WoW Torghast, Tower of the Damned Boosting

Torghast is a new type of challenge available for groups from 1 to 5 players. It’s heavily inspired by Island Expeditions and Horrific Visions, but takes only the best parts of both and elevates them to the next level. Unlike Horrific visions though you don’t need any vessels or other currency to get in. Unlock it once and enjoy the rogue-like inspired adventure as many times as you want. 

Unlocking Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Unlocking Torghast is one of the first things you need to do agter reaching level 60 in Shadowlands. After you choose your covenant you’ll have to complete a questline, which gets you to the Maw, meeting with Runecarver and unlocking his chamber - for your future Legendary crafts. After the questline is completed you will get access to a portal at Ve’nari Refuge.

What are the rewards for doing Torghast?

Torghast is an important part of the new expansion, as it’s the only source of obtaining Soul Ash - the most important resource required for crafting all kinds of legendary items. For each Wing you’ll get up to 570 Soul Ash, so weekly for clearing both Wings at Layer 8 difficulty you can accumulate up to 1140 Soul Ash in total.

Keep in mind, that during your first runs in Torgast, the higher Layer you complete, the less Soul Ash you’ll get by completing it. However, in the furute you will get cumulative reward for all lower Layers by completing higher Layers. For example, on week 1 you will complete Layers 1 through 8 and you will get 570 Soul Ash for doing so. On week 2 you can just straight into Layer 8 diffuculty and by completying it you will also get 570 Soul Ash as it will give you the commulative reward for all the lower Layers as well. For better understanding of how much Soul Ash you gonna collect for certain Layer, you will find a table below:


Soul Ash per Layer

Total Soul Ash with previous Layers

























What service do we offer in Torghast and how it's done?

For Torghast we offer 4 main services:

  • Unlocking Torghast - too tired to unlock Torghast on your  main or fresh alternative character? Our booster will get it done for you asap and you will get access to Torghast straight away!
  • Torghast Wing Full Clear - acquire weekly amount of Soul Ash by completing each Wing of Torghast, Tower of the Damned. You will need to purchase each wing separately. 
  • Twisted Corridor Full Clear - obtain cosmetic rewards by completing certain layers of Twisting Corridors. Rewards include a magical battle pet, a toy, a title and mount. You will get reward for each second layer of Twisted Corridors.

Torghast Wings, Layers and Levels explained

Torghast can seem a bit complicated at start but you will surely see how simple it is when you try it for the first time. Some terminology will also help you to get started with the Torghast:

Wings: There are total of 6 wings in Torghast. However, you cannot access all 6 Wings every week. You will only have access to random 2 Wings every week. Wings look like portals and they are situated inde the Torghast tower. Below are the names of the wings:

  1. Skoldus Hall
  2. Fracture Chambers
  3. Soulforges
  4. Coldheart Interstitia
  5. Mort’regar
  6. The Upper Reaches

Each Wing comes with its own themed interior. You will also see different mosters inside including wing-unique final bosses with unique abilities.

Layers: Each Wing consists of 8 Layers. You can think of Layers as of the difficulty in the given Wing. At Layer 1 (lowers diffuculty) you will just smash all the mosters including the final boss, while Layer 8 can be a challenge for most players. By finishing each Layer you will get a certain amount of Soul Ash as a reward from 120 for Layer 1 to 40 for Layer 8. Layers open progressively as you get higher and higher up the Tower of Torghast. Once you unlock them all you don’t need to do that again next time that Wing is available. Thus, you can start from any previously completed layer and get all the commulative rewards for all the previouse Layers.

Floors: Each Layer is divided into 6 floors. The first two floors will be populated with monsters, third floor will be for you to relax and buy things from the vendor, floor 4 and 5 will also contain monsters and the final floor number 6 will only have Layer boss inside. After defeating the final boss that rests on the 6th floor, the Layer will be counted as completed and you will get access to the next Layer. 

Twisting corridors in Torghast, tower of the damned

Twisting corridors is a special Wing inside Torghast which allows you to obtain additional cosmetic rewards and test your skills. What makes it so special? Each time you start twisting corridors run, a set of 18 floors, combined from 3 random layers of different themes will be generated. Completing each layer will unlock access to the next one, and at certain Layers you will be rewarded with cosmetic reward: Death Seeker (Layer 2), Helm of the Dominated (Layer 4), Spirestalker title (Layer 6), Corridor Creeper (Layer 8).

We hope you will enjoy your Torghast experience in Shadowlands with us!