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Lost Ark
Lost Ark Gold


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Lost Ark
Coins Of Courage


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Lost Ark
Pirate Coins


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Currencies in Lost Ark

When playing Lost Ark, you'll encounter various currencies that are crucial for your character's progression. The main Currencies in Lost Ark include Gold, Pirate Coins, and Coins of Courage. Each of these Currencies serves a different purpose and can significantly impact your gaming experience. Fortunately, with Lost Arkboost and carry services from WowCarry, you can easily buy these Currencies and save yourself from the time-consuming grind.


Gold is one of the most important PvE Currencies in Lost Ark. It is used primarily in the Auction House, where you can purchase items from other players. Additionally, Gold can be converted into Crystals, which can then be used to buy cosmetics, consumables, pets, and more. However, accumulating enough Gold can take weeks of gameplay. That's where WowCarry comes in - our services can help you skip the grind and get the Gold you need in no time.

  1. Use Gold in the Auction House
  2. Convert Gold into Crystals
  3. Purchase cosmetics, consumables, and pets with Crystals

Pirate Coins

Pirate Coins are another useful currency in Lost Ark. They can be obtained by participating in marine events and can be traded with pirates for rare consumables, crafting materials, and more. However, grinding for Pirate Coins can be tedious, especially during special events. Our Lost Ark coins farm service at WowCarry ensures you get the Pirate Coins you need without the hassle.

  • Participate in marine events
  • Trade Pirate Coins with pirates for rare items

Coins of Courage

Coins of Courage are the primary PvP currency in Lost Ark. They can be obtained through various PvP activities, such as the Arena, and can be used to purchase resources, mounts, titles, and other collectibles. If PvP isn't your thing, consider purchasing our services to get the Coins of Courage you need for those cool-looking PvP mounts.

How to Buy Lost Ark Currency from WowCarry

Buying Currencies for Lost Ark from WowCarry is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick the currency you are interested in
  2. Select the amount of coins you wish to get
  3. Proceed to checkout to finalize the order
  4. Wait 5-7 minutes for our customer support manager to contact you
  5. Get the desired Lost Ark currency delivered to your character

Our customer support is available 24/7, so feel free to ask any questions or make additional requests. We're always here to help!


When it comes to Currencies in Lost Ark, WowCarry is your go-to solution. Our Lost Arkboost and carry services make it easy to buy the Currencies you need without the grind. We provide fast and efficient services, and our customer support is always ready to assist you. Choose WowCarry for all your Lost Ark Currencies needs!