WoW Shadowlands Bundles

There are many things one can do in World of Warcraft. Sometimes people simply don't have enough time to keep up with all the activities in the game and, thus, start to lack behind the end-game content. In this category we get together key WoW activities into bundles and offer some valuable discounts for them. This section is updated weekly by adding new bundles to facilitate all our customers' requests.

Why It is Cheaper to Buy as a Bundle / Advantages of Buying as a Bundle?

We offer high discounts on bundle products as they usually include several services. It's easier for us to assign several services for one client and. thus, we save our time and your money with this bundle services. There are several advantages of buying Bundles at WowCarry:

  1. Cheaper price - we offer bundles with huge discounts compared to the price of services if bought separately.
  2. Fast communication - no need to contact us for each service separately. You only need to let us know what time works best for your services once and we will take care of everything else. 
  3. One service for all key activities - usually we construct our bundles in a way that they cover some key PvE / PvP activities. This way we can cover all your in-game requests by just one service.
  4. Suits everyone - we design bundles to meet all our clients' expectations. Some people prefer PvE, other are more focused on PvP, there are also people who enjoy both or even something else. We have bundles for everyone. If you haven't found any bundle interesting, please, let us know what we can add to make this section a better place to shop.

Our service is available 24/7

We’re working with a lot of boost teams which allows us to provide our services 24/7, ready to go whenever you want. A wide team variety also positively affects the speed we can find specific keystone for you. If you’re still unsure - ask our support and we will find the closest available team for you as soon as possible.