WoW Torghast, Tower of the Damned Boosting

Torghast is a new type of challenge available for groups from 1 to 5 players. It’s heavily inspired by Island Expeditions and Horrific Visions, but takes only the best parts of both and elevates them to the next level. Unlike Horrific visions though you don’t need any vessels or other currency to get in. Unlock it once and enjoy the rogue-like inspired adventure as many times as you want.

Unlocking Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Unlocking Torghast is one of the first things you need to do after reaching level 60 in Shadowlands. After you choose your covenant you’ll have to complete a questline, which gets you to the Maw, meeting with Runecarver and unlocking his chamber - for your future Legendary crafts. After the questline is completed you will get access to a portal at Ve’nari Refuge.

Adamant Vaults

The Adamant Vaults are a special series of extra floors in the most challenging Layers of Torghast. Accessing the most hidden chambers of Torghast is a task for the greatest of Maw Walkers, with many unique rewards waiting for you!To unlock the Adamant Vaults:

  • You or someone in your party must have The Adamant Vaults perk unlocked in their Box of Many Things.
  • You must complete a Layer 9 or higher Torghast run with a Flawless score. This means earning a total of 200 or more points by the time you defeat the boss on Floor 5.

Once you have achieved a Flawless clear of a Layer 9 or higher Torghast Run, you'll be able to ascend to Floors 6 and 7, the Adamant Vaults. There are a variety of new enemies, tricks, and traps waiting for you, as well as a couple unique Floor 7 bosses.

Defeating the Floor 7 boss will award you with some bonus Tower Knowledge.

The Adamant Vaults offers many more perks, as you'll often find that the Broker on floor 7 will sell one of the unique cloak replacement transmog pieces for 1000 Phantasma. A couple examples of these items include Gilded Agony Cage and Gilded Eye Crescent.

Another unique reward from the Adamant Vaults is the battlepet, Gilded Darknight. From my testing, this appears to be a reward from the Floor 7 boss if you completed a Flawless clear on Layer 12 of any wing of Torghast.

Meta-Achievement Mount

A new series of achievements has been added to Torghast as well, all of which are associated with completing Flawless runs. One of these achievements, Flawless Master , will award a unique mount, the Mawsworn Charger's Reins!

Flawless Master will require you to complete a Flawless clear of all 6 wings of Torghast on Layer 12, the highest difficulty available in 9.1. This achievement will award you the Mawsworn Charger's Reins, one of the new mount models introduced in 9.1.

This mount is slightly timegated, since you need to complete all 6 layers and only two are available per week, so you will want to keep track of your progress on the Flawless Master so you don't forget or miss a particular wing!

Sadly, the Mawsworn Charger does NOT fly, but is definitely impressive looking.

More Layers in Torghast 9.1

Torghast 9.1 features an additional four layers that will need to be unlocked, giving a total of 12 possible layers. Layers 9 through 12 will give both Soul Ash and the new Soul Cinders currencies, which are both used to craft Legendary-quality gear.

The following chart shows the recommended item levels for each layer of Torghast in 9.1:

Layer # Recommended iLevel
1 130
2 150
3 160
4 165
5 175
6 180
7 185
8 195
9 208
10 223
11 237
12 252

Fewer Floors in Torghast 9.1

A Torghast run in 9.1 only includes five floors instead of six. The third floor is still a broker vendor floor, and the fifth floor is now the boss encounter for your run. This cuts down run time quite a bit.

Despite the loss of one floor, anima powers appear to be more plentiful, not less.

Bosses Don't Regenerate in Torghast 9.1

Bosses in Torghast will no longer regenerate health if you wipe on them. This means that it should be far more likely to complete a run for your Soul Cinders and Soul Ash, even if it requires a few extra attempts to do it!

Death Counter Removed in Torghast 9.1

The Death Counter, the previous 'lose condition' of Torghast, has been removed. This in turn means The Tarragrue will no longer be paying you any visits. Be sure to stop by the Sanctum of Domination raid and say hi to it sometime!

Since deaths are no longer tracked, a new scoring system has been added that will determine if you may unlock a higher layer in Torghast. Please check out the Scoring System section in New Features to learn more. More Soul Ash Will Be Awarded in Torghast 9.1 All layers of Torghast give substantially more Soul Ash in 9.1 than they did in either Patch 9.0 or 9.0.5, allowing players to gather craft Legendaries in far less time.

