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What are Dungeons in WoW Dragonflight?

In the Dragonflight expansion, dungeons are a whole story thread we go through as we level. The dungeons are closed areas in which we will see hordes of monsters trying to hold us back on the way to the bosses.

How do dungeons work in WoW?

In World of Warcraft, dungeons are an integral part of the game. Over the years of updating the game, many dungeons have been added, some updated, each filled with its lore and features.

How do I enter a dungeon?

There are two ways to get into the dungeon.

  1. The first method is not the fastest but interesting for beginners. On the map, you will see something like a whirlpool. Hovering over this whirlpool will show the name of the dungeon. You fly up or run up to a point on the map and see a portal in front of you, which you need to go. Congratulations, you are in the dungeon.
  2. The second way is much faster and more comfortable since you can immediately choose the role you want in the dungeon (tank, DPS, or healer) and not look for party members; the game will do it for you. Usually, waiting for a group search through the LFG system does not take long.

How many people can be in a WoW dungeon?

Up to 5 players can be in the dungeon at the same time. But we know cases when even fewer players, up to one, challenged themselves by going through a dungeon, not according to the template set by the game developers.

How long do dungeons take in WoW Dragonflight?

It entirely depends on how many people you are, how difficult the dungeon is and how big it is, and at what stage of your character's progression you went there. For example, if you entered the dungeon through the LFG system during leveling, it will take about 15-20 minutes to complete one dungeon. The second way is much faster and more comfortable since you can immediately choose the role you want to play in the dungeon (tank, DPS, or healer) and not look for party members; the game will do it for you. Usually, waiting for a group search through the LFG system does not take long.

Types of Dungeons in WoW Dragonflight

Dungeons in World of Warcraft are divided into several types: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, Megadungeons, Mythic+, and High mythic+. Normal and Heroic dungeons are already available during leveling. While Heroic, Mythic, and others are only available upon reaching the maximum level of the character.

Normal Dungeons

Normal mode often introduces us to the basic mechanics of dungeons. Usually, they are not very difficult. Most of the time, you'll get into Normal dungeons as part of leveling or getting an achievement. You will quickly get bored with Normal mode, even if you are a beginner.

Heroic Dungeons

In Heroic mode, we farm gear after leveling our character because we need equipment to continue our character progression. Dungeons of this kind are already a little more complex than Normal mode, as additional mechanics are added to each boss or monster.

Mythic Dungeons (Mythic Zero)

We consider this type of dungeon we farm at the beginning of every patch to fit the gear to the new content. In Mythic mode, there will no longer be a limit on the number of mechanics of bosses and monsters. There will be more damage and life if we go to Mythic+, but we won't see any new mechanics there.


There are not many of them, but the community of World of Warcraft fell in love with these types of dungeons immediately after the release of the very first one. It all started with Mechagon. A massive dungeon with a ton of loot, achievements, and opportunities to pass. The last Megadungeon introduced in WoW Shadowlands is called Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. There we also have the chance to get a mount, achievements, and a lot of valuable loot for each specialization.

Mythic+ Dungeons

Mythic+ is the same dungeon as Mythic, but with the addition of affixes that make it harder to complete. Also, with each level of the key, the damage and health of the monsters increase in percentage. The higher our key level, the more difficult it will be for us to pass it. Do not forget to complete the key by beating the timer; without beating the timer, this will directly affect your Mythic + score and the level of loot you will receive at the end. You can learn more about Mythic+ in this article.

High Mythic+ Dungeons

It's the same Mythic +, but at a higher level. The requirements required to pass high-level keys are countless. You need to have perfect gear, team coordination, and a game plan in the form of an MDT route. Compliance with all these criteria will allow you to close the highest level keys, resulting in your entry to the class and spec leaderboard of Mythic+. You can learn more about High Mythic+ here.

Dragonflight Dungeons List

In WoW Dragonflight, we will have eight dungeons, 4 of which we can visit while leveling and four more when we reach the max level. Don't confuse these dungeons with the Mythic+ season, as the dungeons there are entirely different. You can learn more about Mythic+ in our dedicated section. So what Normal, Heroic, and Mythic mode dungeons are available to us before the start of the season?

