
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Prepare for The War Within Expansion by completing activities in the Dragon Isles before rewards become scarce. Raids, dungeons, and seasonal achievements will no longer be easily obtainable once the expansion launches on August 26. Don't miss out on exclusive rewards and adventures before the new content arrives in Azeroth!
John Barrymore July 23, 2024 2 minutes
The blog post highlights Blizzard's announcement of the new Oblivion affix in Mythic+ and adjustments to the Voidbound affix, including added Cooldown Reduction to the buff. Discover the latest updates and changes to these affixes for a new dungeon experience in Beta testing from Xal’atath’s Bargain theme. Happy dungeon delving, adventurers!

Boosting and Carry Service In Video Games

Everyone perceives the concept of boosting subjectively. For some, boosting is a way to save time and devote yourself to other things, but for some, help in unattainable achievements. We want to tell you more about what boosting is, who might be interested in trying it out, and how WowCarry does it in different games. Basically, there can be two types of boosting. The first is when our player helps you achieve your goals in a group with you. The second is when you share an account with our professional pilot and he/she completes the tasks you set in the shortest possible time.

What Is Boosting And Carry service?

Imagine that you have come to a point in the game where you cannot defeat a boss or can’t get required gear to complete the desired achievement. Players most often contact us with this problem, but there are other reasons to buy a boost or a carry service. In today's world, most people are busy with work, family concerns and daily routine. But we still want to return to our favorite hobbies and spend time with friends playing video games. Unfortunately, games these days require a lot of time investment. That is why most of these players find a solution by buying a boosting service on WowCarry with the two different ways: Self-play and Account sharing.

  • Selfplay is when our professional player or a group of players help you achieve your goals on any difficulty level. Selfplay is the most popular type of service as you get a gaming experience.
  • Account sharing is when you provide our player with login details and he does all the work for you. At the same time, we never ask for secret passwords from your mail or account, thereby ensuring complete security

Thus, you can choose which type of boosting service suits you best. We strongly recommend to choose Selfplay for any kind of services, except for those that cannot be performed by this method, in order to get a gaming experience.

How Does It Work?

Everything is simple if you are already on our website. Our catalog of categories and products allows you to choose the most suitable service for yourself as conveniently as possible. The unique design of our website allows you to get all the necessary information about the products you purchase and our functionality will allow you to place an order of any complexity in a few clicks. However, if you did not find the answer to your question in the product description, you can always contact our customer support agent to get all the necessary information. Let's look at this in more detail in a few simple steps.

  1. Choose a service you are interested in - add the product to the cart in case you want to look around and buy something else or just click quick purchase if you have chosen a single product to buy.
  2. Click on your cart or quick purchase - you will be taken to the checkout menu, where we ask you to fill in all the necessary information: your character's name, email, your contact details and payment method.
  3. Chat with us - we will clarify all the details of your order. If for some reason you cannot write to us, we will contact you within 5 minutes after the purchase.
  4. Your service starts - in most cases this happens immediately after placing an order, but at the same time, we have products with an attached schedule, which we highly recommend to view.
  5. Rate us on Google Reviews - after the service is completed. Your feedback helps us develop and improve our service.

Why Players Buy Boosting And Carry Service?

As we said earlier, there are several reasons to buy boost/carry service in video games.

  • One of the main reasons is the demanding nature of modern games to invest time. After all the grinding, we simply do not have time to enjoy the results of our efforts. Our whole service is aimed at ensuring that after a routine day you can enjoy the game with your friends no matter what. Using our services, you can be sure of solving problems of any kind. Our company approaches the complex solution to help you with reaching your goal, taking into account all your wishes and requirements during the boost.
  • Another reason is the fact that, despite the difficulty of the game, we still want to reach the end and enjoy all aspects of the game. We all want to enjoy the process, the gaming environment with our friends, but your friends' level of play may not match your ambitions. Boost is the best solution to these problems, as you can fully enjoy the high-end content of any game in the company of our professional players.

Games should be fun and distract us from the problems of the outside world. WowCarry does everything to ensure that no third-party factors prevent you from getting a gaming experience. Finally, even if you’re already an experienced hardcore player you still might be interested in some of the services that we provide. Your time is precious and if you want to have a guarantee that you spend it in a company of professional players just like you, maybe timing high keystones in World of Warcraft or in a high rated game in League of Legends, then highly professional boost service as WowCarry is right for you.

Games Where WowCarry Provides Boost/Carry Services

Our company provides carry service in online multiplayer games of various genres. We also want to point out the fact that we closely monitor the gaming industry market and quickly add new games and services to our website. Let's take a closer look at which specific games we provide the service for and talk a little about our best-sell products.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Dragonflight is a unique add-on that contains not only the development of a huge part of the WoW lore but also the new Dracthyr class, a massive amount of new content. New dungeons, raids, and several seasons, each of which brings new things. Dive into WoW: Dragonflight with WowCarry.

