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US Torghast 20% discount for second wing
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US Torghast 20% discount for second wing


Torghast Layers 1 to 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Soul Ash rewards up to 3720 860 915 960 1000 1030 1060 1090 1120 1150
Soul Cinder rewards 0 170 230 270 310 350 380 410 440 470
Cosmic Flux rewards 0 0 0 0 0 0 70 80 90 100
Since 9.1.5 weekly limit on Torghast rewards has been removed. You will be receiving full amount of Soul Ash, Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux after each repeated Torghast run. Torghast's Wings are Skoldus Hall, Fracture Chambers, Soulforges, Coldheart Interstitia, Mort'regar, and The Upper Reaches. Only two of the six Wings will be active at a time; these rotate every week. Currently, it seems like Torghast wing rotations are simply randomized. The higher the Layer and Floor number, the harder the enemies get.


You NEED to have access to layer(s) that you are selecting in the options. If you have never been to Torghast or the currently available wing, please select layer 1 through 16 for maximum possible Soul Ash, Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux award. In case you have unlocked some layers, please select all the layers above the unlocked ones.


Perhaps the most important rewards from Torghast are Soul Ash and Soul Cinders that are required for crafting Legendary gear. Soul Ash and Soul Cinders are awarded upon completion of certain Layers once per week per wing. With patch 9.2 layers 13-16 were added, rewarding the new Cosmic Flux currency. Each week, 2 unique wings are available. Torghast is also where you will find the Runecarver. After unlocking the Runecarver, you can interact with it to create your own Legendary gear.

You also have a chance to get the Flawless Master achievement in case you will complete Layer 12 in all 6 normal wings of Torghast with a flawless option selected. For completing this achievement you will also be awarded with glorious Mawsworn Charger's Reins account-wide mount. Also, you have a chance to get Flawless Master for flawless Layer 16 completed in all 6 wings which is absolutely insane skill level. For such a performance you will also get Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat mount. 

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