The following table will show you the amount of Soul Ash previously gained per layer versus the new values:

Layer # Patch 9.0.5 Patch 9.1
1 120 180
2 100 150
3 85 130
4 70 105
5 60 90
6 50 75
7 45 70
8 40 60
9 N/A 55 + 60
10 N/A 45 + 50
11 N/A 40 + 40
12 N/A 30 + 30
Total 570 1030 + 180

Torment System Changes in Torghast 9.1

Torments in 9.0 and 9.0.5 were negative effects themed around each individual wing, such as Torment: Soulforge Heat in The Soulforges or Torment: Breath of Coldheart in Coldheart Interstitia. These static Torments be removed in Patch 9.1, and replaced with a revised Torment System. which will instead apply different Torments to wings that change daily.

Torments in 9.1 are a variety of buffs for enemy forces and debuffs for player characters. They will become enabled on Torghast Layer 6 and higher, and are not present in Twisting Corridors. For each layer of Torghast, the number of Torments will vary:

Layer # # of Torments
1-5 0
6-7 1
8-9 2
10 3
11 4
12 5

The Torments applied to the wings of Torghast will change daily. The available wings for the week can potentially have some variations in available Torments each day. However, they often have most of them in common.

New Scoring System in Torghast 9.1

One of the biggest changes to how Torghast functions is the Scoring System introduced in Patch 9.1.

The Scoring System is what will determine your progression in Torghast, as you will need to reach a minimum score to unlock the next higher layer. Upon defeating the Floor 5 boss in your Torghast run, the Score UI will appear to show how well you performed.

Tower Knowledge

Tower Knowledge is a new currency earned from running Torghast. This currency is used to unlocked perks in The Box of Many Things, the new talent system for Torghast. Higher layers of Torghast will reward more Tower Knowledge than lower ones; however, the amount you receive is also based on how well you perform in your run. Your performance is determined by the new Scoring System, which has various criteria such as Completion %, Speed, Empowerment Bonuses, and Extra Bonuses.

Tower Knowledge will have a Season Cap that increases weekly.

Farmable Soul Ash

There have been several big quality of life improvements to Torghast in regards to earning enough Soul Ash for crafting Legendaries.

As mentioned previously, all layers of Torghast give substantially more Soul Ash in 9.1 than in patches 9.0/9.0.5. See this chart if you want to know exactly how much more Soul Ash you will earn.

In 9.1, you will also be able to re-clear Torghast for additional Soul Ash even after you've already completed your weekly clears. The amount earned through re-clears is substantially lower, but you can repeat it as many times as you wish. In current testing of re-clears, you will earn about 20% of the total Soul Ash that is normally awarded when you clear a layer for the first time that week.

  • If you were to start your week with a layer 12 run of Skoldus Hall and complete it, you would receive 1030 and 180.
  • Every re-clear of Layer 12 Skoldus Hall for the rest of that week would give you 206
IMPORTANT: This only applies to Soul Ash. The new Soul Cinders currency is ONLY earned once per layer per week, and ONLY from Layers 9 through 12. Please see the next section on Soul Cinders for the exact amounts you may earn per week from Torghast.

The following chart will show you the exact amount of Soul Ash re-clearing that floor will give:

Layer # Soul Ash Re-clear
1 36
2 66
3 92
4 113
5 131
6 146
7 160
8 172
9 183
10 192
11 200
12 206

Tips for Farming Soul Ash

From my testing of Soul Ash farming, I found that it was much more efficient to just find the layer of Torghast that I was most comfortable with speedrunning. The amount of Soul Ash does not change dramatically once you're in the layer 6-7 range. Depending on how well geared your character is, it is feasible to just run/sneak through a lot of enemies and still be more than powerful enough to defeat the boss on floor 5 with minimal anima powers.

Of course, this will depend on what class/specialization you are, as well as how many points you have invested in The Box of Many Things, which is the new talent tree system coming to Torghast in 9.1.

An alternative option, if you have any alts, would be to do your first run of the week, and transfer that Soul Ash to whatever character you wanted to via the Packaged Soul Ash item sold by Bonesmith Heirmir. To access Heirmir as a vendor, however, you will need to complete the 9.1 campaign chapter "The Last Sigil". Unlocking access to her is account-wide, so once your main has done this, your alts will be able to purchase Packaged Soul Ash from her as well. Do note that purchasing this BoA item costs 300 Soul Ash, and only gives the recipient 250 Soul Ash, so there is a decent amount lost for the convenience of moving Soul Ash between characters.

Both options of farming Soul Ash can be viable, so it is best to test this for yourself to see which works better for you.

Soul Cinders: New Legendary Crafting Currency

Soul Cinders is a new currency you will earn from running layers 9 through 12 of Torghast, as well as various other sources in Korthia and The Maw. You may only earn Soul Cinders the first time you complete each layer and wing of Torghast for the week.

Below is a chart showing how many Soul Cinders you can earn from Torghast runs once per week. Between both available wings of Torghast, you can earn a maximum of 360 per week.