Many important changes and innovations, such as:

  • Dragonriding system, where you have your own dragon and can participate in dragon racing;
  • Dracthyr Evoker new class with two specializations: ranged DPS called Devastation and healer called Preservation;
  • New Vault of the Incarnates raid with 8 bosses;
  • New 8 Dungeons and Fresh Season;
  • New Talent System where you pick talents for your class and specialization separately.

All these changes make the game even more exciting and we are ready to help you get the best boosting experience in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

World Of Warcraft Classic ERA/Season Of Mastery

At Blizzcon 2017, the publishers of the game announced the World of Warcraft Classic ERA&Season of Mastery, which is the origin of the game on which all subsequent expansions are based. Already in 2019, players were again able to plunge into the atmosphere of the original World of Warcraft and face such legendary bosses as Ragnaros and Kel'thuzad. We were also lucky to once again witness the opening of the Ahn'Qiraj raid gates. Nowadays, the Classic still gives us the same feeling of nostalgia and along with that the difficulty of the game has increased significantly, but the leveling has become easier. As the game progresses, you will be given the opportunity to receive legendary items if your class meets the requirements for those. Among the legendary WoW Classic weapons you can equip: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros; Atiesh; Thunderfury.

World Of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic

After the success of the Classic Warcraft, the release of The Burning Crusade was not long in coming and on February 20, 2021 we saw the announcement. July 1, 2021 The Burning Crusade went live. Amazing story with Illidan, Kael'thas excites on the same level with new locations and the opening of a Dark Portal. The fundamental difference between the Classic and The Burning Crusade is the introduction of a rating PvP system and Arenas. Speaking about raids, when fighting against Illidan in Black Temple, there is a small chance to get Warglaives of Azzinoth, a legendary weapon that classes like warrior and rogue can carry.

World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King Classic

After the release of TBC, players should have expected WotLK. On April 20, 2022, Blizzard announced the highly anticipated WotLK Classic. We're looking forward to this expansion to dive back into the history of Arthas and Froustmorne. The Icecrown Citadel Raid is a favorite challenge for all true fans of the game. Before we dive into the atmosphere of Icecrown Citadel, we have to fight the bosses Yogg-Saron, Algalon and Anub'arak. End-game content of WotLK requires a lot of time investment if you want to farm the legendary Shadowmourne sword. Another legendary weapon in WotLK is Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings which can be obtained via farming Ulduar raid. Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings is the best healer weapon ever made.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is a colorful, constantly updated moba game that has a constantly growing audience of millions. Fast exciting battles, a large selection of champions. The game has a way to get skins both for donations and for game achievements. League of Legends also has an active participation in eSports in the form of regional and world championships. Players can also feel like esports by participating in the so-called clash, in which you can earn rewards in the form of cosmetic effects and the winner's cup! Summing up, we can say that League of Legends is a session moba game in which we can not only find a campaign of friends but also take part in rating battles.

New World

Even if you're not an Amazon fan, New World MMORPG will suit your taste. The unique non-target system makes in-game battles spectacular and varied. In this game you can buy your own house or even several houses in each city of the huge mainland. The number of professions and crafting variability in the New World amazes all fans of the MMO genre. The main currency of the market is gold, for which we can buy everything we need, pay for a house, buy resources and much more. The game has a lot of both pve and pvp content. One of the innovations of the MMO genre is that your skills are directly related to weapons, and we can change weapons like gloves. By the way, such a weapon as a glove is also present in the New World game.

Path of Exile

One of the most popular Action RPG games in the world. The amount of content in this game will amaze any player. From the talent tree, customization of your character's abilities, to the ability to play absolutely any content ever released since the game's release. The game market, crafting items and endless currency grind will allow you to develop your character like there are no limits in the game. And they really don't exist. All you need to know about this game is Exalted Orb, the main market currency with which you can buy everything you need to develop your character. Exalted Orb is the solution to any problems you encounter while playing or mastering game content after leveling.

Why Do Players Pick WowCarry For Boost And Carry Service?

The fundamental difference between WowCarry and other websites with similar services is that our site is made by players for players. Our management allows us to find an approach to any client and always find a solution for seemingly unsolvable tasks.Moving away from "why us" standards, let's take a look at why you should let WowCarry assist you in achieving your desired gaming outcome.

  • Real gamers in the form of customer support agents - they know how to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible without overpaying.
  • Сompetitive prices in the market - you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. So if you find somewhere cheaper, beware of poor quality service.
  • Wide range of products - here you will find services that no one else can provide. And Custom Order allows even the most demanding customer to customize his order as he wants.
  • Fast and Safe - are one of our top priorities. We never use cheats, hacks or any third party programs to provide the service. The main payment method is PayPal, which protects customers.
  • System of ranks and Cashback - buying on our website, with each purchase you get closer to the Shadow rank, which gives a 10% live discount on any purchase. In addition, for each purchase, CarryCoins are credited to your account. And one CarryCoin equals one dollar.