Lost Ark
Arcanist Build
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Arcanist Build
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Fully Prepared Lost Ark Arcanist Build

    You will receive an Arcanist character build that is fully prepared and ready for most endgame activities. This allows you to dive straight into the heart of the game without spending weeks on setup.

  • Skip the Grind

    Our boosting services allow you to bypass the often tedious process of leveling and gearing up. Experience the new Arcanist class in Lost Ark without endless grinding, saving yourself significant time and effort.

  • Special Level Advancement Ticket

    Benefit from the special ticket accompanying the new class, enabling you to level up any character to 1302 ilvl—let us take care of your Arcanist character and catch up faster.

  • Efficiency Even in Suboptimal Conditions

    Even if your stronghold isn't fully developed or your existing characters don't meet the 1460 ilvl requirement, we strive to provide our services proficiently, although the ETA may extend slightly.

  • Guaranteed Level 50 Arcanist Character

    You will receive a guaranteed level 50 Arcanist character, equipped with suitable stats for your chosen build.

  • Professional Players at Your Service

    Our professional players have intricate knowledge of every game location and handle all quests effectively and swiftly. You save time, and your character progresses more efficiently with Lost Ark Arcanist build carry services.

  • Engravings Based on Item Level

    If your item level is 1430, you'll get three engravings. And if it's 1460, you'll receive four engravings. These engravings will ensure a stronger build.

When you request the Arcanist Build service for the Lost Ark game, our normal time frame for delivery is three days. We assure you that we uphold the commitment to deliver within this prescribed period. Our team of professionals, who specialize in Arcanist Build, will be tirelessly working on your request. These professionals have comprehensive knowledge and expertise about the game and its mechanics, and they will strive to reduce the delivery time if there are any opportunities to do so. Please understand, however, that the timing is mostly based on the inherent mechanics of the game itself, and hence we can't guarantee an expedite beyond that dictated by the game. Our committed mission is to deliver high-quality service and we work within the game's mechanics to achieve that. Despite the game-related limitations, we wish to underscore our dedication and determination in getting your service prepared as swiftly and efficiently as possible. To keep you updated about the progress, we have our support team available 24/7. Don't hesitate to reach out at any time to check on your service status. We value your engagement and we are here to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience in obtaining the Arcanist Build service in Lost Ark game.
  • Express Event Character Option Requirement
    If you want to choose the Express event character option, you'll need a special event ticket.
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly does a Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com entail?
A Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com is a professional service designed to rapidly increase the level of your character. When you purchase a boost, our team of experienced gamers will securely log into your account and play your character, completing tasks and missions to enhance your character's level, skills, and in-game resources in the shortest possible time.
How safe is it to buy a Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com?
Your account's safety is our top priority. Buying a Lost Ark Character Boost from WowCarry.com is extremely safe. We employ industry-leading security measures to ensure your account details remain secure. We also follow all game rules to avoid any potential penalties to your account.
How long does it take for a Lost Ark Character Boost to be completed?
The completion time for a Lost Ark Character Boost can vary depending on the level to which you want your character boosted. However, WowCarry.com prides itself on offering one of the quickest services available, with some boosts being completed in as little as 24 hours.
Can I still play my game while the Character Boost service is active?
We recommend that you do not log into your account while the boost is in progress to avoid any potential disruptions or security flags. We will communicate with you throughout the process and let you know as soon as the boost has been completed so you can enjoy your enhanced character.
What if I have specific requirements for my Lost Ark Character Boost?
At WowCarry.com, we aim to provide a service that meets your specific needs. If you have any particular requests or want your character boosted in a certain way, simply let us know, and we will customize the boosting service to suit your requirements.

Unleashing the Power: The Lost Ark Arcanist Build

Welcome to the magical world of Lost Ark, where classes are abundant, the leveling process is intense, and gearing your character can be a lengthy and often tedious journey. The thrill of diving headfirst into new endgame activities shouldn't be blighted by months of grinding. Now, with the introduction of the brand-new Arcanist class, the game has reached an unprecedented level of excitement. To enhance your gaming experience and skip weeks of endless grinding, consider utilizing our top-tier Lost Ark Arcanist Build Boost services.

What is the Arcanist in Lost Ark?

The Arcanist in Lost Ark is an exceptional addition to the game. It's a spell mage that introduces a new level of complexity and engagement. The Arcanist can inflict massive burst damage using three categories of skills, namely, Normal, Stacking, and Ruin. Normal skills are utilized to inflict damage and swiftly build up the Arcanist’s Specialty Meter. Stacking skills and Ruin skills are deployed to inflict monumental damage. They allow for an engaging and strategic gaming experience where you build up stacks on your enemy to maximize damage output.

Why Choose the Lost Ark Arcanist Build Boost?

Here's why the Lost Ark Arcanist Build Boosting Services are the go-to solution for maximizing your gaming experience:

  1. The service guarantees a fully ready build that prepares you for most endgame activities.
  2. It gives you a Level 50 Arcanist character to dominate with strategic gameplay.
  3. Boosting services offer 3 Engravings for 1430 item level option and 4 Engravings for 1460 item level option.
  4. You receive suitable stats for your chosen build to remain competitive.

Once you opt for our services, you can focus on the fun parts of the game instead of spending countless hours grinding.

What You Get Benefits
Level 50 Arcanist character Immediate access to powerful in-game abilities
3 Engravings for 1430 item level option Boosts player abilities and game progression
4 Engravings for 1460 item level option Further enhances player abilities towards a powerful endgame
Suitable stats for a chosen build Customization based on player's strategic choices

The One-Stop Solution: WowCarry for Lost Ark Build Services

WowCarry, a pioneer in providing high-quality boosting services, is all set to enhance your Lost Ark experience. Opt for our top-notch Lost Ark Arcanist Build service and make the most out of your gameplay. Our seasoned players know every nook and corner of the game, which enables them to swiftly complete the additional quests and story quests, saving you valuable time and simultaneously enhancing your character progress. Purchase our Lost Ark Arcanist Build Boost service now and take your game to the next level!