Lost Ark
Kungelanium Guardian
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Kungelanium Guardian
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Kungelanium Guardian Raid completed

    Our team will complete the Kungelanium Guardian Raid for you, saving you time and effort.

  • Chance to obtain Ability stone, Galewind rune, Guardian card, and class engraving

    By participating in the Kungelanium Guardian Raid, you have a chance to obtain valuable items such as Ability stones, Galewind runes, Guardian cards, and class engravings.

  • Accessories depending on chosen Guardian

    Depending on the Guardian you choose, you will have the opportunity to obtain accessories that can enhance your character's abilities and stats.

  • Rare crafting materials

    Completing the Kungelanium Guardian Raid will reward you with rare crafting materials that can be used to create powerful gear and items.

Thank you for choosing our service for the Kungelanium Guardian in Lost Ark! We estimate that it will take approximately 1 hour to complete the service. This time frame is what it normally takes based on the game mechanics. Rest assured, we take it as our obligation to complete the service within this estimated time. Our team of skilled Kungelanium Guardian professionals will be working diligently to acquire the service for you. While we cannot guarantee a faster completion time, we assure you that our team will do their best to decrease the time if it is possible within the game's limitations. We understand that you are eager to experience the benefits of the Kungelanium Guardian in Lost Ark. To keep you updated on the progress, our support team will be available 24/7 to assist and provide information regarding the status of the service. Thank you for your trust in our services, and we aim to deliver a satisfying experience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time.
  • 50 lvl character
    Character is leveled up to level 50.
  • Finished quest - Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate
    Completed the quest to obtain the Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate.
  • Closed 1 page t1 Guardian Raids - Ur`nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, Vertus
    Successfully completed the following t1 Guardian Raids: Ur`nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, Vertus.
  • Closed 2 page t2 Guardian Raids - Chromanium, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, Tytalos
    Successfully completed the following t2 Guardian Raids: Chromanium, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, Tytalos.
  • Closed 3 page t3 Guardian Raids - Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventus, Achates
    Successfully completed the following t3 Guardian Raids: Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventus, Achates.
  • Closed 4 page t4 Guardian Raids - Frost Helgaia, Lava Chromanium, Levanos, Alberhastic
    Successfully completed the following t4 Guardian Raids: Frost Helgaia, Lava Chromanium, Levanos, Alberhastic.
  • Closed 5 page t5 Guardian Raids - Heavy Armour Nacrasena / Igrexion / Night Fox Yoho / Velganos
    Successfully completed the following t5 Guardian Raids: Heavy Armour Nacrasena, Igrexion, Night Fox Yoho, Velganos.
  • 1460 ilvl gear
    Equipped with gear that has an item level (ilvl) of 1460.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Guardians Boost in Lost Ark and how can I purchase one from WowCarry?
A Guardians Boost in Lost Ark is a professional service provided by WowCarry, where expert players help you conquer the challenging Guardian Raids. To purchase one, simply navigate to our "Guardians" category, select the desired boss or tier boost, and complete the checkout process. Our customer support will reach out to finalize details.
How does WowCarry ensure a Safe Lost Ark Boosting experience?
At WowCarry, we prioritize the safety and security of your account. Our Safe Lost Ark Boosting is conducted by seasoned players who use secure methods to ensure that your gaming experience and account integrity remain intact, without using any cheats or exploits.
Can I Buy Lost Ark Guardians boosts for any tier and any boss?
Absolutely! WowCarry offers boosts for all tiers and bosses in the Lost Ark Guardians category. You have the freedom to choose any Guardian Raid level or specific boss you need assistance with, and our professional team will handle the rest.
What rewards can I expect from buying a Guardians Boost from WowCarry?
By purchasing a Guardians Boost, you'll gain access to the rich rewards these raids offer, such as high-level gear, accessories, upgrade materials, ability stones, and more, all while saving time and enhancing your in-game progress.
How long does it take to complete a Guardians Boost in Lost Ark with WowCarry?
The completion time for a Guardians Boost can vary depending on the specific raid and tier. However, WowCarry prides itself on efficient and swift service, with most boosts being completed within the shortest time possible. Our customer support can provide a more accurate timeframe once your order is placed.

Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Boost - Conquer the Chilling Challenge!

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to defeat the Kungelanium Guardian in Lost Ark? Look no further! With our Kungelanium Guardian Boost service, you can speed up your character's progress and save valuable time. Say goodbye to the frustration of struggling with random players and let our team of professional players take care of the hard work for you!

What is Kungelanium Guardian?

Kungelanium Guardian is a new and formidable Raid Level 6 Guardian in Lost Ark. This epic encounter presents an altered version of previous fights like Chromanium and Lava Chromanium. However, this time, Kungelanium unleashes a barrage of ice-themed attacks that inflict Slow and Freeze debuffs on its enemies. As the battle progresses, Kungelanium gains new sets of attacks, making it an even more challenging foe. Are you ready to face this icy titan?

What you will get

  1. Kungelanium Guardian Raid completed: Our team of skilled players will ensure that the Kungelanium Guardian Raid is successfully completed, allowing you to reap the rewards without the hassle.
  2. Chance to obtain Ability stone, Galewind rune, Guardian card, and class engraving: By defeating Kungelanium, you will have a chance to obtain valuable items such as Ability stones, Galewind runes, Guardian cards, and class engravings, enhancing your character's power and abilities.
  3. Accessories depending on chosen Guardian: Depending on the Guardian you choose to defeat, you will receive accessories related to that Guardian, providing additional bonuses and advantages in combat.
  4. Rare crafting materials: The Kungelanium Guardian drops rare crafting materials that can be used to create powerful gear and equipment, allowing you to further enhance your character's strength.

Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian FAQ

Guardian raids are one of the many endgame activities in Lost Ark. These challenging encounters offer various rewards such as gear pieces, upgrade materials, titles, and more. To gain access to Guardian raids, you need to reach level 50 and complete a special tutorial quest-line in any major city. Once completed, you can access the Raid Notice Board located in any major city. Guardian raids can be completed solo or with a group of players, but they demand a high level of concentration and preparation. It is recommended to have an item level of at least 1460 before attempting a Guardian raid, making our Kungelanium Guardian Boost an excellent option to ensure your success!

How to Beat Kungelanium Guardian in Lost Ark?

To defeat the Kungelanium Guardian, proper preparation is crucial. We recommend equipping consumables such as HP Potions, Pheromone Bombs, Corrosive Bombs, Destruction Bombs, and Flares to aid you in battle. If you have experience defeating Chromanium and Lava Chromanium, you are already halfway prepared for this challenging encounter.

The battle against Kungelanium Guardian consists of three distinct phases:

  1. In the first phase, you need to focus on destroying Kungelanium's shell. Once the shell is destroyed, Kungelanium will automatically retreat.
  2. The second phase introduces attacks that can be countered. This phase concludes when Kungelanium performs its special Chill move.
  3. The third phase continues from the second, with the added danger of ice falling from the sky during Kungelanium's jumping or slam attacks. Coordination and strategy are key to emerging victorious from this high-stakes battle.

If the daunting challenge of defeating the Kungelanium Guardian seems overwhelming, do not hesitate to take advantage of our Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Boost service. Our team of professional players will handle the fight for you, ensuring that you receive all the rewards and progress you desire!

Price and Delivery Information

Our Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Boost service is designed to save you valuable time and effort. With our team of experienced players, we guarantee the successful completion of the Kungelanium Guardian Raid. Don't wait any longer; buy our boosting service now and start enjoying the rewards from this epic battle in Lost Ark!

Product Features Additional Benefits
Kungelanium Guardian Raid completed Obtain rare crafting materials
Chance to obtain Ability stone, Galewind rune, Guardian card, and class engraving Accessories depending on chosen Guardian
Save time and effort with our professional players

Choose WowCarry for your Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian service because we are dedicated to providing the best gaming experiences to our customers. With our professional team of players, you can trust us to complete the Kungelanium Guardian Raid efficiently and effectively. Save valuable time and progress faster in the game with our service. Don't miss out on the chance to conquer the chilling challenge of the Kungelanium Guardian in Lost Ark - get our boosting service now and enjoy the rewards!