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PVP Rank
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What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Desirable PVP Rank

    You will receive the PVP rank that you desire. This is achieved by our professional boosters who participate in battles on your behalf, elevating you to the ranks of the best PVP players without any stress on your part.

  • Tons of Coins of Courage

    Aside from the PVP rank, you will also acquire a significant amount of Coins of Courage. These can be used to purchase honing materials that can improve your gameplay.

  • Exclusive Title and Season PVP Mount

    With our Lost Ark PVP Rank boost, you will not only rise in ranking but also receive an exclusive title and a season PVP mount. These are items exclusive to participants who performed remarkably during the season.

  • Weekly Reset

    Please note that the ETA for this service is calculated from the first day of the reset. This means you will receive your Rank only after the weekly reset. If you order in the last few days of a week, the ETA will be increased due to the insufficient time to generate the weekly score required for your desired rank.

For those seeking the PVP Rank service in the Lost Ark game, it's important to note that the estimated time of completion typically ranges from 1 day to 1 month depending on the PVP rank you choose. Given that the momentous task is dependent on game mechanics, this time frame is the usual turnaround to expect. Be assured, however, this isn't a static range but a mere prediction based on standard game progression. Steered by our dedicated team of PVP Rank professionals, we aim to get your rank service completed in due time. Committed to providing excellent service, our team strives to minimize the waiting period whenever possible without compromising the quality of the service. With strategic expertise and deep understanding of the game's intrinsic mechanics, we are fully equipped to handle your service request in an efficient and timely manner. In addition to this, we are aware timely updates matter just as much as a prompt service. Hence, our support team operates round the clock, prepared to provide real-time updates about your service status whenever needed. Trust us to care and deliver just as you would expect. Remember, your gameplay goals are our priority, and we pledge to make your Lost Ark gaming experience a memorable one with our services.
  • Rating from Competitive Proving Grounds
    To start getting rating from Competitive proving grounds Tier 1 or above rank has to be unlocked on your account.
  • Unlocking Higher Tiers
    The tier can be unlocked on your account, or you can add it to your order.
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is the Lost Ark PvP boosting service from WowCarry?
Our Lost Ark PvP boosting service is a premium offering that allows players to elevate their PvP ranks and ratings through the assistance of professional players. When you buy a Lost Ark PvP boost from WowCarry.com, you’re essentially hiring expert gamers to help you climb the PvP ladder swiftly and safely, ensuring you get to reap the rewards without investing extensive amounts of time.
Is it safe to use WowCarry for Lost Ark PvP boosting?
Absolutely! Safety is our top priority at WowCarry.com. We use only the most secure methods to ensure your account’s integrity is never compromised. Our professional boosters are vetted and trusted, guaranteeing that your boosting service is discreet and safe. Plus, we never use any software or practices that go against Lost Ark’s terms of service.
How long does it take to boost my Lost Ark PvP rank with WowCarry?
The duration of your Lost Ark PvP boost depends on the starting rank and the desired achievement in the game. Our boosters start working on your order as soon as possible, and we strive to complete boosts efficiently. For more specific time frames, you can always contact our 24/7 support for an estimated completion time tailored to your individual order.
Can I choose which PvP rank to achieve when I buy a Lost Ark carry from WowCarry?
Certainly! At WowCarry.com, you have the flexibility to select your current rank and the rank you wish to attain. Our services range from beginner levels all the way up to the prestigious Grand Master rank. Simply choose your current and desired ranks when placing your order, and our boosters will take care of the rest.
What rewards can I expect from using Lost Ark PvP boosting services at WowCarry?
By utilizing WowCarry’s Lost Ark PvP boosting services, you stand to gain an array of rewards depending on the rank you reach. This includes special coins, exclusive titles, auras, and even unique mounts. Higher ranks like Master and Grand Master also offer additional crystals, exclusive skins, and more. Our service not only aims for a higher rank but also focuses on securing all the accompanying rewards for your character.

An Exciting Journey to Your Dream PVP Rank in Lost Ark

Power, prestige, and loads of exciting rewards are just a Lost Ark PVP Rank Boost away! Embark on this thrilling ride offered by WowCarry, uniquely tailored for serious Lost Ark players who crave mainstage action in the PvP battlegrounds. Not only will you attain your much-desired PVP Rank, but you will also unlock a treasure trove of coveted items and awards worthy of a true gaming champion.

The Bounteous Rewards of Lost Ark PVP Rank Boost

  • Attain the desired PVP Rank, enhancing your gaming stature and prowess.
  • Acquire heaps of Coins of Courage, crucial in securing vital honing materials for your journey forward.
  • Wear the mark of a champion with an exclusive title and the majestic season PVP Mount, crowning your unique in-game persona

With the Lost Ark PVP Rank service, your rewards don’t stop at these. There’s much more waiting to be discovered!

Your Path to Glory

Journey through Lost Ark PVP Rank Boost involves a systematic and exciting course of action:

  1. Participate in thrilling battles, facing both challenges and opportunities head-on.
  2. Keep a tab on your progress by regularly checking your position among the elite PvP players’ percentage.
  3. Await the weekly reset, as your rank will be received after this period based on your accomplishments within the game.

Moreover, please note that the ETA for this service is calculated from the day of the first reset. Consequently, if your order is placed a few days before the week wraps up, there may be a slight increase in the ETA due to time constraints in acquiring the necessary weekly score for your desirable rank.

Why should you choose WowCarry for PVP Rank service in Lost Ark?

Why should you choose WowCarry for PVP Rank service in Lost Ark game? With us, it's not just about the Lost Ark PVP Rank Boost. WowCarry guarantees the best gaming experience with a team of professional boosters unmatched in the realm of Lost Ark. We ensure a hassle-free, secure, and thrilling trajectory that takes your Lost Ark journey to heights unimaginable. Hop on the ride with us, and forget about the daily stress; instead, focus on the rush that comes with being on top of your game.