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Boneshatter Build
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Boneshatter Build
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Fully Geared and Prepared Character

    You'll receive a Marauder character fully kitted out in gear that supports the superior Boneshatter build, providing you with game-ready capabilities.

  • Custom-made Path of Building (PoB) for your Build

    To ensure you can continue to develop your character, you will get a custom-made PoB tailored for your specific Boneshatter build.

  • Level 95 Boost Option

    Choosing this option will boost your character up to level 95, a normally time-consuming task. This option comes with an attractive 20% discount.

  • Build Coaching

    For those who want to deeply understand their build, this option comes with a booster who will explain how to effectively play your chosen build, increasing your gaming prowess.

  • Access to the Boneshatter Build for Marauder

    This top-tier build allows Marauder to convert all his damage into fire damage providing immense survivability in the game and an unprecedented gaming experience.

  • Promised High Armor and Endurance

    With this service, your character will feature high armor indicators and 11 endurance charges, drastically increasing your character’s survivability during gameplay.

  • Trauma Feature

    Each hit your character takes stacks Trauma, inflicting damage on Marauder but treating it with high indicators of physical absorption, enriching your overall gaming strategy.

  • Game Content Completion

    With this build, you can effortlessly complete 98% of the game’s content without the need for any additional buttons, giving you a superior gaming experience.

Thank you for choosing our Boneshatter Build service for the PoE game. We wish to inform you that our predicted time frame to complete and deliver your order is 7 DAYS from the time of placing the order. We stand confidently by this estimate, as it is based on our extensive experience and familiarisation with the game mechanics. We absolutely understand the anticipation and desire to receive your service as quickly as possible. With this understanding and commitment, our team of highly skilled and dedicated Boneshatter Build professionals will strive tirelessly to reduce the projected time frame, if at all feasible. Our main objective is to ensure that you, our valued customer, receives the best possible service in the shortest period possible. Please be aware that the throughput is controlled by particular game mechanics, which inevitably have an effect on the overall time needed. We assure you that our team of experts is well versed in managing these dynamics and will work diligently to provide the best outcome. Lastly, we want to ensure that you are constantly updated on your order progress. To this end, our customer support will be accessible 24/7 to guide you and provide you with any necessary updates. You are never on this journey alone, and we are always here to help.
  • 95 Level Character
    Requirement of being a 95 level character in the game to access this service.
Frequently Asked Questions

Sell your Opponents Short with a PoE Boneshatter Build

Dive into Path of Exile's blistering and punishing universe with the strength of an upgraded Marauder, thriving in the throes of battle thanks to the Boneshatter build. This powerful build revolves around the avatar of fire, a mechanic that transforms all the physical Marauder's damage into roaring flames. Get ready to own the battlefield by purchasing a full-ready Marauder with the PoE Boneshatter Build now! This build not only offers one of the simplest strategies to master but also boasts formidable defense and unconventional damage mechanics.

Decimating Defenses

With this PoE Boneshatter Build, the Marauder stands tall and unyielding in the face of danger, boasting a colossal armor statistic of over 200,000. This defensive monster also accumulates up to 11 Endurance charges, promising substantial survivability even during the most intense encounters. Impressively, this build delivers 98% game content completion without the need for incessant button pressing. Master the art of no-frills combat with the PoE Boneshatter Build today!

A Damage System Like No Other

The PoE Boneshatter Build is tailored for those craving an uncommon damage dynamic. Though it possesses a high base damage, this build carries an interesting drawback - increased damage dealt by the attacker on both sides of the weapon. This effect, known as Trauma, persists for 6 seconds and is a bonus that players will typically aim to push to its maximum. Each successful hit contributes to the buildup of trauma stacks, simultaneously inflicting damage on the Marauder whilst healing him thanks to his substantial physical absorption. Additionally, each trauma stack boosts the inflicted damage by four folds and increases the attack speed.

What You'll Receive Description
Fully Geared Character A character well prepared and equipped with all the necessary gear for your chosen build.
Custom-made PoB A Path of Building setup especially tailored to fit your character's build.
95 Level Boost (optional) Select this option to swiftly reach level 95 at a discounted 20% rate.
Build Coaching (optional) Opt for this service, and our boosters will guide you on optimally playing your desired build.

Don't undermine your gaming potential a moment longer. Check out this build in detail and purchase your PoE Boneshatter Build Boost character swiftly at WowCarry! Embrace the overwhelming power of the Marauder with a Boneshatter build. Be aware, your items might slightly vary in the final version.

The WowCarry Advantage

Choosing WowCarry for your PoE Boneshatter Build service opens up a world of benefits. As a leading provider of player services, we have years of gaming and boosting experience to our credits. Wit our quick turnaround times, and superior customer service, your gaming journey is destined to transform for the better. Elevate your PoE game today, trust in WowCarry for your Boneshatter Build boost!