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Necropolis League Overview

Welcome to the Necropolis League in Path of Exile, launching on March 29, 2024. This new challenge brings you face-to-face with Undertaker Arimor and his Lantern of Arimor. Before you step into a zone, this lantern lets you see what kind of monsters you're going to fight and what special powers they'll have. It's all about making monsters stronger or sometimes giving you bonuses when you beat them.

In this league, some monsters drop special items that you can use for crafting. These items help you make new equipment or even unique items if you collect the right kinds of monster parts. Plus, there's a cool item called the Allflame Ember that changes monsters into different types, making the game even more exciting.

If you like a challenge, there are eight different ladders to climb, whether you're playing by yourself or with others, and whether you want the extra challenge of Hardcore or Ruthless modes. The Necropolis League is perfect for anyone looking to dive into a new adventure, find awesome loot, and face off against tough monsters.

What's New:

  • Meet Undertaker Arimor and use his lantern to plan your battles.
  • See ahead of time what monsters you'll fight and change their powers with the lantern.
  • Collect special items from monsters for crafting.
  • Use the Allflame Ember to mix things up and get different monsters.
  • Try out different game modes with eight ladders to top.

So, gear up and get ready to explore the Necropolis League. It's filled with new twists, tough monsters, and great rewards waiting just for you.

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