Lost Ark
Igrexion Guardian
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Igrexion Guardian
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Igrexion Guardian Raid completed

    Our team will complete the Igrexion Guardian Raid for you, saving you time and effort.

  • Chance to obtain Ability stone, Galewind rune, Guardian card, and class engraving

    By defeating the Igrexion Guardian, you have a chance to obtain valuable items such as Ability stones, Galewind runes, Guardian cards, and class engravings.

  • Accessories depending on chosen Guardian

    Depending on the Guardian you choose, you will have the opportunity to obtain accessories that can enhance your character's abilities.

  • Rare crafting materials

    Defeating the Igrexion Guardian will grant you access to rare crafting materials, which can be used to create powerful items for your character.

Thank you for choosing Igrexion Guardian for your Lost Ark game needs. Our estimated time for completing the service is approximately 1 hour. This time frame is what we typically require to successfully provide the service you have requested. Please note that this estimated time is based on the game mechanics and our team's expertise. We take our obligation to complete the service within this time frame seriously and will do our utmost to meet or even exceed your expectations. Our team of Igrexion Guardian professionals is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable service. Rest assured that we are constantly working to decrease the time required to obtain the service, and we will make every effort to expedite the process whenever possible. We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to assure you that support will be available 24/7 to check on the progress of your service. Should you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is always ready to assist you. Thank you for entrusting us with your Lost Ark game needs. We look forward to serving you and providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • 50 lvl character
    Achieve level 50 for your character.
  • Finished quest - Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate
    Complete the quest to obtain the Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate.
  • Closed 1 page t1 Guardian Raids - Ur`nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, Vertus
    Successfully complete the following t1 Guardian Raids: Ur`nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, Vertus in the 1st page of Guardian Raids.
  • Closed 2 page t1 Guardian Raids - Chromanium, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, Tytalos
    Successfully complete the following t1 Guardian Raids: Chromanium, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, Tytalos in the 2nd page of Guardian Raids.
  • Closed 3 page t2 Guardian Raids - Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventus, Achates
    Successfully complete the following t2 Guardian Raids: Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventus, Achates in the 3rd page of Guardian Raids.
  • Closed 4 page t2 Guardian Raids - Frost Helgaia, Lava Chromanium, Levanos, Alberhastic
    Successfully complete the following t2 Guardian Raids: Frost Helgaia, Lava Chromanium, Levanos, Alberhastic in the 4th page of Guardian Raids.
  • 1325 ilvl gear
    Equip gear with an item level of 1325 or higher.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Guardians Boost in Lost Ark and how can I purchase one from WowCarry?
A Guardians Boost in Lost Ark is a professional service provided by WowCarry, where expert players help you conquer the challenging Guardian Raids. To purchase one, simply navigate to our "Guardians" category, select the desired boss or tier boost, and complete the checkout process. Our customer support will reach out to finalize details.
How does WowCarry ensure a Safe Lost Ark Boosting experience?
At WowCarry, we prioritize the safety and security of your account. Our Safe Lost Ark Boosting is conducted by seasoned players who use secure methods to ensure that your gaming experience and account integrity remain intact, without using any cheats or exploits.
Can I Buy Lost Ark Guardians boosts for any tier and any boss?
Absolutely! WowCarry offers boosts for all tiers and bosses in the Lost Ark Guardians category. You have the freedom to choose any Guardian Raid level or specific boss you need assistance with, and our professional team will handle the rest.
What rewards can I expect from buying a Guardians Boost from WowCarry?
By purchasing a Guardians Boost, you'll gain access to the rich rewards these raids offer, such as high-level gear, accessories, upgrade materials, ability stones, and more, all while saving time and enhancing your in-game progress.
How long does it take to complete a Guardians Boost in Lost Ark with WowCarry?
The completion time for a Guardians Boost can vary depending on the specific raid and tier. However, WowCarry prides itself on efficient and swift service, with most boosts being completed within the shortest time possible. Our customer support can provide a more accurate timeframe once your order is placed.

Igrexion Guardian Boost - Speed Up Your Character Progress in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a captivating MMORPG that provides players with a vast array of daily contents and challenges. Among them, Guardian Raids offer exciting battles and valuable rewards. One such raid is the Igrexion fight, which grants rare crafting resources and accessories that can enhance your character's power. However, memorizing boss patterns and investing time in random parties can be tedious and time-consuming. That's where our Guardian boosting service comes in.

What You Will Get

1. Igrexion Guardian Raid completed: Our team of skilled players will tackle the Igrexion fight swiftly, allowing you to progress in the game without dedicating hours to this particular boss. 2. Chance to obtain valuable loot: By utilizing our boosting service, you increase your chances of acquiring Ability stones, Galewind runes, Guardian cards, class engravings, and rare crafting materials. These resources will significantly improve your character's abilities and overall power. 3. Access to accessories: Depending on your chosen Guardian, you may receive exclusive accessories. These items add unique attributes and further enhance your character's effectiveness in combat.

About Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian Boosting Service on Overgear

Guardian raids are essential endgame activities in Lost Ark, allowing players to earn desirable gear pieces, titles, and upgrade materials. To access these raids, you first need to reach level 50 and complete a special tutorial quest-line in any major city. Once this is accomplished, the Raid Notice Board becomes available, offering access to various raid scenarios, including Igrexion Guardian. Participating in Guardian raids can be done solo or with a group of players. However, these encounters demand concentration, preparation, and a minimum item level requirement of 1340. Our Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian boost service ensures that you can experience these raids and reap their rewards without the hassle of painstaking preparation.

How to Beat the Igrexion Guardian in Lost Ark

Defeating the Igrexion Guardian requires preparation and skill. To increase your chances of success, we recommend following these strategies: 1. Come prepared: Bring along HP potions, whirlwind grenades, and flares to aid you in battle. These consumables will provide you with additional survivability and utility during the encounter. 2. Circulate around the boss: The Igrexion Guardian possesses high damage potential, capable of one-shotting squishy classes. To mitigate incoming damage, avoid standing directly in front of the boss. Circulating around him will help you evade most of his devastating attacks. 3. Focus on dealing damage: The Igrexion Guardian's health pool is not substantial, making him susceptible to massive damage. Concentrate your efforts on dealing a significant amount of damage to defeat him swiftly. If these strategies prove challenging or time-consuming, our Lost Ark Igrexion boosting service is readily available to assist you.

Price and Delivery Information

Our Lost Ark Igrexion boost service offers tremendous time-saving benefits. Our team of professional players, equipped with extensive game experience, is well-equipped to conquer any Guardian of your choice. By purchasing our service, you can expect to receive substantial rewards from your Lost Ark Igrexion run. Don't hesitate to invest in our Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian boost now and expedite your character's progress in the game. Begin your journey towards becoming a formidable force in Lost Ark by obtaining rare crafting materials, accessories, and valuable resources. Purchase our service today and witness the prowess of our skilled team, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient gaming experience. Choose WowCarry for your Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian service and take a step toward an extraordinary adventure in Lost Ark!