WoW Dragonflight
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EU Keystone Master and Rival Bundle
Important note before purchase
Please, contact customer support agent to schedule your Arena and Keystone Master boost before the purchase.
What You'll Get
Save Money Buying Keystone Master & Rival Bundle
  • Keystone Master Achievement
    You will get 2000 mythic score rating and desired Keystone Master achievement.
  • Valor Points
    Each mythic+ dungeon completion will give you 180 Valor points. On service completion you will get around 2880 Valor points.
  • Rival Rank
    You will get one of the best WowCarry's R1 boost team in 3v3 Arena and reach 1800 rating which required to get Rival rank.
  • PvP-Elite Gear
    You will get PvP Conquest gear with 421 ilvl.
  • PvE Gear Upgrade
    You will get tons of end-of-dungeon mythic+ gear with 405 ilvl and 421 ilvl gear from Great Vault.
  • Keystone Master Season Mount
    You will get Hailstorm Armoredon for Keystone Master: Season One achievement.

Buying Keystone Master & Rival Bundle from WowCarry you save 15% compared to the price of services if bought separately.

  • Selfplay
    You will need to personally participate in the run. We will not be able to provide our pilot who will log into your account to complete this service.
  • No PvP Experience Required
    Our team will take care of everything so you can just have fun in the game and get your desired arena rating, but we still need your participation.
  • 385+ PvP Ilvl Character
    You need to have at least 385 PvP item level equipped on your character.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does my rank give an additional discount to bundles?

The simple answer is yes. As with any other products and services on our website, you get from 1 to 10% cashback by purchasing bundles.

Can I change characters during the service?

Only if the service is not intended for one character. In simple words, you can't buy leveling 60-70, level to 63 and change it for another character who also needs 60-70. In the case of bundles where you have several M+ runs or raids, you can always change character with another one.

Can I apply discount code to bundle product?

Yes, sure. If you are buying for the first time then this is NEW10CARRY. We also regularly launch various promotions in which we give you discount codes. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter.

What if I missed scheduled service?

No worries, just poke us via any messenger to reschedule your run.

What is your refund policy?

If we cannot even assign the service within double the Estimated Time, you are entitled to ask for a refund. If we have started but not completed the service within double the estimate, compensations or partial refunds may ensue.


Here you can buy Keystone Master and Rival Bundle in EU region. Keystone Master and Rival Bundle includes Keystone Master PvE achievement that gives you tons of 405-421ilvl loot from dungeons and Great Vault plus Rival PvP Rank (1800 PvP rating in Arena 3v3) with elite-pvp 421 ilvl gear. With all of that you also get Hailstorm Armoredon mount for KSM achievement and fully unlocked PvP Season One Elite transmogrification set. Having these achievements makes your character ready for current and upcoming PvE and PvP activities. Enjoy gaming with WowCarry!


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