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EU Vicious Saddle
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Vicious Saddle is a currency you can quickly get with WowCarry. You can trade Vicious Saddle for different PvP mounts. To get Vicious Saddle, you need to do a lot of PvP-rated wins above 1000 Rating. In various brackets, you need different amounts of wins:

  • In 3v3 Rated Arena, you will need around 100 wins;
  • In 2v2 Rated Arena, you will need approximately 200 wins;
  • On RBGs, you will need at most 50 wins to get a Vicous Saddle.

At first glance, RBG is much faster, but the duration of the battlegrounds is much longer than in 3v3 arenas. Thus, RBG and 3v3 carries are about the same in terms of time, but the Arena teams are more flexible and can adapt to your schedule.

How Do I Get a PvP Mount?

There are several ways to get PvP mounts:

  1. By completing Battleground and World PvP Achievements, you can get unique mounts like Prestigious War Wolf or Prestigious War Steed.
  2. For Marks of Honor, which you can obtain during various PvP activities, you can trade it for different mounts like Stormpike Battle Charger or Frostwolf Howler.
  3. For Honor levels 15, 40, 70, 125, 150, 250, and 500, you can get various Coursers mounts as a reward.
  4. By getting Vicious Saddle in Rated PvP matches, you can get seasonal Vicious Sabertooth mount.
  5. And the most prestigious is a Gladiator Achievement mount, which you can obtain as a reward for 50 wins above 2400 PvP Rating.

In addition to Dragonflight's new Vicious Sabertooth mount, you can exchange the Vicious Saddle for 18 other mounts unique to the two factions:

Alliance Horde
Vicious War Spider Vicious War Spider
Vicious War Gorm Vicious War Gorm
Vicious War Turtle Vicious War Turtle
Vicious War Croaker Vicious War Croaker
Vicious Warstalker Vicious Warstalker
Vicious War Riverbeast Vicious War Clefthoof
Vicious Black Warsaber Vicious Black Bonesteed
Vicious War Basilisk Vicious War Basilisk
Vicious White Warsaber Vicious White Bonesteed
Vicious War Ram Vicious War Raptor
Vicious War Mechanostrider Vicious War Kodo
Vicious War Elekk Vicious Warstrider
Reins of the Vicious Warsaber Reins of the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse
Vicious Gilnean Warhorse Vicious War Trike
Reins of the Vicious War Steed Horn of the Vicious War Wolf
Vicious War Bear Vicious War Bear
Vicious War Fox Vicious War Fox
Vicious War Lion Vicious War Scorpion

Summing up, each player will find a mount to their liking. We guarantee excellent quality by purchasing a Vicious Saddle boost, and our boosters will do their best to get you the Vicious Saddle carry as quickly as possible.


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