Lost Ark
Skill Points
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Desired Amount of Skill Points

    You will receive your desired amount of skill points necessary for your character's progression in the game, Lost Ark.

  • Server-Wide Reward

    All additional skill points that you will receive with this service serves as a server-wide reward. Even your new level 1 character can accept them.

  • Acquisition of Skill Point Potions

    You will be able to acquire 22 Skill Point Potions and 5 Greater Skill Point Potions, each giving you 3 and 6 skill points respectively, which can potentiate your DPS (Damage Per Second) and hence your overall game progress.

  • Time Saving

    No need to spend weeks on quests or waste time grinding to collect Skill PointsPotions. Our professional boosters will handle this task efficiently, saving your valuable time.

  • Participation in Activities

    With this service, you get to participate in numerous activities including Adventure Book Completion, Tower Completion, Quests, Daily Una's Tasks, and Collectibles, all of which will contribute in obtaining the Skill Point Potions.

  • Professional Player Assistance

    Our professional Lost Ark SP boosting services ensure your character gets what you desire in the shortest time possible.

  • 24/7 Contact Availability

    Our support is available any time of the day or night to help you with any queries or issues you may have.

Acquiring Skill Points in the Lost Ark game requires patience and precision, and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for this service ranges typically from 3 hours to 2 months, conditional on the options you select. This period encompasses the standard time frame in which we pledge to deliver the service. It is important to note that these estimated times are closely related to the gaming mechanics and environmental factors within the Lost Ark universe. We understand that time matters, and although we adhere to the game's mechanics, our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to minimizing this duration wherever feasible. Equipped with advanced skills and insightful strategies, they strive to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of acquiring Skill Points, aligning with your expectations for an expedited service. We believe in transparency, hence our support team is accessible around the clock, providing you with progress updates and respective clarifications. Anytime you opt to inquire about the progress of your service, rest assured of an immediate response. We are committed to ensuring that your gaming experience remains uninterrupted and enjoyable while we efficiently handle the process of obtaining Skill Points in the Lost Ark game. Together, we make your Lost Ark journey worthwhile.
  • 540 Item Level Requirement
    540 item level is required for full completion of 540 section.
  • 1040 Item Level Requirement
    1040 item level is required for full completion of 1040 section.
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly does a Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com entail?
A Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com is a professional service designed to rapidly increase the level of your character. When you purchase a boost, our team of experienced gamers will securely log into your account and play your character, completing tasks and missions to enhance your character's level, skills, and in-game resources in the shortest possible time.
How safe is it to buy a Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com?
Your account's safety is our top priority. Buying a Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com is extremely safe. We employ industry-leading security measures to ensure your account details remain secure. We also follow all game rules to avoid any potential penalties to your account.
How long does it take for a Lost Ark Character Boost to be completed?
The completion time for a Lost Ark Character Boost can vary depending on the level to which you want your character boosted. However, WowCarry.com prides itself on offering one of the quickest services available, with some boosts being completed in as little as 24 hours.
Can I still play my game while the Character Boost service is active?
We recommend that you do not log into your account while the boost is in progress to avoid any potential disruptions or security flags. We will communicate with you throughout the process and let you know as soon as the boost has been completed so you can enjoy your enhanced character.
What if I have specific requirements for my Lost Ark Character Boost?
At WowCarry.com, we aim to provide a service that meets your specific needs. If you have any particular requests or want your character boosted in a certain way, simply let us know, and we will customize the boosting service to suit your requirements.

Master your Gameplay with Lost Ark Skill Points

Unleash your full potential in the Lost Ark game with the right amount of skill points. Boost your character’s power and capabilities with our effective Lost Ark Skill Points Boosting package. Skill point potions are key to your character's progression. While you receive a limited amount of skill points when reaching the max level, completing various challenges allows you to gain additional points. Our trustworthy and professional boosters are prepared to assist you in gathering these valuable potions, saving you valuable time. These challenges can indeed take months to complete, and that's where our bundle comes in handy.

Your Path to Game Domination

In the whole game of Lost Ark, you can obtain up to 22 Skill Point Potions, providing you 3 skill points each, and 5 Greater Skill Point Potions, each offering 6 skill points. While these potions can maximize your Damage Per Second (DPS) once you reach max level, they require you to clear numerous objectives across the Lost Ark world.

Gaining Skill Points in Lost Ark

Such skill-enhancing potions are earned through various activities within the game. Here are the methods to obtain them:

  1. Adventure Book Completion: Obtain 4 Skill Point Potions and 1 Greater Skill Point Potion
  2. Tower Completion: Secure 4 Skill Point Potions
  3. Quest Completion: Gain 9 Skill Point Potions
  4. Daily Una's Task: Earn 1 Skill Point Potion
  5. Collectibles: Garner 4 Skill Point Potions and 4 Greater Skill Point Potions

Unfortunately, these can take months to complete, particularly if you're unfamiliar with the secret locations of the quests and collectibles. That's why our Lost Ark Skill Point Boosting service is ready to support you — allowing you to focus on playing and enjoying the game.

Pricing and Delivery Information

At WowCarry, we specialize in Lost Ark SP boosting services, ensuring you are equipped with the desired skill points without the unnecessarily lengthy grind. Our professional boosters will accomplish the target within a surprisingly short duration, at any time of the day or night. Simply get in touch with us and allow us to transform your gaming experience.

Why Choose WowCarry for Skill Points Boosting in Lost Ark?

At WowCarry, we're more than just a game services provider. We understand your gaming expectations and work relentlessly to surpass them. Choosing us for your skill points service in Lost Ark means you're prioritizing quality, dependability, and swift execution. Say goodbye to the wearisome grind and hello to a more intriguing gaming experience with WowCarry's Lost Ark Skill Point Boosting service.