New World

New World Reliable Leveling Carry

New world is new MMO which takes place in Aeternum, an island filled with dark powers. The game is an Open World MMO and similar to other exemplary MMOs. In the New World you will explore the Aeternum, fight corrupted and dangerous wildlife and the corrupted remains of previous adventurers. You will also be able to build your own house or craft new weapon or armor with new resoures. You will also need to fight the other players in order to control territories, which will bring you and your faction a huge bonus.

In order to level up you will need to kill monsters, gather resources and complete quests. On each level you will gain attribute points that you will spend in one of fire attributes, such as:

  • Dexterity: Increased weapon damage with ranged weapons.
  • Strength: Increased melee weapon damage.
  • Intelligence: Your magic attack’s damage is increased.
  • Focus: Abilities’ cooldown is reduced and increases your mana.
  • Constitution: Grants you bonus health.

There are other ways to gain more attribute points such as getting better gear/weapon and jewelry with stong gems. Also character will open perks when hit the exactly level:

Level required Perk available
Level 5 Second Weapon Slot
Level 10 Ring Slot
Level 15 Camping Tier 2 and Third Quick Slot
Level 20 Camping Tier 3 and Earring Slot
Level 30 Third Weapons Slot and Second Bag Slot
Level 35 Camping Tier 4
Level 45 Fourth Quick Slot and Third Bag Slot
Level 50 Camping Tier 5

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When you buy a leveling at WoWCarry service you gain a professional booster, that will do the leveling in a very short time. New World leveling 1-60 can take around 150-200 hours, but we will do it in around 6-10 days, so you can be the new hero of the Aeternum in a very short time. We do a main and some side story quests lines for you.

What happened after you pay?

After payment, please contact us with website webchat or add us into discord WowCarry#0001. We will need some info about your account and your character to start a leveling in a proper way.

When leveling starts?

Leveling starts right away when booster is logged into your account. He will manually do the leveling, no bots or cheats will be used while leveling.

What about secure my account?

All our pilots using the VPN services and programms to change their MAC IPs, so it will looks like you playing the game at the moment.

Explore. Build. Craft. Battle. This is New World and you can write your own story.