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Here you can buy New World Weapon mastery 1-20. New world is one of the most MMO RPG's who has own w...
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New world is one of the most MMO RPG's who has own weapon upgrade mechanic. In this game you can wield up to to weapon sets. Each weapon have his own unique mastery tree with an abilities, modifiers and bonuses which will improve your weapon. The maximum level of weapon mastery is 20 and you can spend 19 skill points on the upgrades and unlock up to 6 active and around 30 passive skills in two different skill trees for each weapon, so you them wisely. To upgrade your weapon mastery you just need to kill the enemies with the weapon you want to upgrade. All the way, if you want to respec weapon skill points you can do it for free at the first time and all the next times you need to spend some azoth. Also, when you want to use any weapon, please make sure that you spend character level attributes correctly to increase efficiency of your weapon. Here is the main and secondary stats for each weapon: Sword and Shield - Strength and Dexterity Rapier - Dexterity and Intelligence Hatchet - Strength and Dexterity Spear - Dexterity and Strength Great Axe - Strength only War Hammer - Strength only Bow - Dexterity only Musket - Dexterity and Intelligence Fire Staff - Intelligence only Life Staff - Focus only Ice Gauntlet - Intelligence only In that case to level up your weapon skill it can be a long and sometimes difficult process but with WoWCarry and our professional boosters you can get desired weapon mastery with a short time without any discomfort.