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RBG Professional WoW Dragonflight Boosting Service

Rated Battleground in World of Warcraft

RBG has been a very popular part of the PvP segment for a very long time. Our website offers rank boost services, RBG wins and any services related to Rated Battlegrounds.

What is a Rated Battleground?

RBG is a battlefield where you fight 10x10, capturing strategically important points for victory, fighting for the flag, or stealing the flag from your opponents by taking it to your base. This content is so interesting to players because often your gear will not matter, only how good a strategist you are. And WowCarry strategists are the best.

World of Warcraft RBG Carry Service

First of all, it is worth noting that RBG boost takes a little longer than the arena and can be done in several sessions. WowCarry provides the following RBG services:
  • RBG Rating Boost - almost any rating, up to 2400+
  • RBG Wins Carry - any number of wins
  • Vicious War Snail Mount Boost - you will receive not only a mount, but also a ton of Conquest points and, on top of that, an RBG rating

Do not focus only on goods, we are always ready to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer.

WoW RBG Ranks

The new PvP item level system in Dragonflight Season Three is designed to level the playing field between Combatant I and Elite players. Therefore, all that is now required to raise the rating is a skill and, of course, a couple of boosters behind your back. Each rank on RBG gives us the ability to buy gear above ilvl, so it's not just a title. So what are the titles anyway?

Rating PvP Ranks Item Level PvP
1000 Combatant I 489
1200 Combatant II 489
1400 Challenger I 489
1600 Challenger II 489
1800 Rival I 489
1950 Rival II 489
2100 Duelist 489
2400 Elite 489
2400+ Gladiator 489
Please note that the requirements for a 1800+ rank are already serious, since opponents are dangerous at such a rating.

WoW RBG Rewards

With each season of RBG, new rewards await us and Dragonflight Season 3 is no exception.
  • Conquest points;
  • Vicious War Mounts;
  • Epic Ground Mounts which you can buy for Saddle;
  • Seasonal Achievements.

Of course, these are not all awards. Is gaming experience gained next to the best players considered a reward? We believe that yes, and we consider it the most valuable.

Why Should You Pick WowCarry for RBG Boosting Service

There are some of the most important reasons why you should choose WowCarry for Rated Battlegrounds boosting service:
  1. First of all we have one of the most friendly, fast and professional customer support agents who can help you 24/7.
  2. We work only with professional and polite boosters who know their job and you will be satisfied the process of Rated Battlegrounds boosting service.
  3. We always care about our customers safety so noone will know that you are using boosting services.
  4. You won’t get defrauded because we work with PayPal who don’t want to make a business with scammers.

We are always doing our best to improve our service, even if it’s 1% better, we want to make a perfect place for our customers and teams.