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What is Currency in WotLK Classic?

Currency is any item, token, point, or gold you can exchange for other items from vendors or the Auction House in WotLK Classic. You can obtain currency during different PvE or PvP activities. Blizzard added the Currency tab in WotLK Classic, so now you can track them on a separate sheet. Also, you can use some items as currency, but you cannot observe them in the Currency tab, only in your bags.

What is Currency For in WotLK Classic?

You will need different currencies for different items in WotLK Classic. A player can exchange the currency for hitting the next goals:

  1. To buy various Gear upgrades from PvE or PvP vendors.
  2. To get new Receipts or valuable Materials for your Primary or Secondary profession.
  3. To purchase new Mounts, Pets, or Toys in WotLK Classic.

As we can see, currencies will be helpful for any player. Also, PvE- or PvP-oriented players will obtain currencies during their activities. So you can enjoy the game and get valuable currency, and if you need to perform uninteresting activities, the WowCarry team will gladly help you with it!

Types of Currency in WotLK Classic

We can divide the currency into three types because each type of currency you can obtain in different activities in WotLK Classic.

  • Dungeon and Raid currencies. You can get them by questing, killing bosses in dungeons or raids, or as a daily reward for a random Normal or Heroic dungeon in Dungeon finder;
  • Player vs. Player currencies. You can bring them by questing, Honorable kills, Arena, or Battleground;
  • Miscellaneous. You can obtain these currencies by questing or for other currencies.

In conclusion, one can say that Bizzard tried to cover all aspects of the game so that each player can farm currency by doing their favorite activities. But if you are chasing progress in WotLK Classic, some activities may be too routine and annoying, so the WowCarry team is ready to help you eliminate boredom!

Where Can I Spend Honor and Arena Points in WotLK Classic?

You can spend Honor and Arena points at your faction capital - Stormwind for Alliance players and Orgrimmar for Horde players. You can obtain Honor points during different PvP activities, or if your faction controls Wintergrasp, you will get a few Honor points in Heroic dungeons. Players would get Arena points at the end of every week if they played at least 10 Arenas.

What are Actual Currencies in WotLK Classic?

The game will have many currencies that players can receive differently; below are all actual currencies in WotLK Classic:

Currency Type and Phase
Emblem of Heroism Dungeon and Raid - Phase 1
Emblem of Valor Dungeon and Raid - Phase 1
Emblem of Conquest Dungeon and Raid - Phase 3
Emblem of Triumph Dungeon and Raid - Phase 3
Emblem of Frost Dungeon and Raid - Phase 4
Honor Points Player vs. Player - Phase 1
Arena Point Player vs. Player - Phase 1
Stone Keeper's Shard Player vs. Player - Phase 1
Wintergrasp Mark of Honor Player vs. Player - Phase 1
Venture Coin Player vs. Player - Phase 1
Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token Miscellaneous - Phase 1
Dalaran Cooking Award Miscellaneous - Phase 1
Champion's Seal Miscellaneous - Phase 2

At the start of the WotLK Classic, you will be able to get Emblems of Heroism and Emblems of Valor in Heroic Dungeons, some Quests, for a Random daily dungeon, or in Raids. In Phase 2, players will be able to receive the Champion's Seal - a new Miscellaneous currency you can obtain by questing. In Phase 3, Emblems of Heroism and Emblems of Valor Blizzard will replace by Emblems of Conquest and Emblems of Triumph. In Phase 4, you can obtain the Emblem of Frost during the same activities as for the previous emblems, but you will be able to exchange them with the vendor in Dalaran.

How Long to Farm Currency in WotLK Classic?

It's hard to say precisely how much it takes to farm a currency in WotLK Classic; it depends on the currency itself and how much time you can devote to the game. Some currencies have their cap. For example, you can obtain up to 51 Emblems of Heroism per day in Heroic dungeons, doing Daily quests, and one Random daily dungeon. Also, you can obtain these emblems in 10-man Raids, but raids reset weekly. Honor points also have their cap, but not daily or weekly. You can have 75000 Honor points as a maximum, so you have to spend it periodically for different items. You will receive Arena points weekly, depending on your current Arena rating. Also, to get that amount of Arena points, you must play at least 10 Arenas. All these activities could be complicated and tiresome, so the WowCarry team is ready to help you reach new heights!

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