WoW Dungeon Boosting in Shadowlands

Shadowlands expansion offers 8 dungeons at the start. They split into two groups: Group 1: four unique leveling dungeons and Group 2: four unique maximum level dungeons that open up as you progress through shadowlands zones. At WowCarry we are pleased to offer carry for all the available dungeons.

Shadowlands dungeons list

Each zone consists of 2 dungeons with one final boss in each for you to defeat. Tons of great loot and gear are waiting for you:

  1. Halls of Atonement - stop lord Chamberlain.
  2. Sanguine Depths - break in the prison of Revendreth.
  3. The Necrotic Wake - protect Bastion from undead forces.
  4. Spires of Ascension - fight the Forsworn.
  5. Mists of Tirna Scithe - save Tirna Scithe from Tred'ova.
  6. De Other Side - the domain of Bwonsamdi.
  7. Plaguefall - explore the fallen House of Plagues.
  8. Theater of Pain - defeat Necrolord champions.

What kind of service WowCarry offers for Shadowlands dungeons?

Our team offers all kinds of dungeon activities you might possibly need. It doesn’t matter if you want some Normal/Heroic and Mythic Runs, or you want to complete some High Mythic+ Keystones - we have a way to help you. Got tired of pugs which are always trying to ruin your keystone? Get a team of professionals who will burst down the dungeon!

Most popular services as always are Mythic +15 Keys which drop the best end-of-the-dungeon loot at 210 item level. We are offering plenty options for those plus 15 keystones to choose from as well.

If you want to get a Keystone Master achievement with title and mount reward we have a special offer for that too. You can even exclude the dungeons you already completed before and save some money!

We also offer Custom Keystone Service where you can choose key level, number of traders, specific dungeons and lots of other parameters to customize your dungeon experience. 

One of the unique services that we offer is Upgrade You Own Key service where you are providing the keystone and we will upgrade it to your desired level with you. You will not only get the desired result by the end of the boost but also will get tons of gear during the process. 

The Great Vault or what mythic+ level you should do in Shadowlands?

For maximum reward you want to complete at least 10 dungeons of +14 level to get a choice of 3 mythic+ items of 226 item level at the end of the week in your Great Vault. However, mythic 15 key gets you the max item level reward of 210 from the end of the dungeon chest. Thus, we recommend going for a total of ten 15 level keys rather than 14 level keys as you will not only guarantee the maximum possible weekly reward but will also get maximum possible loot doing those ten dungeons. Also, completing +14 keystones won’t count for Keystone Master Seasonal achievement which awards you with cool title and mount.

Our dungeon service is available 24/7

We’re working with a lot of boost teams which allows us to provide our services 24/7, ready to go whenever you want. A wide team variety also positively affects the speed we can find specific keystone for you. If you’re still unsure - ask our support and we will find the closest available team for you as soon as possible.

Advantages of WowCarry for Shadowlands dungeons boost

  • Fast and professional teams ready to go whenever you feel ready.
  • Our players are going through a rigid selection process which means your dungeon experience will be smooth and clean.
  • You can choose from a variety of unique options at our website including how many runs do you want to do at once. You can even purchase players who will trade you all the loot they obtain.
  • If you have troubles during your dungeon run, we are always ready to help and resolve an occurred situation in your advantage as our support is available 24/7.

We hope you're gonna enjoy your dungeon experience in Shadowlands with us!