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Sunken Temple


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Leveling SoD
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Gnomeregan Boost


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Raids SoD
Blackfathom Deeps Boost


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Buy Phase 3 SoD carry services and boost your character to new heights. At WowCarry, we understand the excitement and anticipation of each new Phase in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. That's why we're dedicated to offering the most reliable and safe SoD Phase 3 boost services to boost your gaming experience. Whether you want to dominate the new content or level up efficiently, our Phase 3 carry services are designed to meet your needs.

Level 50 Boost in Season of Discovery Phase 3

Buy Level Boost at WowCarry and easily get level 50 in the Season of Discovery Phase 3. With an increased level cap, players can explore more zones, complete challenging dungeons, and experience the game like never before. By choosing to buy SoD Phase 3 leveling at WowCarry, you're not just getting a boost; you're unlocking a new realm of possibilities and adventures. Our dedicated team ensures a safe and secure Phase 3 Leveling boost, allowing you to enjoy all the new content without the grind. Take advantage of the opportunity to soar through levels easily and make your mark in the Season of Discovery. Buy SoD Phase 3 boost today and step into a world of exciting adventures.

SoD Phase 3 Runes Carry Service

Buy Runes Boost from WowCarry and easily step into the amazing world of Season of Discovery Phase 3. The new Phase brings an exciting addition to your arsenal with new Runes that can be engraved onto your Helm and Bracers, significantly boosting your character's power. However, obtaining these Runes requires time and a tedious grind.

Understanding the challenge and the value these Runes add to your gameplay, WowCarry offers a specialized Runes Carry Service designed for Phase 3 of the Season of Discovery. Our service simplifies acquiring these powerful upgrades and ensures you can enjoy the game without the hassle of grinding. Whether you're looking to engrave your gear with the powerful Runes for your class or aiming to collect all the new additions, our expert team is here to help you achieve your goals efficiently and swiftly.

Class Confirmed Runes
Druid Gore, Improved Barkskin,Efflorescence, Elune's Fires, Improved Frenzied Regeneration, Gale Winds,
Hunter Focus Fire, Lock and Load, Raptor Fury, T.N.T., Catlike Reflexes, Rapid Killing
Paladin Improved Sanctuary, Wrath, Hammer of the Righteous, Improved Hammer of Wrath, Purifying Power, Fanaticism, Light's Grace
Priest Surge of Light, Pain and Suffering, Despair, Void Zone, Divine Aegis, Eye of the Void
Mage Balefire Bolt, Deep Freeze, Displacement, Molten Armor, Advanced Warding, Temporal Anomaly
Rogue Cut to the Chase, Honor Among Thieves, Carnage, Unfair Advantage, Combat Potency, Focused Attacks
Warlock Summon Felguard, Pandemic, Immolation Aura, Unstable Affliction, Backdraft, Vengeance
Warrior Sword and Board, Taste for Blood, Gladiator Stance, Rampage, Shield Mastery, Vigilance, Wrecking Crew
Shaman Riptide, Mental Dexterity, Overcharged, Rolling Thunder, Static Shock, Burn, Tidal Waves

By choosing to buy SoD Phase 3 Runes Carry Service, you're not just boosting your character; you're also ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in the competitive landscape of WoW Season of Discovery. Let WowCarry take the grind out of your gaming experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the new content and achieving your in-game objectives.

Buy Sunken Temple Raid in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery

Buy Sunken Temple Raid Boost and unlock the full potential of your adventure in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 3. The Sunken Temple, also known as the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, receives a significant update in this Phase, transforming it into a challenging Level-Up Raid for those daring enough to enter. With a cap now at level 50, the revamped raid presents an opportunity to explore the depths of the Swamp of Sorrows, where eight bosses await, including the newly introduced Festering Rotslime.

  • Location: Swamp of Sorrows
  • Level: 50
  • Raid Size: 20-man
  • Bosses: 8

At WowCarry, we understand the intricacies and challenges of raiding, especially with content as demanding as the Sunken Temple. That's why we offer a comprehensive Sunken Temple Raid boost service for SoD Phase 3, designed to help you clear the raid with ease. Our experienced boosters are ready to carry you through each encounter, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcomes, including access to new epics, redesigned items, and up-leveled quest rewards exclusive to this raid.

Buying Sunken Temple Raid Boost from WowCarry means placing your trust in a team that values safety, efficiency, and a high-quality gaming experience. Dive into the depths of the Sunken Temple with us and emerge victorious, equipped with some of the most potent gear the game offers. Don't let the opportunity to conquer one of WoW revamped raids slip through your fingers. Improve your Phase 3 adventure with our Raid Boost service today.

SoD Nightmare Incursions Event Boost Overview

Buy Nightmare Incursions Event Boost and immerse yourself in the heart of the new challenge introduced in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 3. The Nightmare Incursions Event is a pivotal addition, offering players a unique opportunity to combat the spreading corruption from the Emerald Dream through portals located in Ashenvale, Feralas, Duskwood, and The Hinterlands.

As you venture into these corrupted realms, you'll engage in battles against various enemies, including treants and dragons, putting your skills to the test. The event is accessible for characters from levels 25 to 50, ensuring everyone can participate in the fight against the Nightmare invasion. Moreover, it introduces the Emerald Wardens, a new faction committed to halting the spread of corruption.

Ordering the Nightmare Incursions Event carry service is more than just entering another battle; it's about joining forces with the heroes of Azeroth to confront a common enemy. With content designed for both solo adventurers and groups, this event is set to offer a thrilling and rewarding experience for all participants. By purchasing a Nightmare Incursions Event Boost from WowCarry, you ensure your place at the forefront of this epic struggle, ready to claim the unique rewards that victory holds.

Why You Should Buy SoD Phase 3 Services at WowCarry

Choosing WowCarry for your SoD Phase 3 services comes with a multitude of benefits, each designed to boost your gaming experience in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. Here are the top reasons why WowCarry stands out as the premier choice for WoW gamers:

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At WowCarry, we're more than just a service provider; we're your partner in conquering Azeroth. Choose us for your SoD Phase 3 needs, and take the first step towards an improved gaming experience.