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Profession Knowledge Boost

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Profession Knowledge Boost
What You’ll Get
Estimated Time
  • Desired Knowledge Points Farm
    You will get desired number of profession points due to chosen options.
  • Renown Boost
    You will get Renown boost with Major factions in Dragonflight.
  • Various Content Completion
    During the boost, you will get daily quests completion, gathering of unique profession treasures.
ETA fully depends on current in-game activities which are required for profesison knowledge boost.
  • Account Sharing
    We provide this service by account sharing. We will only need your login and password, and we don't need an answer to a secret question or access to your email.
  • 70 Lvl Character
    You need to have a 70-level character to access all daily quests and in-game activities.
Frequently Asked Questions

Profession Knowledge Farm is the fastest and simplest way to get the desired amount of Profession Points. In Dragonflight, professions have become more in demand, and now, every player should have a primary profession to enjoy the game thoroughly. The new Knowledge system allows players to evolve their professional skills in three paths. Your choice of specialization determines what Quality you can create or gather, the Speed, and sometimes the number of items or resources. You need Knowledge - unique professional talent points to develop the chosen professional path. Usually, to get Knowledge Points, you need to make First-Time Recipes or Gathers. But sooner or later, new recipes and gathers will run out, and you will need more Knowledge Points to boost your professional specialization. That's why exists other ways to get Knowledge:

  • Completing daily and weekly quests;
  • Training from Hidden Masters of Professions;
  • Unique crafting professions Treasures;
  • As a reward for Renown;
  • Dragon Shards of Knowledge, which you can obtain from Open World Drops, Treasures, Dungeons, Raid, or Quests;
  • By increasing the Reputation level with Artisan Consortium, you can get a Profession Knowledge boost.

To conclude, all these ways can be tedious and take much time. If you want to save time and avoid tedious grinding, WowCarry boosters will help you with this.

How are Professions Changing in Dragonflight?

As before, only two primary professions are available to each player, divided into crafting and gathering. Professions have their skill level, and in Dragonflight, this level is 100, but in addition to the skill level, there are specializations for each profession. Crafting professions now have Recipe Difficulty. Recipe difficulty will prevent a player with insufficient skill from crafting high-quality items, making professions profitable for farming gold. Also, professions have their stats. For example, the following stats are available for crafting professions:

  1. Crafting Speed allows you to craft faster.
  2. With Multicraft, you have a chance to craft additional items. For example, potions in Alchemy.
  3. Resourcefulness proc will save a part of the materials used to craft, making a craft more profitable.
  4. Inspiration allows you to craft with the extra skill to get higher-quality items.

And for gathering professions, the following stats are available:

  1. Perception increases your chances of getting rare resources from gathering.
  2. With Finesse, you can get extra resources while gathering.
  3. Deftness boosts your gathering speed.

Summing up, professions have changed a lot and become more valuable to make consumables and gear of Excellent Quality. Crafted consumables and equipment will boost your character a lot. You can create various BoP gems, potions, and equipment without changing the profession each time. You can also complete orders to improve your skill or get extra gold.

Why You Should Pick WowCarry for Dragonflight Profession Knowledge Farm

The WowCarry boosters are the most competent players who constantly learn the game to improve their skills. They only use your character's resources with your agreement. Also, we always try to fulfill all your wishes to make your character the way you want.