Dungeons Available While Leveling

  • Brackenhide Hollow;
  • Ruby Life Pools;
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr;
  • The Nokhud Offensive.

Dungeons Available At Max Level

  • The Azure Vault;
  • Algeth'ar Academy;
  • Halls of Infusion;
  • Neltharus.

Dungeon Requirements in Dragonflight

These can hardly be called requirements, rather the conditions that you must meet in order to enter the dungeons.

  • When Can You Start Dungeons In WoW?

World of Warcraft has many dungeons if we're not talking about a specific expansion. As you level, you will unlock many dungeons that you can access using the Dungeon Finder. The first dungeon will open to you already at level 18.

  • What Level Can You Start Dungeons In Wow Dragonflight?

The character level cap in Dragonflight is 70. You have access to eight dungeons from this level. However, during leveling 60-70, you will open dungeons of normal difficulty one by one, so already during leveling, you will be able to get acquainted with trash mobs and bosses and partly see all their abilities. Why, in part? - In normal dungeons, bosses and trash mobs do not reveal all their abilities to you. - This will only happen in Mythic dungeons.

  • How Do You Unlock Dungeons In Dragonflight?

Modern Warcraft does not require dungeon attunements. However, there can always be an exception since it happened with Tazavesh, the Veiled Market in the Shadowlands expansion.

  • What Item Level Do You Have To Be To Do Dungeons In Dragonflight?

Dungeon game modes will give us the answer to this question, and it's simple. As soon as we get to level 70, Heroic dungeons open up for us, in which we gain gear to go through Mythic dungeons. And now we have collected equipment from Mythic dungeons, and you can go to Mythic +. Each level of the Mythic+ dungeon rewards us with a specific gear ilvl. So once we get a +5 keystone gear, we can move up to +15. With a complete gear set of +15 keys, we can move on and try the full keys above. We do not recommend making large intervals between key levels, as you risk missing the timer and getting loot below the keystone level.

Why Is It Important To Go To Dungeons In Dragonflight?

Each player answers these questions for himself. For some, this is an opportunity to gear up a character and for someone to get to know the lore of a particular add-on. Some want to have fun with friends and guildmates and enjoy the game in the campaign. But we want to point out that dungeons are not just gear and lore. In dungeons, we can get mounts, and complete achievements, which brings even more variety to our game.

Dungeons Gear

For many, gear is the priority in the game. And dungeons are the perfect place to get this very gear, from Normal difficulty to Mythic+. An essential difference between dungeon gear and raids is that sets do not drop in dungeons. But then, there are many valuable trinkets and rings with special effects in the dungeons. At the beginning of any add-on or patch, the gear with the dungeon gives us the necessary character boost to move on to the raid content. And when the Mythic+ season starts, our main task every week will be to complete +20 dungeons to get a reward in the Great Vault and the dungeon itself.

Achievements in Dungeons

The game rewards us with achievements for completing each dungeon mode, whether regular or Mythic+. You will earn achievements for completing dungeons in Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ difficulty. However, there are also specific achievements. The requirements for completing these achievements often kill bosses in hard mode or while meeting particular criteria. Such achievements are most often included in one big one - Dungeon Hero. In the case of Dragonflight, this is the Glory of the Dragonflight Hero. We get a mount as a reward for completing this achievement and all similar ones.

Dungeons Mounts

As with Dungeon Hero, mounts in dungeons can be either a random or an achievement reward. And if, if we complete the achievement, we are guaranteed to get the desired mount, then an unexpected drop is much more valuable since the chances of mounts dropping from bosses range from 0.5 to 2%. The most unpleasant thing about this is that we can only try to knock out the desired mount once weekly for Mythic difficulty. However, in Mythic+ difficulty, you can also get a mount from a chest at the end of the dungeon.

How Do beginners Do dungeons In WoW?

First of all, it should be noted that in the game, there are tips for beginners in the form of a dungeon log, where you can see all the abilities of the bosses and independently come up with tactics to defeat them. Most often, beginners encounter that Mythic+ content is sometimes tricky, as Mythic+ dungeons contain many mechanics, such as affixes and a clear distribution of roles within the dungeon.

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